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Consumer and Innovation Trends in Savory Snacks

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Consumer and Innovation Trends in Savory Snacks

  1. 1. Consumer and Innovation Trends in Savory Snacks Opportunities in potato chips, popcorn, nuts and seeds, processed snacks, and other savory snacks Category Series. Published September 2013 Consumer Insight
  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction 1. Definition and scope 2. TrendSights framework 2. Sensory & Indulgence 1. Novelty and variety 2. Flavor trends 3. Gourmet popcorn 4. Consumption occasions 3. Easy & Affordable 1. Private label 2. Value-consciousness 3. Convenience 4. Choice facilitation 4. Health & Wellness 1. "Natural" 2. Salt content 3. Weight management 4. Moderation and avoidance 5. Functional foods 5. Comfort & Uncertainty 1. Trust and transparency 2. Localism 3. Nostalgia 4. Sharing occasions 5. Simplicity Please click on the section of interest 07 08 11 14 21 26 28 30 35 38 40 42 45 47 50 52 54 58 60 64 67 69 71 72 73 2 6. Individualism & Expression 1. Gluten-free 2. Right-for-me 3. Identity expression 7. Evolving Landscapes 1. Multicultural marketing 2. Emerging markets 3. Migrating influence 8. Smart & Connected 1. Online engagement 2. Smart engagement 9. Sustainability & Ethics 1. Ethical consumerism 2. Sustainable packaging 10. Conclusion 11. Appendix 75 78 80 82 84 87 90 93 95 98 102 105 108 110 114 118
  3. 3. Sensory & Indulgence SWOT analysis Source: Datamonitor's analysis3 Weaknesses • The impulsive nature of most savory snack purchases can limit consumer involvement in consumption, causing products to suffer from perceived sensory drawbacks. • An over-reliance on incremental flavor and marketing innovation, rather than category breakthroughs. There is also a risk of newness for newness's sake. • An increasing focus on health undermines the indulgence/treat status of savory snacks. Strengths • Consumers are drawn to savory snacks when looking for a treat, making indulgence a key purchasing trigger in the category. • Savory snacks effectively carry a broad range of flavors to create a stimulating sensory experience. Snackers are open to new novel flavors and textures. Opportunities • Exposure to foreign and "exotic" cuisines is prompting demand for hot and spicy flavors. • Flavor-match via cross-category promotions to increase product uptake. • "Alterna-chips" cater to health-conscious and experimental consumers. • Create and own "micro-occasions" that a consumer can use to justify their snacking. Threats • Savory snacks face stiff competition from other "treat" categories that are considered more indulgent, such as chocolate and ice-cream. • Defend against stiff competition from popcorn, which welcomes any flavor it is paired with and is considered a healthier snacking option at the same time. Overview Novelty and variety Flavor trends Gourmet popcorn Consumption occasions
  4. 4. Easy & Affordable Mamma Chia ventures into the "drinkable" snacks space with its new product launch In March 2013, Mamma Chia announced the launch of Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks – a new four-SKU line of hydrated chia seeds blended with fruit and vegetable purees. Packaged in a squeezable "lightweight" pouch, the 70- calorie products are targeted at on-the-go consumption and each can be "carried easily in a backpack, lunchbox, purse, briefcase, or gym bag and does not need refrigeration." The product is targeted at all age groups, but according to Datamonitor's analysis, young people, particularly those aged 15–17, find drinkable snacks most appealing as a food and drink concept. Case study: Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack Source: Mamma Chia's official website; Datamonitor's Consumer Survey May/June 20134 "Organic chia seeds are paired with delicious fruits and vegetables to create an on-the-go, nutrient-rich snack for active souls of all ages." Mamma Chia's official press release Global: consumers who find products that come in the format of a drinkable snack appealing, 2013 Overview Private label Value-consciousness Convenience Simplicity
  5. 5. Health & Wellness Health-consciousness remains an important driver for NPD in the savory snacks category Source: Datamonitor's analysis5 Summary Consumer insight Innovation implications Consumers associate "naturalness" with nutritiousness. Consumers are mindful of their dietary salt intake. However, taste remains a primary factor in snack choices. Consumers are adopting a purposeful approach to weight management and looking to snack healthily. Consumers express a widening interest in ingredient detail when making food choices. Drive purchase by explicitly making "natural" and "additive-free" claims through product labeling and marketing initiatives. Determine what will be the "big innovation" to tackle the health/taste dilemma. Position jerky as a weight-management snack by emphasizing its high protein content to weight- conscious consumers. Move beyond simple health messages to ingredient specificity while making product claims. Consumers are increasingly embracing "convenient health" attributes of functional products. Incorporate "superfoods" like quinoa and chia seeds that have multiple health benefits.
  6. 6. Evolving Landscapes Emerging market consumers prefer bolder, more exotic flavors Economic growth and demographic shifts are fueling consumer demand for new and indulgent food product experiences in developing countries. Emerging market consumers are more willing to experiment with food than their counterparts in developed markets. Indeed nearly two thirds of consumers from emerging markets find a product with a new and exotic flavor appealing. Exposure to other cultures is influencing their taste in food. Highlighting this, in 2013, PepsiCo India announced the launch of three fusion-flavored variants of its Kurkure brand. The products draw inspiration from foreign cuisines and local spices and condiments. Flavor innovation is key to targeting emerging markets Source: Datamonitor's Consumer Survey May/June 2013 *Developed markets include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US; **Developing markets include India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Poland, South Africa ; [1] PepsiCo India's official press release6 Emerging markets** Consumers who find a product that has a new and exotic flavor appealing, 2013 Developed markets* 57% "Kurkure is a brand loved by consumers for its savory offerings that appeal to every Indian. The launch of fusion flavor brings alive our brand essence of 'Twist on Tradition' by offering a great blend of Indian and international taste to the palate."¹ Nalin Sood, executive vice president of foods, PepsiCo India, quoted in an official press release by PepsiCo India Kurkure Punjabi pizza India Kurkure Andhra Bangkok curry India Kurkure Rajasthani Manchurian India Overview Multicultural marketing Emerging markets Migrating influence