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Cv CéSar Serrano Presentation V1 0

  2. Vision: Large organizations are in a globalized, unstable, highly changing market with a strong degree of uncertainty, with limited budgets and needs of business must meet in order to compete. The consulting business and the ability of its people, involvement is key to success, not so much by their technical qualifications, but also for its flexibility, its passion and agility, enabling change and strategies to materialize in the organizations My goals: Deliver projects with the scope, quality, deadlines and cost established, covering the objectives and the expectations of the customer and in order to generate the recurrence to get new projects
  3. Role: Project Director, Senior Project Manager, Program Manager, Engagement Manager, Technical Director, Strategic Consultant Offer: • Senior Project Manager specializing in leadership and management of projects with more than 20 years of experience in the business of Government, banking, energy, telecommunication, and industry • Extensive experience in complex projects with multiple stakeholders, with natural application of methodologies, tools and frameworks. Both technical and management roles to play in the implementation of projects and participating in preparation and in defense of business proposals • Experience in the treatment and in negotiating with customers and suppliers, focused on the achievement of objectives and leading teams. My work as project experienced Manager, allows me to have a global view of all the life cycle and therefore makes it possible to minimize the risks, reduce costs, speed up deliveries and increase efficiency, ensuring the support for the solution. • Ultimately, this is to ensure the customer's investment transmitting differentiating added value that has been fulfilled, earning your trust in order to be followed in future collaborations as a strategic partner
  4. Degree in Computer Science by UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) (09/1996) Project Management Professional (PMP) PMP n. 532674 (Renovation date 13/06/2012) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP): Transcript ID (717617) Access Code (cesarserrano) Other courses • “PMP© Exam Preparation” (ESI Internacional – París- France) • “Statement of Work Guidelines” (Milán-Italy) • “TechReady I, III, V, VII” – Microsoft Products and Project Management Sessions (Microsoft – Seattle-USA) • “2732A MOC- Planning, Deploying, and Managing an EPM Solution” (Munich-Germany) • “Leading High Performance Teams” (ESI Internacional -The George Washington University) • “Managing Projects” (ESI Internacional -The George Washington University) • “Project Management Sessions” (Microsoft Global Briefing) • “Gestión del tiempo. Productividad en Equipos” (Make a Team) Languages • Spanish (Native) • English (Fluent)
  5. (November 2003-April 2010) (Dec 2009-Mar 2010) – Resources: 2 Project: Microsoft- “Offerings” developing (packed-global solution) Description: Internal Project for introduce the Microsoft technology in small and medium companies. Technologies: Desktop Deployment Planning Services (Zero Touch, Lite Touch) (Sep 2008-Oct 2009) – Resources: 10 Project: Iberdrola- Desktop Migrating to Windows Vista Description: Desktop Design for Windows Vista and build the automatic platform for the deployment for all the desktops existing in the organization. Technologies: Desktop Deployment Planning (Zero Touch), developing in .NET and Scripting (May 2009 - Dec 2009) – Resources 13 Project: Caja Madrid – Fase II – Projects for consolidating and re-structuring Domains, DNS integration and Auditing Description: Domains Redesign and Identities providing in a central repository based in ILM. DNS integration in Active Directory and Prepare and Enable the auditing processes. Technologies: MIIS 2003 (Microsoft Identity Integration Server), Quest Migration Manager, Virtual Server 2005, Active Directory, OCS, Scripting
  6. (November 2003-April 2010) (Apr 2009- Sep 2009) – Resources: 6 Project: ATENTO – Platform for Monitoring the Service Level Agreement Description: Design and Implant of the monitoring platform for controlling the Service Level Agreement that ATENTO offers to his customers. Technologies: System Center Operation Manager 2007 – SQL Server 2005, Active Directory, Development of Management Packs in .NET, Visual Studio 2005. (Jul 2008 - Nov 2008) – Resources: 7 Project: Mapfre – Portal en Familia Description: New collaboration-corporative portal site (Forums and Blogs) for establish a new communication way between Mapfre Direction and their employees. Technologies: MOSS 2007, CKS (Community Kit for Sharepoint), Development in .NET, Visual Studio 2005 (Oct 2007 - Jun 2008) – Resources: 14 Project: Caja Madrid – Fase I Gestión de Identidades Description: Central repository for management of their identities and for enable to their business applications access to a unique repository ADAM for best management (new incorporations, ceased…) and for avoid workload to the HOST. Technologies: MIIS 2003 (Microsoft Identity Integration Server), Virtual Server 2005, Active Directory, SQL Server 2005, Conector DB2, Scripts.
