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Yoplait Yogurt: Consumer Response to Sweetener-Switching Strategies

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Get an in-depth analysis of Yoplait’s switch from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to sucrose and its impact on the brand market position. You'll learn about:

- Consumer attitudes toward sweeteners and added sugars in general, and how they are affecting yogurt sales
- How the rapid growth of Greek yogurt is effecting brand strategies within the category
- How Yoplait’s changing sweetener strategy failed to produce the desired results, and some reasons why

Explore the links, or lack thereof, between sweetener types and yogurt sales, and get beyond perceptions and statistics to uncover the real truth of consumer attitudes toward sweeteners.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/21czSUw.

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Yoplait Yogurt: Consumer Response to Sweetener-Switching Strategies

  1. 1. Consumer Responseto Sweetener-Switching Strategies YoplaitYogurt:
  2. 2. yogurt is a popular food that appeals to three out of four customers. Source: Mintel Consulting (2013)
  3. 3. SO we wanted to understand what drives sales in this category and settle the question once and for all ...
  4. 4. Does sweetener type drive yogurt purchases?
  5. 5. Let’s take a look at the 2010 industry leader – Yoplait. Yoplait 41.3% DANNON 26.3% REMAINING 24.9% STONYFIELD 5.2% CHOBANI 2.3% yogurt category share, 2010
  7. 7. Then we noticed a shift in the category. As greek yogurt popularity increased ...
  8. 8. change inyogurt category share, 2011-2013 Chobani took over the category. 15% 10% 5% 0% -5% -10% -15% -13.1% -1.2% -1.4% 14.5% 1.2% yoplait dannon chobani stonyfield remaining
  9. 9. SO We took a closer look at Yoplait’s approach and found ...
  10. 10. Sweetener type had no effect on sales. hfcs sugar trailing 52-week average yoplaiT sales by sweetener type, 2009-2013 1.1.2009 3.1.2009 5.1.2009 7.1.2009 9.1.2009 11.1.2009 1.1.2010 3.1.2010 5.1.2010 7.1.2010 9.1.2010 11.1.2010 1.1.2011 3.1.2011 5.1.2011 7.1.2011 9.1.2011 11.1.2011 1.1.2012 3.1.2012 5.1.2012 7.1.2012 9.1.2012 11.1.2012 1.1.2013 3.1.2013 $180M $160M $140M $120M $100M $80M $60M $40M $20M $0M
  11. 11. To get the full story on what was happening in the marketplace download the case study here >