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11 big strategy ideas

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Effective decision-making, problem solving and planning are key qualities of a high-performing professional

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11 big strategy ideas

  1. 1. intheblackleadership . strategy . business Your essenTiaL business updaTe STRATEGY 11IDEAS BIG
  2. 2. Effectivedecision-making, problemsolvingandplanningarekey qualitiesofahigh-performingprofessional. Hereare11strategistswhoaresuccessfullyshapingtheirorganisations.
  3. 3. “Strategyisalwaysateamdecision. Clearstrategycreatesbuy-in.Itmakes people’srolesandpurposeextremelyclear. Ithelpspeopleseewhereweneedtobe, whereweneedtogo.” Sunita Kaur CEO Spotify Asia
  4. 4. Sunita Kaur READ MORE
  5. 5. “Atleastfourtimesayear,leadersshould askthemselveswhatnewdevelopmentsthey canutilisetocreateanewneedorgivethe customeramorecompellingexperience.” Ram Charan Business management consultant
  6. 6. Ram Charan READ MORE
  7. 7. “Clearthinkinghasbeenat theheartofsuccess–itmaysound likeanobviousrequirement,butmany aninvestorwilltellyouthatmany anentrepreneurdoesn’thaveit.” Tony Faure Founding managing director Yahoo Australia
  8. 8. Tony Faure READ MORE
  9. 9. “Tosetstrategy,Ispend 30percentofmytimeonresearch, 40percenttalkingto customers andtherestmanaging myteam.” Kate Burleigh Managing director Intel
  10. 10. Kate Burleigh READ MORE
  11. 11. “Whenitcomestostakeholders, it’snotamatterofkeepingthingsin balance,butasacontinualgrowthprocess ofharmonisingandre-harmonising andre-harmonisingagain.” R. Edward Freeman Business theorist
  12. 12. R. Edward Freeman READ MORE
  13. 13. “Thestoriesthatcompaniestellthemselves abouttheirpastwillplayapowerfulrole inshapingtheirfuture.Strategyisactually aboutbeliefs.Beliefswilldrivechoices. Choiceswill driveinitiatives.” Angus Dawson Partner, corporate finance practice McKinsey Asia
  14. 14. Angus Dawson READ MORE
  15. 15. “Anystrategyhastobetailoredinorder forittobesuccessful.Ithasgottoworkin aparticulargeography.Youcan’tapply aone-size-fits-allandexpectittowork.” Alan Osrin Managing director Sage Software Australia and HandiSoft Software
  16. 16. Alan Osrin READ MORE
  17. 17. “Youcanthinkthatyou’reinadifficult positionstrategically,butthereisalogical waytogoaboutbreakingdownproblemsand engagingyourteam,andpotentiallyoutside help,tofigureoutwhatyou’regoingtodo.” Alison Watkins CEO Coca Cola Amatil
  18. 18. Alison Watkins READ MORE
  19. 19. “Whenwe’vegotinterestingchangesorimprovements tohowthebusinessworks,ratherthanusinghierarchy andbureaucracy,wehaveacross-functionalsweepof people,usuallythehighestperformersatmultiple businesslevels,andweputthemaroundsomething.” Andrew Harding Head of iron ore Rio Tinto
  20. 20. Andrew Harding READ MORE
  21. 21. “TheUSisoneofthe most sophisticatedmarketsintheworld. ItwaslikeanMBAinretailmarkets. It’sveryhardtopenetrate,andveryfew brands,Australianorotherwise,have been abletobreakinhere.” Soula-Marie Perdis Napolean Perdis Cosmetics
  22. 22. Napolean Perdis and Soula-Marie Perdis READ MORE
  23. 23. “Marketingdecisionsshould bebackedbyhardresearch andtherearescience-backed marketinglaws.” Byron Sharp Business academic
  24. 24. Byron Sharp READ MORE
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