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Poland 2 erasmus+ romanian team

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Erasmus +, Romania

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Poland 2 erasmus+ romanian team

  1. 1. 3rd - 9th APRIL 2016 POLAND By the Romanian Team from Liceul de Arte Marin Sorescu, Craiova
  2. 2. Alexandra
  3. 3. The trip to Warsaw was beautiful and full of emotion . Why emotion ? We looked forward to meet with teachers and students participating in the Erasmus + project and to lean new things ! Daria
  4. 4. First place we visited was Historic Centre of Warsaw. In the picture, you can see Sigismund's Column. Royal Castle The Royal Castle in Warsaw is a castle residency that formerly served throughout the centuries as the official residence of the Polish monarchs.
  5. 5. Luca
  6. 6. "On the Jewish Street" gallery with entrances to exhibition halls Reconstructed vault and bimah
  7. 7.  Copernicus Science Centre was the most beautiful place! We liked it so much because it was interactive.  It was a place where all students learned that chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, history can be a lot of fun and easy to understand! All the applications in real life were amazing! 
  8. 8. We were introduced to the scientific world, from the emergence of the dinosaurs to the latest discoveries which changed the destiny of the mankind
  9. 9.  We arrived in Gdynia on the third evening and each hosts went to home.  We started to know each other very well.
  10. 10. We left Warsaw and arrived in Gdynia . My host was Maja. I like her very much. At her place, I felt at home. Maja’s parents were also my own for five days, and Maja, my sister of course ! Daria
  11. 11. At school we were received so very well !  The classes we took part in were full of information. We learned about temples in Tarsus, we also learned words in Turkish …
  12. 12. …we learned how to make computer animation. That was a lot of fun! 
  13. 13. Our teacher, Cristina, had an IT lesson as well, she taught a class on how to use Photoshop
  14. 14. THE SWIMMING, THE DISCO… We participated in pool games ,it was fun and entertaining .We had moments of relaxation we danced and we got to know each other better , to became friends.
  15. 15. Gdansk was another city that we visited . This city was full of colors, like it was painted by an artist. The buildings were fascinating. All the things there will help me and Luca, my colleague, in achieving our painting works. There we visited the University of Technology. University of Technology
  16. 16. A day full of adrenaline was when we went to the ADVENTURE PARK in Gdynia . There we were divided into groups. Guides made us help one another so this way we became even better friends 
  17. 17. GDANSK Next day, Friday, we visited the tricity: Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot
  18. 18. Gdansk was full colors, like it was painted by an artist . The buildings were fascinating. All there things will help us, art students, in achieving our painting works.
  19. 19. At Sopot, we walk a little on the beach and touch the sea – Baltic Sea. Then, we went on the bridge.
  20. 20. Unfortunately, Friday night was the last one , but we learn some of traditional polish dances, and we had a lot of fun. Alexandra AN EVENING TO REMEMBER
  21. 21. Heading home ,with new thoughts and impressions… Erasmus offered me the opportunity of travelling, without my family, to a different country, to meet new people, to socialize, to adapt and build my self-confidence. It was an unforgettable experience thanks to miss Emma Ciolacu, Mrs. Ileana Mirea and Mrs. Cristina Draniceanu and to all my new Erasmus friends! Thank you very much to all! Luca 
  22. 22. WE MISS ALL OF YOU! For us it was so much more than just a pleasant experience, and we consider that it ended too soon. We made a lot of foreign friends, we keep in touch with them on social networks. Daria 