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Going to the cinema

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suggested role play

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Going to the cinema

  1. 1. GOING TO THE CINEMA This activity is a conversation between you and one of the examiners. Make complete questions and answers , show that you are interested in what the examiner says and take active part in the conversation
  2. 2. You want to go to the cinema to watch Harry Potter with two friends. You go to the ticket office to buy the tickets . Look at the following prompts and start the conversation
  3. 3. SAY • hello and what you want ASK • time • how long • price • student's discounts SAY • buy three tickets ASK • credit card PAY and take the change
  4. 4. YOU: Good afternoon EXAMINER: good afternoon. How can I help you? SAY what you want
  5. 5. YOU: I would like three tickets for the Harry Potter film, please. EXAMINER: Yes, certainly. ASK time
  6. 6. YOU: What time does the film start? EXAMINER: The session starts at six ASK how long
  7. 7. YOU: How long is the film? EXAMINER: The film is 120 minutes long ASK price
  8. 8. YOU:How much are the tickets? EXAMINER: They are £ 12 each ASK students’ discounts
  9. 9. YOU: We are students. Is there a discount for students? / Do you have discounts for students? EXAMINER: Yes, there is a £2 discount per ticket but I need to see your students’ cards. Buy 3 tickets
  10. 10. YOU: Here you are . Can I have three tickets , please? EXAMINER: OK. Which row would you prefer? I have three seats together in row 3, 7 or 15. ANSWER
  11. 11. YOU: Row 15 , please EXAMINER: OK. So three tickets in row 15. That’ll be £30 altogether ASK credit card
  12. 12. YOU: Can I pay by credit card? EXAMINER: I’m afraid we only accept cash. PAY AND TAKE THE CHANGE
  13. 13. YOU: Here you are. EXAMINER: here’s your change. YOU: Thank you . Goodbye EXAMINER: Goodbye. Have a nice day.