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Investment destination blogging in a nutshell

How to apply content marketing in site selection industry.

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Investment destination blogging in a nutshell

  1. 1. Investment destination blogging in a nutshell by Dr. Balazs Csorjan
  2. 2. Investment destination blog? A type of pull marketing: provide useful content for site selectors about your business destination
  3. 3. Why is it good for you? A new way to reach investors and promote your business park or your investment destination online
  4. 4. How to start? Create destination- related content, based on your location expertise Highlight yourself inside your destination Find blogging partners learn more here >>
  5. 5. A template learn more here >>
  6. 6. Do not forget to follow my blog updates on www.businessparkinstitute.com Dr. Balazs Csorjan csorjan @ businessparkinstitute.com Download this presentation to store it for the future. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly. Otherwise, feel free to use it as a whole or the separated slides only.