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Project Planning Tools & Techniques

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The Visual Guide to Planning Project by Creately.
A Comprehensive list of project planning techniques that you can use to create a solid project plan and execute it successfully. Creately offers editable templates which you can use for your Project Planning Process. A variety of different templates on Project Planning included in this PPT which you can use when planning each step throughout your Project Planning Process
Also, you can find many more useful diagram templates in our diagram community, and all our popular diagram templates are available for free. Just click on the "Use as Template" button to immediately start modifying it using our online diagramming tools.e diagramming tools.

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Project Planning Tools & Techniques

  1. 1. Some projects are easy to manage, while others take a lot of effort. In either case, having a proper project plan will help you make sure that it gets completed flawlessly. The Visual Risk Management Techniques • Planning process • Resource planning • Knowledge Management In this ppt we have compiled a list of project planning techniques that you can use to create a solid project plan and execute it successfully under the areas listed below. • Process Mapping • Decision Making • Risk Management
  2. 2. Work Breakdown Structure Example Planning Process: Work Breakdown Structure
  3. 3. Action Priority Matrix Template Planning Process: Action Priority Matrix
  4. 4. Cost Breakdown Structure Template Planning Process: Cost Breakdown Structure
  5. 5. Milestone Trend Analysis Template Planning Process: Milestone Trend Analysis
  6. 6. Resource Planning: Gantt Charts Gantt Chart Template
  7. 7. Resource Planning: Organizational Charts Organizational Chart Template
  8. 8. Knowledge Management: Knowledge Maps/ Mind Maps Mind Map Template
  9. 9. Process Mapping: Process Maps Process Map Template
  10. 10. Process Mapping: PERT Chart PERT Chart Template
  11. 11. Brainstorming/Decision Making: Affinity Diagrams Affinity Diagrams Template
  12. 12. Brainstorming/Decision Making: PICK Chart PICK Chart Template
  13. 13. Brainstorming/Decision Making: Decision Tree Decision Tree Template
  14. 14. Want more details on Project Planning Diagrams? Visit https://creately.com/blog/diagrams/project-planning-techniques/ To create use case diagrams, flowcharts and many more other diagrams visit https://creately.com For colorful diagrams and Info-graphics follow us on: