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Thinking outside the box in packaging

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For the Packaging Institute at the University of Hasselt, Belgium, we presented this slideshare. It explains how a structured approach to packaging innovation can help in unfuzzying the fuzzy front-end.

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Thinking outside the box in packaging

  2. 2. This  is  a  classical  design  process.  A  lot  of   7me  and  effort  is  wasted  in  the  fuzzy   front  end  of  the  process.  The  front  end  is   unstructured,  but  very  important  for   product  development.    
  3. 3. At  CREAX  we  believe  a  structured   innova7on  method  can  help  you  in   simplifying  this  difficult  process.  We   untangle  the  knot.  The  search  for   innova7ons  becomes  more  focused,   faster,  and  less  frustra7ng.  
  4. 4. But  how   do  we  do   it?  
  5. 5. Method by AULIVE By  abstrac7ng  the  product!     First  define  the  proper7es  of  the  product.  At  CREAX  we  use   these  proper7es  as  a  checklist  to  force  our  product  in  all   possible  idea  direc7ons  and  thus  accelerate  the  innova7on   process.    Abstract  thinking  also  allows  you  to  find  products   who  share  some  of  these  essen7al  proper7es.  Study  these   products  to  see  if  you  can  learn  something  from  them.       Let’s  apply  this  method  to  packaging.    
  6. 6. fruit juice packaging by NAOTO FUKASAWA Method by AULIVE Anyone  will  immediately  spot  what   this  package  contains.  This  banana   juice  packaging  is  a  part  of  a  series   designed  by  Japanese  industrial   designer  Naoto  Fukasawa.  They  all   have  the  look  and  feel  of  the  fruit   inside.  
  7. 7. Dr.Oetker Pancake mix This  boQle  is  only  par7ally  filled  with  dry   pancake  mix.  The  customer  can  add  milk   at  home  and  then  shake  the  boQle  for   the  perfect  baQer.  What  looks  like  a   simple  improvement  is  actually  quite   genius.  The  customer  does  not  have  to   measure  quan77es.  And  it  saves  washing   the  dishes.    
  8. 8. Herbal Essences transparent shampoo bottle Method by AULIVE This  shampoo  boQle  is  transparent  to   show  its  content.  The  back  label  has  a   print  on  both  sides.  An  intricate   feeling  of  depth  is  created  that   enhances  the  product  and  the  brand.  
  9. 9. VersaFlow assymetric opening for easier pouring Method by AULIVE The  VersaFlow  is  a  glass  jar  with  a  lip  on   the  rim  to  make  pouring  easier  and  less   messy.  This  example  shows  that   innova7on  does  not  have  to  be  complex   or  technologically  advanced.    
  10. 10. Roller tray incorporated paint packaging by FLEXA paints Method by AULIVE This  paint  packaging  has  a  roller  tray   incorporated  in  its  lid.  A  small  change  that   didn’t  cost  a  lot  more  to  produce  but  had  a   huge  impact  on  user  convenience.    
  11. 11. Most  first  aid  kits  are  chao7c.  If  you  finally   find  the  bandages  then  you  s7ll  have  to  open   the  package.  It  usually  doesn’t  work  when   you  can  use  both  hands…  so  it  probably  will   not  work  either  when  you’re  bleeding  to   death.  
  12. 12. First Aid kit by Gabriele Meldaikyte Method by AULIVE This  first  aid  kit  is  organized  by  injury   type.  Furthermore,  the  kit  has  been   specially  designed  to  be  manipulated   with  one  hand  only.  A  pity  some  products   are  just  so  common  people  think  they   can’t  improve  them  anymore.  
  13. 13. Superformula by JWT Brazil Method by AULIVE This  cancer  medicine  for  kids  is   packaged  like  a  secret  superhero   formula.  A  small  but  effec7ve   contribu7on  to  inspire  children  in   their  fight  against  “one  of  the   world’s  greatest  villains.”    
  14. 14. HYDROPACK by Eastman Innovation Lab Method by AULIVE The  HydroPack  is  like  a  Capri  Sun  for  Disaster  areas.  Earthquakes,  floods,  tsunami  or  hurricanes  leave   devasta7on  in  their  wake  and  pollute  drinking  water  supplies.  The  HydroPack  is  a  forward  osmosis   filtra7on  system  that  can  be  immersed  in  contaminated  water  and  will  fill  up  automa7cally  with  a   safe  and  nourishing  sports  drink.  
  15. 15. I Squidsoap Method by AULIVE This  soap  dispenser  leaves  a   stamp  on  your  hand  when   dispensing.  The  stamp  only   fades  when  you  did  a  good  job   washing  your  hands.    
  16. 16. Ripe sensor by RIPESENSE Method by AULIVE Ripeness  sensor.  This   sensor  in  fruit  packaging   shows  the  ripeness  of  its   contents.  A  first  example  of   many  smart  packages.  
