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Xanga Office Park 2012

Low-cost and SSC-focused office park in Debrecen, Hungary

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Xanga Office Park 2012

  1. 1. Super low cost and SSC-focused offices in Debrecen: the Xanga Office Park 2012
  2. 2. The Easternmost West: Debrecen• 2nd largest city of Hungary: metro area: 350,000 inhabitants• two times (1849, 1945) the capital city of the country; the „protestant Rome”• top10 touristic destinantion in Hungary• good access via motorway, IC trains and air flights• nr.1 standard of living in 2009 (by Manager Magazine)• Award-winning location: Financial Times’ fDi Magazine, Site Selection Magazin
  3. 3. Location and accessibility of DebrecenBy car: M35 highway connects Debrecen with the capital city Budapest, enabling to cover the 220 km distance within 2 hours.By rail: Debrecen, the largest railway junction in Eastern Hungary, lies on the trans- European railroad connecting Budapest with Moscow.By air: Debrecen has an international airport complying with the Schengen criteria. KASSA felé UA Tornyosnémeti V LVOV, KIJEV Tisza felé POZSONY, Miskolc PRÁGA felé M30 M3 SK IV. M25 Emőd Nyíregyháza BÉCSDistances from the Parassapuszta V A M15 M2 Polgár felé Eger Duna M3neighbouring Győr Vác M9 Füzesabony Sopron M35 DEBRECENcountries: M86 M1 Tatabánya M81 BUDAPEST M0 Debrecen Szombathely M4 Szolnok M4 Székesfehérvár GRÁC Veszprém M8Romania: 50 km felé IV RO Dunaújváros Rábafüzes M8 NAGYVÁRAD,Ukraine: 120 km LJUBJANA, Zalaegerszeg Kecskemét M44 KOLOZSVÁR felé BszgyörgySlovakia: 130 km Békéscsaba TRIESZT Lelle Nagykanizsa M7 M6 Kiskunfélegyháza felé V ARADSerbia: 200 km M70 M5 M9 Szeged felé SLO M43 ZÁGRÁB Letenye Kaposvár Szekszárd felé V/A IV Mohács Baja Röszke Nagylak TEMESVÁR, Pécs BUKAREST BELGRÁD Helsinki corridor HR felé V Helsinki folyosók felé YU Highway Ilocska autópálya M56 X/A Motorway autóút épülő autóút under Motorway SZARAJEVÓ construction felé V/C
  4. 4. Debrecen International AirportEqual licences to Budapest Ferihegy AirportFrom 2011, operated by XANGA24/7 operation: on-site permanent immigration office, customs,police and national security serviceSummer charter flights to top tourist destinationsScheduled flights to London-Luton will be available by Wizzairfrom June 2012, 3 times a week. At the end of the year, thefrequency will be increased and new European destinations willfollow.The apron of the airport is suitable for the simultaneous servicingof 8 aircrafts with 180 passengers each.
  5. 5. Debrecen – an economic centerDuring the past decades, Debrecen hasbecome a target of foreign directinvestments of small and medium-sized,as well as, large multinational companiesdue to the following main reasons:• Favourable location in Central Europe, close to East European markets,• Available qualified labour fource at reasonable costs as compared to Budapest or other Western Hungarian cities,• Available industrial parks and industrial areas with high capacity public utilities,• Debrecen has the second largest university in Hungary with more than 35,000 students,• Operational costs lower than in Budapest or Western Hungary,• Supportive attitude of the local municipality.
