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Script - Draft 2

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Script - Draft 2

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Script - Draft 2

  1. 1. Title By Candice Russell Candice Russell The Beacon School
  2. 2. FADE IN: INT. MUSIC PRACTICE STUDIO - DAY Asian A level student [SWEETAH] nervously stands leaning against the wall of a practice room, holding a jumble of papers. The door to the room is partially open. YOUNG ADULT MALE BAND MEMBERS are tinkering around with their instruments. Sweetah, engrossingly listens with enthusiasm to the unidentified miss-mash of music. Suddenly without warning, a YOUNG ADULT MALE [LOGAN] bursts through the door, making Sweetah jump. The unexpected encounter forces Sweetah to drop her papers into a scattered pile on the floor. Embarrassed, Sweetah nervously smiles at Logan. Logan slowly runs his eyes down Sweetah’s body. SWEETAH Oh, I’m sorry Logan. Logan bends down to gather up the loose scattered paper, staring at Sweetah’s ankles. LOGAN Ah Sweetah, don’t be. Logan slowly gets back up and hands the pile of paper to a nervous Sweetah. SWEETAH Er thanks. Er have you had a chance to view the song I wrote? Logan tenderly smiles at her. LOGAN Sort of, I’m off for a smoke, join me. Logan heads in the direction of the main door and Sweetah eagerly follows him. EXT. MUSIC PRACTICE STUDIO COURTYARD - DAY Logan walks briskly towards the bench and then immediately halts. He stares at Sweetah who is now in front of him. Continuing to admiringly stare at her, he draws a lighter and a packet of cigarettes out from his jacket pocket. Takes one cigarette out of the packet and holds it to his mouth, whilst replacing the packet back into his pocket. He then lights the cigarette and draws in his first puff. Smoothly, he blows the smoke out and offers the cigarette to Sweetah. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. She looks intensively at the cigarette and then hesitantly back to Logan. SWEETAH I don’t smoke, thanks. LOGAN (Suggestively) Try it, you may even enjoy it. Gingerly Sweetah holds out her hand to receive the cigarette. She takes it to her mouth and tries to draw it in, but the smoke is choking and she coughs with embarrassment and offers the cigarette back. She observes Logan’s slight grin as he retrieves it back. With his other hand he gently touches her arm, in an attempt to console her. SWEETAH (Confidently) My song, what do you think? LOGAN (Politely) Yeah, OK, needs some work though You free now? SWEETAH Yes, but we can’t go back to mine, my dad wouldn’t understand. Logan eyes Sweetah up and down and gestures her to follow him, as he stumps out the cigarette with his foot. LOGAN I know somewhere, come. Sweetah smiles and the two set off. EXT. DESERTED ALLEYWAY - DAY Walking down some stairs leading to a deserted alleyway, Logan stops and discreetly removes a small, unidentified package out from his jacket pocket. He takes one of the pills out of the package and offers the other to Sweetah. Taken by surprise, Sweetah takes a huge breath of fresh air. She steps back and shakes her head, whilst looking deep into Logan’s widening eyes as he alluringly licks his lips. She becomes emotionless.
  4. 4. 3. Logan re-offers the pill to her with an intimidating and hard stare, almost suggesting it is not an option to refuse. She slowly and hesitantly obliges and swallows it whole in an attempt to get rid of it immediately. EXT. CAR YARD GATES = DAY The couple happily walk along a rough alley road, until Logan halts at a large purple gate. He furiously and violently rattles the door. SWEETAH Hey, what’s the problem? LOGAN It’s locked, it’s never locked. SWEETAH Who’s lockup is it? LOGAN Just a mates. Seeing his anguish Sweetah removes a hairpin from her hair and twiddles it into the padlock. Delightedly, Sweetah looks directly at Logan as the padlock comes away in her hand. Logan opens the door to the yard and beckons Sweetah to follow him. Hesitantly. Sweetah delicately places her hand in Logan’s and allows him to lead her into the yard. INT. CAR YARD - DAY Logan leads Sweetah through a maze of classic cars. She cautiously observes as he eagerly attempts to open varies cars. She sighs with relief as they are all locked. Anxiously, Logan tries to open the back door of a old ford zodiac. It freely opens and he sighs with relief. Immediately, Sweetah begins to panic as Logan hastily jumps into the car, urging her to join him. For a brief moment, she hesitates, but complies with his request.