  17. 17. Temperature sensor by TEMPIX Method by AULIVE The  sensor  in  the  right   boQom  let’s  you  know  if  the   meat  was  cooled  properly   throughout  its  transport   and  processing.  
  18. 18. Smart Lid by CHROMATIC TECHNOLOGIES Method by AULIVE This  thermosensi7ve  coffee   lid  turns  red  if  the  coffee  is   too  hot  to  drink.    
  19. 19. COORS thermochromatic label Method by AULIVE Another  thermosensitve   label,  but  this  one  tells  you   when  your  beer  is  cold   enough  to  drink.    
  20. 20. Expiring packaging by Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goe Method by AULIVE Pharmaceu7cal  companies  are   also  devising  ways  to  make   smart  medicine  packaging  that   will  indicate  when  the  medicine   is  overdue.  
  21. 21. IDEO Concept for expiring medicine Method by AULIVE This  is  the  same  idea  as  the  previous  one  but   it  uses  a  much  more  powerful  visual  language.   The  end  of  shelf  life  is  indicated  by  mimicking   the  spots  of  an  overripe  banana.       Who  knew  bananas  could  be  so  inspiring...     Check  out  the  next  part  of  the  lecture  and   learn  how  to  find  links  between  packaging   and  other  industries.  
  23. 23. Egg  cartons  have  been  made  of   molded  pulp  for  decades…And  there   are  a  lot  of  concepts  out  there  that   try  to  change  this.  
  24. 24. Molded pulp packaging by Winepacks Yet  molded  pulp  is  actually  a  great  and   cheap  way  to  protect  a  product.  It  can   be  applied  to  protect  many  other   breakable  products.  Wine  for  instance.  
  25. 25. Molded pulp packaging used for DELL computers And  even  precious  electronic   equipment  like  this  DELL  laptop.    
  26. 26. Molded pulp packaging used for PUMA Smartphone Even  smartphones  are  now  packaged  in   molded  pulp  shells.  The  packaging   looks  cool  and  green.  A  surplus  in  a   world  where  customers  are  ques7oning   their  impact  on  the  environment.  
  27. 27. Easy tetra pack packaging for Tiense Suiker Sugar  packaging  has  always  been  imprac7cal  and  prone  to   moisture.  Un7l  someone  no7ced  sugar  actually  flows  like  a   liquid.  The  step  to  a  Tetra  Pack  was  quickly  made.  The  Tetra   Pack  makes  dispensing  sugar  far  easier,  and  because  of  the   screw  cap  and  water-­‐resistant  material  the  sugar  is  beQer   protected  against  moisture.  
  28. 28. We  know  2  types  of  cans.   The  lee  one  is  always  used  for  food  and   the  right  one  for  drinks.  Nobody  ever   thought  of  crossing  that  boundary.    
  29. 29. Slyfox beercan Un7l  a  brewery  in   Pennsylvania  made   the  perfect  beer  can.  
  30. 30. What  could  we  learn   from  the  “la  Vache   qui  rit”  packaging  ?   La Vache qui rit packaging
  31. 31. ONE  MORE  EXAMPLE  ????   This  packaging  tape  has  a  cord  in   the  middle  which  makes  opening   the  box  more  convenient.   There’s  no  need  for  a  cuQer  so   you  can’t  harm  the  packaging   content  (or  yourself).   RipCord tape on Quirky
  32. 32. Parmezan Cheese packaging by Kolle Rebbe, Germany Finding  the  link  is  essen7al.  Some7mes  the   link  can  be  found  in  your  industry,  some7mes   you  need  to  look  in  other  industries.   Like  office  equipment  for  instance.   This  parmesan  pesto  pencil  makes  gra7ng   cheese  much  more  enjoyable.    
  33. 33. Anti theft lunch bags by Sherwood Forlee The  opposite  is  of  course  also  true:  A  good  idea  in  packaging  can  be  translated  into  other   industries.  These  An7-­‐Thee  Lunch  Bags  are  zipper  bags  that  have  green  splotches  printed  on   both  sides,  making  your  freshly  prepared  lunch  look  spoiled.  Don't  let  a  s7cky-­‐fingered   colleague  or  schoolyard  bully  get  away  with  lunch  thee  again!  
  34. 34. Anti theft stickers from Dominic Wilcox The  previous  an7-­‐thee  idea  could  have   inspired  Dominic  to  make  these  rust  s7ckers.   Tired  of  having  his  bike  stolen  in  London,  he   designed  these  s7ckers  to  make  his  beau7ful   bike  look  rusted  so  that  passing  thieves   assume  it’s  not  worth  stealing.  
  35. 35. Anti theft stickers from Dominic Wilcox This  is  how  it  looks  on  a  bike…  
  36. 36. Anti theft stickers from Dominic Wilcox And  on  a  car.  
  37. 37. It’s  essen7al  to  spot  good  ideas   across  industry  boundaries.  If  you   really  want  to  be  innova7ve  don’t   hesitate  to  shop  around.        
  38. 38. SYSTEMATIC   INNOVATION   WWW.CREAX.COM   Inspired?   We  help  companies  with  their  innova7on   challenges.   problem  solving  –  product  innova7on  –  process  innova7on   technology  transfer  –  new  applica7ons  and  markets     Thomas  Valcke-­‐    Lead  Designer   t@creax.com               www.creax.com   Visit our website or follow us