  7. (November 2003-April 2010) (Aug 2007 – May 2008) – Resources: 9 Project: Banco Popular –Intranet Migration to MOSS 2007 Description: Design and Implementation of the new portal site EMIT (Intranet), Integration with their Content Management Platorm (Lotus), Migration and Redesign of their intranet applications and lastly, testing automatization. Technologies: MOSS 2007, Adapters for MOSS- Lotus, Development in .NET, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Virtual Server 2005. (Jan 2007-Jul 2007) – Resources: 14 Proyecto:Terra- Herramienta de Comunidad de Terra Description: Design of a unique-platform services for the community (forums, blogs), Migration and Integration with the TERRA services for authentication, statistical system and corporative graphical design. Technologies: Community Server 2.1 (Telligent) – SQL Server 2000, Oracle, Connector SQL-Oracle, Desarrollos .NET, Visual Studio 2005 (Oct 2006- Jan 2007) – Resources: 11 Project: IMI (Institut Municipal d`Informàtica - Ayuntamiento de Barcelona) Description: Design and implementation of an infrastructure that support all their applications (actual and future) based in .NET - Phase II –Internet Environment. Technologies: Visual Studio, SQL Server, Virtual Server 2005, Active Directory.
  8. (November 2003-April 2010) (Sep 2006- Feb 2007) – Resources: 11 Project: Acciona – Intranet Migration from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 Description: Intranet Migration (contents) and redesign their business applications to MOSS 2007, making the most the new product features (workflows,…). Technologies: MOSS 2007, Sharepoint 2003, SQL Server 2005, Virtual Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Development in .NET. (Apr 2006-May 2007) – Resources: 9 Project: Vodafone – Migration from SMS 2.0 to SMS 2003 Description: Design and Implementation of their infrastructure for managing all their corporative desktops and servers. Technologies: SMS 2003, SQL Server 2005, Scripts. (Sep 2005-May 2006) – Resources: 12 Project: ICM (Comunidad de Madrid) – Project program for migration to Microsoft platform. Description: Program of projects for migrate to Microsoft platform the ICM server infrastructure. Desktop Design in Windows XP – Deployment Platform Design for automatic deploy, Domains Redesign, Design and Implementation for his System Center, Migration Exchange 2003. Technologies: Active Directory, SMS 2003, Desktop Deployment Planning (Zero Touch), Exchange 2003, Virtual Server 2005, Sharepoint 2003, Scripts.
  9. (November 2003-April 2010) (Sep 2005-Apr 2006) – Resources: 2 Project: Accenture- Programa de colaboración Alianza Estratégica Description: PSC (Partner Strategic Consultant) for helping to establish the Microsoft Technical Solutions in a way win-win (Alliance) for Accenture/Microsoft. Participating in proposals, estimating, negotiating, schedulling and ellaborating and coordinating the education plan to the Accenture Consultants in Microsoft products. Technologies: SQL Server 2005, Biztalk Server 2004, Commerce Server, Sharepoint 2003, Visual Studio, Office. (Apr 2005- Sep 2005) – Resources: 5 Project: Consejería de Sanidad-Comunidad de Madrid – Telecita Description: Analysis, Definition and Implement of the global system for the appointments and for all the health services of the Comunidad de Madrid (Hospitals, Health Centers). Technologies: Biztalk Server 2004, SQL Server 2000, Development in .NET., Virtual Server 2005. (Feb 2005-Sep 2005) – Resources: 1 Project: Microsoft- PMO – Proceso de Delivery Description: Review and Redesign of the internal-services processes for reach the “delivery” unification of all collaborations from Microsoft Services. Technologies: Office, Sharepoint 2003.
