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My Single Point resource governance

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My Single Point is a leading supplier of Enterprise Execution Software. Our Blue-chip customers use My Single Point to translate their strategy from the board-room to execution across the enterprise. Our modular platform ensures business goals and directives are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization.

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My Single Point resource governance

  1. 1. RESOURCE GOVERNANCE Innovation Execution Performance Management Budget Portfolio Management Project Portfolio & Demand Management Resource Governance (Demand vs Supply)
  2. 2. 2 3 Strategic execution demands many kinds of resources. The lack of the right organizational structure including employee skills, sufficient dedicated hours, or the relevant knowledge base can easily sabotage projects. My Single Point’s Resource Governance streamlines the process of strategic implementation by ensuring you have the accurate mix of resources when and where you need them. Ask these key questions for better resource governance at the onset of any set of strategic activities: Which resources are required to implement the activity at the level of expertise you require? Are your resources adequate (e.g. the right teams with enough dedicated time, either internal or outsourced) for successful implementation of the activities? Are there any gaps in skill sets (either an over allocation or under allocation) that will affect the activities’ outcomes? Apart from this planned project, what are the activities currently scheduled for those same resources in this same period? RESOURCE GOVERNANCE: PEOPLE MAY DRIVE CHANGE BUT IS YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ABLE TO SUPPORT IT? It’s time to use My Single Point’s expertise to identify and solve the gaps between your available resources and your capacity to supply the results - before you find yourself deep in the project. RESOURCE GOVERNANCE: How often has your organization planned a huge project and halfway through its execution you hit a crisis, such as a lack of adequate resources, to reach successful completion? My Single Point’sResourceGovernanceenablesyoutounderstandthegapsbetweenthesupplyofavailable resources and the demand for those resources to deliver on strategic activities. THE WINNING FACTOR OF STRATEGY EXECUTION 1 . 2. 3. 4.
  3. 3. 4 5 END-TO-END STRATEGY EXECUTION MADE FAST & SIMPLE Instead of focusing solely on compensation, My Single Point calculates people as assets for their contributions. It will enable your organization to optimally populate everything from a single department to a new division with hundreds of employees and managers. It creates KPIs for every employees with accountable responsibility based on detailed tasks while 100% aligned with corporate strategic goals. Thanks to its ability to centralize information and activities, My Single Point keeps you in control. You can tackle questions with “What-If” simulation analysis like how will change effect customers, sales and performance? What are the risks posed by rapidly changing conditions, M&A activities and business events? Most importantly, My Single Point turns a company plagued with a mismatch of resources and demands to one with better performance and improved results. Each pillar of My Single Point can be deployed quickly, with a proof of concept ready within a few days or weeks. There is no programming, scripting languages or technical knowledge required. Most users need just an hour or two to master the system, and with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can customize it easily to accommodate changing needs as you move forward with your plan. ALIGN SKILL SETS AND DEDICATED HOURS WITH STRATEGIC GOALS MANAGE CHANGE IN REALTIME TO REDUCE RISK AND IDENTIFY CAPABILITY GAPS OPTIMIZE DECISION-MAKING WHILE REMAINING ALIGNED WITH STRATEGIC GOALS LEADERS MAY DRIVE CHANGE BUT IS YOUR WORKFORCE EQUIPPED WITH THE RIGHT SKILL SETS AND AVAILIBILITY TO SUPPORT THESE CHANGES? WITH MY SINGLE POINT’S RESOURCE GOVERNANCE YOU WILL:
  4. 4. DATA CAPTURE |DATA MODELING (EA) |WORKFLOW | WHAT-IF MODELING DASHBOARD & ANALYTICS |BI-DIRECTIONAL INTEGRATION | BUSINESS LOGIC ENFORCEMENT Strategy Execution Performance Management Budget Portfolio Management Innovation Execution Project Portfolio & Demand Management Resource Governance (Demand vs Supply) THE FIVE PILLARS OF SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY EXECUTION 6 7 USE MY SINGLE POINT FOR COMPLETE CORPORATE ALIGNMENT IN YOUR STRATEGY EXECUTION Performance Management defines and cascades down measurable goals with relevant KPIs to the relevant managers to ensure the company’s strategy plans are executed. Budget Portfolio Management supports your annual planning and execution to align your strategic goals, work plan, budgets, and resources. Project Portfolio & Demand Management ensures that new projects or demands from business units and IT align with corporate strategic goals. Ensure projects are clearly planned and understood before you start them. Innovation Execution encourages innovation yet keep proposals consistent with your strategic goals. 1 . 2. 3. 4. The full My Single Point Strategy Execution Suite contains five modular pillars, each offering the innovative tools to achieve your transformation goals. Companies can choose to start with one and then add more. Or, you can choose to implement the whole package from the start. Each pillar is customized to your needs, you don’t have to adjust your company to the tool. THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS
  5. 5. info@msp-gs.com www.msp-gs.com ABOUT MY SINGLE POINT (MSP) My Single Point is a leading supplier of Enterprise Strategy Execution software. Customers use My Single Point to translate their strategy from the board-room to execution across the enterprise. Our modular solution ensures business goals and directives are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization to guarantee a strategy’s success. For more information, write at info@msp-gs.com or visit www.msp-gs.com