  6. 6. Debrecen – an educational centerThe human infrastructure and the intellectualbackgound of Debrecen is outstanding in thecountry.There are 24 secondary grammar schools and49 technical and vocational schools(mechanics, turning, chemistry etc.)Debrecen University, with 500 years’ tradition,having 35,000 students, offers bachelor,master and PhD training among others in thefollowing faculties: • Faculty of Law • Faculty of Economics • Faculty of Agriculture and Regional Development • Faculty of Medicine • Faculty of Chemistry • Faculty on Information Technology • Faculty of Engineering • Faculty of Teacher Training • Faculty of Arts • Faculty of Sciences • Faculty of Music
  7. 7. Living environment International school High standard housing International cultural associations Winter and summer sport facilities Football team: Champions League Dozens of restaurants and cafés Shopping centers with the leading international retail brands
  8. 8. Living environmentFlower CarnivalInternational Jazz FestivalThe world’s nr.1 contemporarychoral competition4 movie centers, 1 theater andoperaPhilharmonic orchestra &concertsMODEM: the largestcontemporary art gallery out ofBudapest
  9. 9. XANGA Investment & Development GroupXANGA Investment & Development Group is a private capital investment enterprisecommitted to serve the development of the city of Debrecen.During the past decade XANGA has generated and implemented a great number ofinvestment and development projects in Debrecen, mainly in the industrial park in Határstreet, as a result of which dozens of foreign and local enterprises launched their businessoperation in the city.The activities of XANGA Investment & Development Group include:• Private capital investment• Industrial infrastructure and public utility development• Turnkey industrial real estate development• Business consulting• Preparing and managing grant applications• Financial and accounting services• Legal advising• airport operationWhat we offer to our clients:•Land sales•Turn-key facilities tailored to the clients’ needsIn 2010, The New Europe, a British economicmagazine, selected the XANGA Group amongthe 50 most dinamically developing enterprisesin Europe (Fast 50).
  10. 10. Target areas for XANGA’s investment activities in the city of DebrecenDebrecen Regional and Innovation Debrecen International Airport withIndustrial Park Southern Industrial Park
  11. 11. Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial ParkDebrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park was established by the Municipality ofDebrecen in 1997.Within the framework of the first phase of the development, a 40 ha area was equippedwith high capacity public utilities between 2000 and 2002.The first tenanst of the industrial park, National Instruments Europe Ltd and Bumet Ltdcommenced their operation in 2000 and 2001, and by the end of 2007, as a result ofthe successful co-operation of the municipality and XANGA Investment & DevelopmentGroup (as the company responsible for the infrastructure development and the dailymanagement of the park), the entire 40 ha area of the industrial park in Határ streetbecame full of enterprises, therefore there was a need for the extension of the park.The extension of the park with an additional 20 ha was realised within the framework ofthe sole investment and complete management of DIPA Debrecen Industrial ParkAcademy Ltd, member of the XANGA Group, in 2008.Since then, the area of the industrial park hasbeen further extended. Currently, the total areaof the park reaches 100 ha, of which ca. 40 hais still to be filled with industrial facilities.Currently, XANGA is building the road and publicutilities of a 20 ha area.
  12. 12. Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial ParkThe location of the industrial park isideal, it is situated 3 km from the citycentre, 1 km from Highway M35, 3 kmfrom Main Road No. 4, and 4 km fromDebrecen International Airport.Frequent public buses provide fast andeasy trasnport to the main railwaystation and the city centre.