  5. 5. 4. INT. CAR SEAT - DAY Sweetah feels Logan’s tender arms embrace her body as they sink back into the seat, sharing a loving kiss. Preoccupied the couple do not hear or notice the MALE OWNER of the yard turn up. EXT.CAR YARD GATES - DAY Bewilderingly, the yard owner observes his padlock on the floor, and the door to his yard slightly ajar. Furiously, he enters his yard. INT. CAR YARD - DAY The owner scornfully, scans his yard, looking for signs of disturbance. He sighs with relief and then rushes to his CCTV Station. Curiously, and observantly he scans the CCTV status, noticing that nothing has been disturbed. He then closes the door and begins to make a cup of tea in the kitchen area. INT. CAR SEAT - DAY Logan becomes more sexually persistent towards Sweetah, as he starts to run his hands up the outside of her right thigh. A stressed Sweetah, pushes him off of her and emerges to a sitting position. SWEETAH Have you got a... LOGAN No, do I need one? Anxiously and inconsiderately Logan pulls Sweetah towards him. SWEETAH Well yeah. Angrily, Logan unwraps his arms from around Sweetah’s waiste and quietly exits the car. LOGAN Alright, I’ll be right back.
  6. 6. 5. INT. CAR YARD - DAY Logan rushes out of the yard. Neither, the owner of the yard or Logan notice one another. INT. CAR SEAT - DAY Sweetah sinks back into the car seat, to await Logan’s return. Staring into space, she holds her head as her eyes begin to roll. Her body then instantly flops into a laying position, as she passes out. INT.CAR YARD - DAT The yard owner opens the kitchen door and enters the yard. He casually makes his way passed the cars and enters a work garage. EXT. YARD ALLEYWAY - DAY Logan stops in his tracks. He notices an unusual transit van. He approaches it with caution, but intriguingly tries the handle. The door opens and Logan jumps in. He rummages around in the glove box, looking desperately for a condom. INT. CAR YARD GARAGE - DAY The yard owner interestingly observes his CCTV monitor. His eyes widen and his face nearly touches the screen as he notices his van door open and the body of a male (Logan) rummaging around inside, just outside the yard. Raging with anger, he grabs a large spanner that is casually laying on the bench and charges out of the garage and the yard. EXT. YARD ALLEYWAY - DAY YARD OWNER (Aggressively) Oi, you. Logan immediately looks up, observes the middle aged mean looking thug. The yard owner sharply stares at Logan. Hastily Logan flees from the van, removing his eye contact away from the man, as he begins to run down the alleyway. The yard owner, begins to chase him.
  7. 7. 6. INT. CAR YARD - DAY Puffing and panting the yard owner walks through his yard and into the same lockup garage. INT. CAR YARD GARAGE - DAY The yard owner, begins to work on one of his classic cars INT. CAR SEAT - DAY Sweetah slowly lifts her head, blinks her eyes and scrunches her face. She turns her head to notice that the door to one of the lockup garages is open. The light is on. A large male (yard owner) figure is inside walking around. She sinks back into the seat, to immediately conceal her identity. She gathers up her belongings, whilst popping her head slightly up, to observe the mans whereabouts. She can hear banging noises, but he is now visually out of her view. Slowly and quietly, Sweetah opens the car door. She pauses to re-observe the mans actions. He is not in sight. Frantically, she exits the car, quietly closing the door ajar. INT. CAR YARD - DAY In an attempt not to be discovered she dashes to the shadows of the yard, then immediately out through the gate. INT. PRACTICE STUDIO Sweetah opens the door to the Practice studio, makes her way along the corridor to the practice room. The door to the studio room is partially open and Sweetah discreetly, peeps in. She sees Logan gently strumming various chords on his guitar, whilst laughing and embarking in light conversation with other members of the band. She steps aside, her eyes indicate a sense of deep thought, as she leans against the wall. FADE OUT. THE END