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Anvil Media SEMA Adward

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Anvil Media SEMA Adward

  1. 1. SEMA Award Promotion
  2. 2. Project OverviewGoalIncrease awareness and engagement with the 2011 SEMA Award.StrategyTarget auto and SEMA enthusiasts after the SEMA Awards wereannounced to build awareness of the award and the show.Platforms • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • PostRelease • Yahoo! Display Network
  3. 3. YouTube InStream and Promoted Videos Cost Impressions Clicks CTR$10,544.88 4,916,905 37,737 0.77%Analysis: Nearly half of the budget campaign ended up being devoted to YouTube as it provedto be the most successful platform to raise awareness on the SEMA Award. Promoted videosor InStream ads were seen nearly 5 million times over the month the campaign was running,with the Camaro and the F-Series ads being the most popular.
  4. 4. Facebook Ads Cost Reach Frequency Clicks CTR $ 4,959.49 981,473 10.4 12,321 0.121%Analysis: Facebook also proved a highly successful platform, while targeting a much smallergroup of users than YouTube. CTR was highest on Facebook for Jeep Wrangler and Camarofans, while Fiat ads performed the worst.
  5. 5. Twitter Sponsored Tweets Cost Impressions Clicks Retweets Replies $ 2300.08 81,300 3,311 101 15Analysis: The initial buzz from the Twitter timeline campaign as the show got underwaydrove a significant number of impressions early in the month. As the month wore on the F-Series keyword campaigns generated the most impressions and clicks.
  6. 6. PostRelease Forum and Blog ContentAnalysis: From an engagement standpoint, PostRelease was the clear winner of all platforms,resulting in click rates that rival PPC campaigns more than typical display campaigns.Engagement once users clicked into the forum post also proved highly successful, as CTR wasjust under 20%, with the highest engagement coming from the hottest 4x4-SUV and SportCompact categories.
  7. 7. Yahoo! Display Network Cost Impressions Clicks CTR $2,310.08 1,317,341 1,403 0.11%Analysis: Yahoo! search retargeted coupled with interest category targeting to autoenthusiasts provided another avenue for SEMA to build awareness of the 2011 SEMA Award.CTRs were in-line with what is typical for display campaigns, but Yahoo! also provided thesecond most impressions of any platform, only trailing YouTube.