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The Ideal Content Marketing Workflow [Infographic]

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Meet Team Content – they are fast, efficient, and publishing new content on their blog like nobody’s business using an ideal content marketing workflow. There are two roles in the task-based workflow.

The assigner, responsible for the planning and management of the blog. They choose the topics, assign the tasks, and manage the progress from start to finish.

Various sub-roles such as writers, designers, proofreaders, and social media managers. Contributors are the ones who will make the work happen. In a task-based content marketing workflow, they are the assignees.

Step #1, Planning
The first phase of the process is planning.

Planning meetings give the entire team a chance to work together to decide on topics and choose post ideas that will be added to the editorial calendar. Content planning meetings can happen on a weekly or monthly basis and should set the tone for the work going forward.

While the whole team will be involved in this process, the editor will make the final call on the subjects and topics chosen.

Step #2, Assignments
Once selected, content ideas are placed on the calendar. From there, the editor will assign individual tasks to each of the contributors including:

- The person writing the post.
- The team member designing post graphics/images.
- The editor/contributor responsible for proofreading the post.
- The social media manager, or contributor responsible for social media promotion/scheduling.
- The editor responsible for the final publishing of the post.
- Depending on the actual size of the team, some of these tasks will be shared by a single team member. In most cases, the tasks will generally stay the same, but the assignees may vary.

Step #3, Notifications
- -
Once tasks are assigned and delegated, the contributing team will have a clear workflow and timeline for delivery. As tasks are completed, the editor will be notified of progress. This will allow them to monitor the process from a global level. Individual contributors will be motived to complete their tasks by looming deadlines.

The beautiful thing about the workflow from this point forward is that while editors will control the process from a top level, the work itself will be taking care of itself. For editors, this means that there is no need to monitor statuses or to double check to make sure that the status being reported is actually correct.

_It’s All About Clarity_
A workflow is really all about communication. The workflow that will work the best is usually the one that communicates the most. Can a status-based workflow work for a team?

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The Ideal Content Marketing Workflow [Infographic]

  1. 1. The Ideal Content Marketing Workflow MEET TEAM CONTENT MARKETING The Editor Runs planning meeting Selects post topic Sets publish date/timeline Assigns tasks. Published by the Editor Same day as post The Contributor Writes post Refines post topic Suggests graphic ides Completed 1 week beforehand The Designer Creative genius Creates graphics Adds them to the post Completed 3 days beforehand The Proofreader The details person Reviews post for grammar Human spell-checker Completed 1 day beforehand The Social Media Manager Creates social media schedule Shares engaging content High social awareness Completed 1 day beforehand Write blog post Great blog post graphics Proofread blog post Schedule #SM content Tasks CoSchedule The Social Media Editorial Calendar For WordPress Content Hacker Approved