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Craftscurator colour cahier-2015-hardware-preview-inventive

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Preview of Craftscurator Colour Cahier 2015 for hardware products for home and interior. Sharing a preview and color card for European market trends in product design. For businesses in the home decoration and handmade design market. Includes a Pantone color card.

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Craftscurator colour cahier-2015-hardware-preview-inventive

  1. 1. CraftsCurator.com PreviewColour Card Hardware - Inventive home accessories, small furniture, lighting, tabletop 2015 Geometrical tile pattern by India Mahdavi Plate with Stain by Marimekko Pixel Pattern Statue Design Studio
  2. 2. 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Inventive Colour Mood The colour palette for Inventive consists of bright colours: yellow, raspberry pink, emerald green and kobalt blue. How- ever, much of the colour effect is defined by material and techniques. Yellow is made transparent in glass, pink becomes powdery by applying it in resin material, emerald green is used in a spray-painted gradient effect on ceramics. > bright colours > colours defined by material use > gradients, transparancy, saturation Therefore, the application of colour is just as important as the tone itself. New is the use of a burgundy colour in combination with the brights. And besides a lush red and an orange with a coral hint, a basic brick colour is used. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kvadrat W&Q Gaia & Gino CraftsCurator.com Trend Guide 2015 > Style Groups > Colour Colour blocking in transparant layers by Rietveld graduate Louella Haquette Candle holder building blocks by Gaia & Gino Soft stools by Kvadrat CraftsCurator.com Colour Cahier 2015 > Design Directions > Colour Mood Weaving with bright colours by W & Q
  3. 3. 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Inventive Colour Card Hardware Colour codes refer to Pantone Solid Coated colours. Use original Pantone swatches as a reference. Colours dis- played on screen and in print are not accurate. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Droog Design India Mahdavi ‘The New Original’ family vases by Droog Design Pantone 1797 C Pantone Coolgray 4 C Pantone 287 C Pantone 169 C Pantone 1525 C Pantone 165 C Pantone 394 C Pantone 3285 CPantone 7428 C Pantone 337 C CraftsCurator.com Colour Cahier 2015 > Design Directions > Colour Card Hardware Colour blocking by India Mahdavi
  4. 4. Colour Moods The Maker Trend Guide also includes inspirational colour mood pages, to high- light the leading developments in colour, related to innovation in material and techniques. > Maker Trend Guide 2015 and beyond > 41 pages, 300+ visuals and links > in pdf > € 249,- Get one of the guides now! Order a copy online or call Irene for more information. We also give in-company trend presenta- tions, and workshops. Enjoy working with this Cahier! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> www.craftscurator.com CraftsCurator.com Colour Cahier 2015 > Introduction > About Guides and Cahiers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Introduction About Colour Cahiers This Colour Cahier provides both a colour mood, as well as accurate colour infor- mation using Pantone colour codes. For your business, you can use this guide as a source of inspiration for collections and projects. For developing products, you can use the colour codes to communicate with colleagues and suppliers. Always use original Pantone swatches as a reference. Colours displayed on screen and in print are not accurate. All trend information in the Craftscurator Trend Guides and Cahiers is categorized by style group. Style Groups Consumer needs are never literally translated, they are used as guidelines. In the European market there are different style groups; clusters of consumers that are attracted to a certain look, feel and style. We have identified 3 different style groups; > inventive > sensitive > expressive Besides colour cahiers, Craftscurator has also publised 2 trend guides for 2015 and beyond. About Craftscurator Product Trend Guide A valuable tool for your business for range strategy and product development. Understand the latest trends and devel- opments in the European market in the following product groups; > home accessories > small furniture > lighting > tabletop > table kitchen textiles > home textiles > bed bath wellbeing > wall floor window These product trends are also catego- rized by style group. Also included are 6 colourcards, 3 for hardware products, and 3 for home textiles, with 10 Pantone colour codes each. > Product Trend Guide 2015 > 44 pages, 300+ visuals and links > in pdf > € 249,- About Craftscurator Maker Trend Guide A inspirational publication that is tai- lor- made for buyers and creative teams involved in product development. Maker Stories Developments in design, craftsmanship and production techniques are high- lighted, defining what influences product design. With special attention to what designers, researchers, scientists and makers are working on. Material Developments in material innovation, highlighting the most influential new ma- terials. A selection of both materials for hardware products as well as textiles. Techniques Showing the most innovative and new techniques as seen in the work of design- ers, craftsmen and manufacturers. Craftscurator Trend Guide Product Trends 2015 Craftscurator Trend Guide Maker Trends 2015 and beyond 4
  5. 5. 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Colophon Credits Images Craftscurator carefully selects images and adds links to the original source. If you come across an image with missing information, please contact us and we will do our best to fix it right away. Author Irene Vermeulen, Craftscurator Designer Rowan McCuskey, You & McCuskey Editor Kiki Poulisse, Bij Kiki Copyright Making this trend guide has involved a tremendous amount of time and energy. We have worked hard to keep the price affordable for small and bigger compa- nies in Europe as well as in developing countries. Please respect our effort and do not copy, publish or re-sell. Craftscurator is a registered trademark of ABCD About Brands Concepts Design © 2014 Craftscurator >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> www.craftscurator.com CraftsCurator.com Colour Cahier 2015 > Colophon > Credits