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8 Steps To Become A Top Seller On LinkedIn

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1) Enhance your professional presence:

Make sure your profile is at its best and showcases your customer – centric successes. Prospects will want to see the value you provide your clients

2) Research your prospects:

Look through their LinkedIn profiles to see who and what you have in common, what groups they belong to, and more

3) Connect with colleagues and customers:

Grow your network to easily keep up with your customers, gain access to introductions, and let your connections know what is new with you.

4) Leverage recommendations and endorsements:

Improve your professional presence and impress prospects with kudos from your satisfied customers. Make sure to pay it forward and let people know you respect and value them, too.

5) Build prospect lists:

Leverage LinkedIn’s Advanced Search capabilities to create highly-target prospect lists. LinkedIn Premium has even more search criteria to choose from. From there you can review individual profiles to further filter your list.

6) Use “saved search” –

Don’t just build a prospect list – Save it! When new results come in that match your search criteria, you’ll get automatic alerts, helping you keep up with new opportunities.

7) Join groups:

Find the groups your prospects belong to (listed on their profile) and browse those member list for additional prospects. You can follow people you’d like to keep track of and message them directly.

8) Share your expertise:

Post daily updates on LinkedIn to establish your professional presence and get noticed. Share interesting articles or insightful case studies, new products from your company, and ask questions to start conversations.

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