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2017 Travel Trends

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What's going to happen this year in travel? 2017 will showcase some never-before-seen travel trends to delight every generation of traveler. Trends curated by Creative Lodging Solutions.

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2017 Travel Trends

  1. 1. 2017
  2. 2. River Cruising: Largely a trend among people 50 and older, river cruising is enjoying double- digit growth and alluring over one million travelers per year. The trend recently emerged, and, not surprisingly, almost all river cruise ships have been built in the last ten years. Cruise Ship by Nicole Macdonald from the Noun Project
  3. 3. Underwater Adventures: A couple years ago, the travel obsession was all about space. 2017 might prove that the ocean could take its place as the true “final frontier.” Although the trend is currently more popular outside the U.S., Key Largo, Florida, houses the oldest underwater hotel, Jules’ Undersea Lodge.
  4. 4. In the Loop: The world is getting closer to a new mode of transportation. The almost supersonic, energy efficient Hyperloop One is positioning itself as selling time, not transportation. A full scale prototype is set to test in the Nevada desert this year.  Look for the first commercial debut to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in twelve minutes!  Train by Nathan Driskell from the Noun Project
  5. 5. Vanishing Destinations: Get to these before they’re gone! Vanishing or threatened destinations, like Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef, beckon travelers who crave a “one last chance” experience. Just remember to tread softly, travelers. Bear by Visual Glow from the Noun Project
  6. 6. Fast-emerging Destinations: Hello, Cuba! The recently lifted trade embargo promises steady growth for this country’s tourism. Other up-and-coming locations include South Africa, India, Iceland, and Peru. Compass by Marco Galtarossa from the Noun Project
  7. 7. Loyalty Programs: With the increase in mergers and customization, look for added travel loyalty program perks. Bones by Jennifer Cozzette from the Noun Project
  8. 8. Voluntourism: Travel is quickly turning into a force for good. Popular destinations for voluntourism include more remote destina- tions that motivate today’s traveler, like the furthest reaches of Latin America and Africa...with the added bonus of helping humanity.
  9. 9. Rapport, Not Robots: Guests value friendliness and human interaction when they visit hotels. According to a study by Ritz-Carlton, 73% of consumers say friendly employees or customer service representatives can make them fall in love with a brand. However, when it comes to transportation, we’re totally looking forward to the automated variety taking the travel stage in the next few years!
  10. 10. Multigenerational Travel: A study by Preferred Hotels Group shows that 91% of millennials surveyed said they try to take a multigenerational trip every year. And nearly half of the Boomer generation vacations with their children and grandchildren annually. Maybe it’s about time to start planning that family vacation. Family by icon dots from the Noun Project
  11. 11. Pet-Friendly Palaces: Do people actually prefer staycations, or do they have separation anxiety about leaving their pets? According to a report by Sojourn, an impressive number of vacationers (about one out of five) are staying at home to take care of the furbabies. Hotels and travel services are taking strides to accommodate travelers, whether they have four legs or two. Pig by Hycan from the Noun Project
  12. 12. Advisory Apps: Travelers, tech has your back this year with the increasing popularity of advisory apps that could keep you out of harm’s way. Travel managers, this is for you: You can get real-time tracking data and prevent risks for your team. Footsteps by Giuditta Valentina Gentile from the Noun Project
  13. 13. Places, Not Things: Blame the influence of Marie Kondo’s minimalist bestseller and the Millennials’ influence, but most travelers prefer doing stuff to getting stuff as the consumerist culture is replaced by a more experiential focus. Backpack by mungang kim from the Noun Project
  14. 14. A Sense of Community: Co-living communities are a cure-all for loneliness in urban areas. A close cousin the infamous hostel, co-living spaces provide the mysterious blend of autonomy and closeness. Medicine by Yorlmar Campos from the Noun Project
  15. 15. Extra! Extra! Baggage check? Overhead compartment fees? Water? Watch your spending in 2017 because airlines are really racking up the fees. According to a study conducted by IdeaWorksCompany, 2017 will see an increase in spending as the ancillary flight category will continue to gain altitude. In fact, extra airline fees could contribute to over 10% of total airline revenue by the end of the year. $
  16. 16. The Future is Flat: Due to a global uncertainty and political changes, travel growth and rates will likely hold steady in 2017. Of course, we all prefer to hear that rates plummeted and our vacations and business travel will get cheaper, but there are travel management services like CLS out there to help control those costs. Earth by emilegraphics from the Noun Project
  17. 17. Luxe Reduxe: Among the travel sectors, the one that’s grown the most is perhaps the least expected: luxury travel... growing at nearly twice the rate of the other sectors, according to a study conducted by World Travel Monitor. Diamond by anbileru adaleru from the Noun Project
  18. 18. Travel From Home: Think inside the box! Now you can get travel takeaways delivered right to your door with subscription services like Try the World. Or, try out the latest trends in virtual reality. Box by Ashley Ma from the Noun Project
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