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LinkedIn summary of dr. Balazs Csorjan

Dr. Balazs Csorjan, investment promotion specialist. This is his linkedin.com visual resume.

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LinkedIn summary of dr. Balazs Csorjan

  1. 1. The short story of Dr. Balazs Csorjan investment promotion specialist
  2. 2. I have two master degrees from the University of Debrecen, Hungary. In 1998 I achieved an MSc degree in economics and business administration, in 2005 an MSc degree in law. 1998 - 2002 I worked for a bank as a corporate loan officer, for a leasing company as a business development manager and for the Municipality of Debrecen as an officer.
  3. 3. 2002-2011 I still feel lucky to have the chance to work for the oldest and maybe the best Eastern European investment promotion agency: the ITD Hungary. As a branch manager and later as a regional director, I took part in 300+ site selection projects. We managed the formation of a new IT & global business services (SSC) industry in Debrecen City, the Pharmapolis Health Industry Cluster, and attracted more added-value businesses of global food, automotive, electronic and logistic industries.
  4. 4. The settled companies created 4,000+ local jobs in manufacturing, service and logistic business. 2010 Financial Times’ fDi Magazine ranked my region as the nr.1 Eastern European location, based on fDi strategy. 2011 After 18 years, ITD Hungary was shut down by a new government.
  5. 5. 2011- As a independent investment promotion specialist, I worked and work for more Hungarian business parks and local governments, with a special focus on FDI project acquisition. My investment promotion blog, ‘Business Park Institute’ provides ideas and guides for economic development professionals worldwide.
  6. 6. 2011 My client, Polgar Industrial and Logistic Park was awarded the ‘Industrial Park of the Year 2011”. The leading Eastern Hungarian logistic park attracted the logistic activities of Jabil Circuit (electronics), Toyota Tsusho (automotive), Electrolux (white goods), Gyermelyi (food processing). 2013- I am responsible for all investment promotion activities of the local government Hajduboszormeny, Hungary. I’m also involved into the strategic planning and implementation of 2014-20 economic development programme of the municipality, including business park development, place branding and HR development projects.
  7. 7. 2015- I’m involved as an investment promotion coach into the start-up phase of EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center. I coach EDC staff to create the Debrecen Investment Promotion Program for 2014-2020. I also organize “investment promotion simulations”: workshops about specific investment promotion tasks, and after workshops I coach EDC employees to deepen their knowledge. 2015-17 I’m a validated ad-hoc expert on local economic development/investment promotion in EU’s urban development programme, URBACT III.
  8. 8. Economic development blogging Economic development YouTube channels I have special expertise in FDI project acquisition, with a strong focus on social media marketing. Via economic development blogging, slidesharing and YouTube channels, economic developers can create useful and interesting content for site selection teams, to support their job. In my experiences, the online support of site selection can generate similar number of investment leads than classical investment promotion activities - but on a much modester cost level. Economic development slidesharing
  9. 9. Investment promotion coaching As an internal and permanent consultant, I can help you and your colleagues to improve your investment promotion skills, especially when its about FDI project acquisition. prospecting new investors and advancing your team’s effectivenes to manage long listed companies into job-creating investors.
  10. 10. Private life ● married; my wife works for a Hungarian philharmonic orchestra as the head of artistic administration ● my twin daughters was born in 2011 ● I play basketball, squash and I jog ● My Myers-Briggs index is ENFJ ● I’m one of the editors of a Hungarian wine and gastro magazine
  11. 11. I hope to hear about you soon: csorjan @ businessparkinstitute.com