  10. (November 2003-April 2010) (Nov 2004 – Mar 2005) – Resources: 10 Project: Banco de España – Sistema de Intercambio de datos con el Banco Central Europeo Description: XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) Finnancial states for the data interchange among Banco España with their Cajas and Banks and with the European Bank. Technologies: Biztalk Server 2004, SQL Server 2000, Development in .NET, XBRL conectores, Visual Studio (Sep 2004 – Mar 2005) – Resources: 8 Project: BBVA – Diseño del desktop corporativo (Windows XP) Description: Desktop Design and platform implementing for automatic deploy in Windows XP. Technologies: Desktop Deployment Plannnig (Lite Touch), Scripts, System Center. (Jan 2004 – Nov 2004) – Resources: 2 Project: Microsoft- Intranet “SOMOS” Description: Migration of the Corporative Intranet toward a new intranet for increase the collaboration amongs the employees, called “Somos” (17 Departments) Technologies: Sharepoint 2003, SQL Server 2000, Scripting, Office.
  11. (November 2003-April 2010) (Nov 2004 – Mar 2005) – Resources: 10 Project: Banco de España – Sistema de Intercambio de datos con el Banco Central Europeo Description: XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) Finnancial stages for the data interchange among Banco España with their Cajas and Banks and with the Central- European Bank. Technologies: Biztalk Server 2004, SQL Server 2000, Development in .NET, XBRL conectores, Visual Studio
  12. (November 2000- October 2003) (Mar 2003 – Oct 2003) – Resources: 11 Project: Banco Madrid/Kutxa – Portal Banca Privada Online. Description: Online Bank for grasp/management/support their customers and for evolving their financial products. Technologies: MS Commerce Server 2000, MS Content Management Server 2001, Active Directory, Visual Basic, Visual C, ASP, SQL SERVER 2000, JavaScript, COM+. (Nov 2000 - Mar 2003) – Resources: 44 Project: ActivoBank – Banca Online. Broker Description: Online Bank built from zero. The project objective was for grasp/management/support their customers. Products developed: Funds, Deposits, Futures (Ibex and MiniIbex), Warrants (Citibank, Societé General), Infomercado, Cheques, Credit, Assets Management, Administration Web, Integration processes with Banco Sabadell and the Front-End. Technologies: Visual Basic, Visual C, XML, ASP, SQL SERVER 2000, JavaScript, COM+.
  13. (April 1998- November 2000) (Mar 2000- Nov 2000) – Resources: 12 Project: AIRTEL-Mantenimiento Sistema Fénix Description: Supporting the Fenix system for correct the bugs and for evolving the platform. Therefore executing other projects like includes the new pre-pay method with cards. Technologies: Unix, Tuxedo, Clarify, Arbor, Scripts, C, Sybase. (Nov 1998 - Mar 2000) – Resources: 20 Program of Projects: Teleproceso Description: Integration processes between Banesto and Banco Santander and between Banco Central Hispano and Banco Santander. Adapt Products like Patrimonios, Titulizaciones de préstamos and Teleproceso. Technologies: COBOL/CICS/JCL, DB2, Assembler, MVS.
  14. (Sep 1994- Mar 1998) Project: AIRTEL- Developing interfaces with the application “Comisiones”. Description: Analysis, developing and testing for all the modules among the old and the new comisions system (PRISM). Technologies: C, Visual Basic, SYSBASE, MVS, UNIX. Project: Integración del Banco 21, Banco Gallego y Banco Valencia en la plataforma CENTROBAN Description: Data Migration between these two platforms. Analysis, developing and testing of the new Credit Cards application. Technologies: COBOL/CICS/JCL/TSO, IMS/DLI, MVS. Centroban Project: Telefónica - ARCO. Billing. Description: Analysis, developing and testing for billing-functional areas. Technologies: Client/Server Architectures, Methodology: MIDS/ARCO and Foundation Microsoft C, Visual C, COBOL, DB2, OS2, Windows NT, MVS.