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Francois Taddei about learning through research

Francois Taddei presentation about teaching, learning and research @ educpro, december 2013

More content available at http://www.cri-paris.org/

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Francois Taddei about learning through research

  1. 1. Technology transforms the world into a lab
  2. 2. Science is evolving fast
  3. 3. Pedagogy evolves slowly
  4. 4. Can we imagine innovative solutions ? @taddeifrancois
  5. 5. “The university teacher is no longer a teacher and the student is no longer a pupil. Instead the student conducts research on his own behalf and the professor supervises his research and supports him in it.” Wilhelm von Humboldt: father of research universities The world is becoming an open campus where all are free to learn, teach and do research
  6. 6. Créer les conditions du développement de toutes les formes d’intelligence 3 niveaux d’intelligence individuelle, collective & global 1.Résoudre des problèmes classiques 2.Résoudre de nouveaux problèmes 3.Définir & résoudre de nouveaux problèmes
  7. 7. We are all born scientists !
  8. 8. Citizens as scientists
  9. 9. Patients and parents as scientists
  10. 10. Gamers as scientists Can games & open challenges change knowledge ecosystem & train impatient changemakers?
  11. 11. Move.we.know = movuinoOpen hardware Device to produce open data & open science • Arduino comptible MCU (Atmega32u4) • Advanced 6-axis motion sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope) • Bluetooth Low Energy (BT4.0) • Estimated retai price ~40$ Allows to monitor in real time all moves and their variations to improve motor control learning & monitoring of health
  12. 12. Open lab mission: developping cheap open source solution for learning & research Heartuino: 200 times cheaper than state of the art medical solutions
  13. 13. Class rooms as open labs With frames of freedom
  14. 14. Teachers as scientists & change makers
  15. 15. We key pezia
  16. 16. Towards cooperative learning ecosystems, where the learning of one facilitates the learning of others.
  17. 17. Mapping and planning your knowledge exploration according to your current levels
  18. 18. Sharing your explorations with peers and more advanced learners
  19. 19. Exploring together unchartered territories
  20. 20. On questions & knowledge depth
  21. 21. Kids as makers, artists, designers…
  22. 22. The youngest authors of scientific papers
  23. 23. Fostering scientific talents via MOOC for teachers & parents & MOOKA (Massive Online Open Knowledge Adventures) for kids
  24. 24. Towards an Open FIESTA Open Faculty for Innovation in Education, Science Technology & Arts Bachelor, Master, PhD, changemakers programs & accelerator to build evolving open knowledge ecosystems cri-paris.org @francoistaddei citizenscitizens Open Open Open