architects green buildings restaurant interior design theme preparation of plumbing layout of a single storey solid wastes collection and removal from buildings pvc pipes sizes of pipes and taps for house draina sanitary fitting standards for public conveniences wrought iron copper taps water test etc cement concrete and asbestos pipes steel joints for various types of pipes common hand tools used for plumbing and their desc sizes of rainwater pipes controlling fixtures like valves steel and brass pipes. rain water disposal draina testing drainage pipes for leakage - smoke test galvanized lead ci pipes for soil disposal and rain water drainage etc. fittings and choice of materials for piping: materials and functions layout water closets ventilation of house drains anti-syphonage or ven principles of drainage urinals flushing cisterns one and two pipe systems sinks inspection chambers bidet wash basins trap type shower panel etc. bath tub design of septic tanks and soak pits fatehpur sikri indus valley civilization shahjahanabad jaipur delhi
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