  13. 13. Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial ParkCurrently more than 4,000 employees work in the industrial park. The tenants of theindustrial park include:• National Instruments Europe Ltd. (USA) – electronic industry• FAG Magyarország Ltd. (Germany) – production of bearings• Bumet Hungary Ltd. (The Netherlands) – sheet metal processing• Hungaerotech Ltd. member of Sulzer Group (Switzerland) – production of aero-engine components• Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Hungary Ltd. (Greece) – regional logistics• M.E. Ltd. (Hungary) – metal processing• Globiz Ltd. (Hungary) – production and assembly of electronic devices and computers• Holcim Hungária Co. Ltd. (Switzerland) – concrete production• Manz Automation Hungary Ltd. (Germany) – automation• Csokonai Theatre (Hungary) – manufacture of props for city theatre• LAK-ING Ltd. (Hungary) – assembly and sales of black radiant heat devices• Vitabalans Ltd. (Finland) – sales of pharmaceutical products• Tervcenter Ltd.(Hungary) – engineering services and material testing• Hungarian Post Co. Ltd. (Hungary) – postal logistics• K & T Hardmetal Ltd. (Hungary) – production of hard metal tools• Plastherm Ltd. (Hungary) – manufacture of plastic doors and windows• Tip-Top Kft. (Hungary) – wholesale and logistics of stationery products• Richter Gedeon Co. Ltd (Hungary) – pharmaceutical research and production• Pharmapolis Cluster (Hungary) - pharmaceutical research and production• RR Donnelley (USA) – printing production and services• Cívisbusz Consortium (Hungary) – city bus depo and service station• POPZ Europe Ltd (USA) – popcorn production• XANGA Ltd. (Hungary) – business incubator• Xstage Ltd. (Hungary) – service centre• DIPA Ltd. (Hungary) – industrial park management
  14. 14. Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial ParkIn 2009, Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park was awarded the „IndustrialPark of the Year” title by the Hungarian Ministry for National Development and Economyand ITD Hungary, the ministry’s international trade development agency.
  15. 15. XANGA’s recent industrial park developmentsRecent investments of XANGA in Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park: Coca Cola Logistic Center Innovation and Technology RR Donnelley Stationery whole center Center Printing House Logistic warehouse Business service center Business incubator house POPZ European production and logistic centre
  16. 16. Emerging SSC industry
  17. 17. Local SSC labour market• 2,000+ SSC employees• leading employers: ITSH (1200), BT (300)• focus: IT and multilingual costumer service• University of Debrecen: 35,000 students, at least 1 language exam• Specialized shared services trainings• Expats from CEE
  18. 18. Office market in Debrecen• before 2008: 10-20,000 sqm demand (SSCs)• supply: 100,000 sqm stock• rental fees: 7-10 €/sqm• http://sscdebrecen.blogspot.com
  19. 19. XANGA Office Park• 50,000 sqm A-class, low cost office development• location: Central area of Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park• Large scale infrastructure: e.g. min. 5 MW, dually feeded electricity• Good public transport to the city center and to railway station• X.O Training Center: outplaced department of University, focusing on SSC trainings X. O. Park
  20. 20. X.O Training Center• The outplaced department of Debrecen University• Xanga provides infrastructure, organizes education, the University delivers annually more hundred students• Shared cervices focus: languages and business process trainings
  21. 21. Office park layout XANGA Offices XANGA Service POPZ Europe Centre RR Donnelley XANGA BusinessPharmapolis Richter Gedeon Incubator Bus Depo
  22. 22. Offices: incubator house •5,600 sqms on 3 and 4 floors, net 2.7m internal height •a light structure building •air conditioning, elevators •2,000 sqm logistic hall with separated offices
  23. 23. Offices: business service centre •3,500 sqm on two floors, net 2.7 m internal height •a light structure building •air conditioning •additional services: restaurant, post office, conference/meeting rooms, factory doctor, guest rooms
  24. 24. X.O Services• Unlimited parking places, camera controll• 24/7 security service• Baby day care• Cleaning• Restaurant• Medical service• Post office• Green area development and maintenance• Public lighting in the Park, internal road maintenance, heating/lighting in common office areas• Optional: furnitures leasing, raised floor (vs. suspended ceiling)
  25. 25. Conditions• list price: 7€/sqm/month + VAT• Rent-free period: 3 months after signing the contract• Minimum leasing period: 5 years• Service charge: 1€/m2/month + VAT, including: unlimited parking places, cleaning (common and office spaces), security service, park building and maintenance• Public utilities: payed by the tenant (customized measurement)
  26. 26. We hope to see you as a tenant in our office park! For more information, please contact us. Xanga Investment & Development Group 4025 Debrecen, Hal köz 3/A II/4-5. tel: +36 52 534-950; fax: +36 52 534-951 e-mail: info@xanga.hu website: www.xanga.hu