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Your Social Success Story - International Pool & Spa Expo


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Your Social Success Story - International Pool & Spa Expo

  1. 1. Creating Your Social Success Story Chris Treadaway Polygraph Media
  2. 2. “I love everything about this house, except it needs a few modern touches. What can I do to quickly modernize this house with minimal effort?”
  3. 3. In Review • Life happens – a cry for help • A social and publicly communicated solution on Facebook • “Nest” – a high-end thermostat with modern user experience (UX) – just launched Oct 2011 • Product research and reviews • Purchase at his nearby Apple Store • Affirmation & unsolicited social recommendation again on Facebook
  4. 4. Old Marketing vs. New Marketing Signage Social Media Billboards Content Marketing Newspaper News Feed Optimization Radio & TV Blogging Yellow Pages Listings, Reviews, Reputation Traditional Press Search Engine Marketing Brochure Web Site Cash Register E-mail/CRM Scheduling System Direct Mail List
  5. 5. Today’s Conversion Funnel Signage Billboards Newspaper Radio & TV Yellow Pages Traditional Press Brochure Cash Register Scheduling System Direct Mail List Social Media Content Marketing News Feed Optimization Blogging Listings, Reviews, Reputation Search Engine Marketing Web Site E-mail/CRM Personal Referrals
  6. 6. Why? Trust.
  7. 7. Getting to an Action Plan • Decide what you think fits your business best • Pick the right outlets • Publish & curate content consistently • Listen to customers genuinely and respond • Attract new customers through participation & direct advertising • Identify Influencers and make them really happy
  8. 8. Two Approaches to Social Go where the people are Do what fits your business
  9. 9. Worksheet • Listings • Search Engine Visibility • Sharing Pictures with Customers • Publishing Videos • Sharing Articles and Your Opinions with Customers • Ratings & Online Reputation Management • Answering Common Questions • Proactively write about your business
  10. 10. Google Local Business Listing
  11. 11. Google Local Business Listing www.google.com/ placesforbusiness
  12. 12. Google+ • Social + Search Engine optimization • Create a page for Google+ www.google.com /+/business/
  13. 13. “Hacking” Google Search Results G+ Post
  14. 14. Pinterest • 83% women in the United States • Create a free account at Pinterest.com • Integrated with other social media http://pinterest.com/jasonmiles/pinterest-facts-figures/
  15. 15. YouTube • Create your own Channel • Upload videos • Search Engine Optimization benefit • Embed videos in web sites, blog posts, etc.
  16. 16. Facebook & Twitter • Facebook Pages – Edgerank – the algorithm that determines what people see when they log in – You must encourage comments, likes, shares of your content • Facebook Profiles • Facebook Notes • Twitter – Limited to 140 characters
  17. 17. What percentage of local customers read reviews about local businesses? 67% 69% believe the general public as much as a friend
  18. 18. http://biz.yelp.com/claiming
  19. 19. http://www.quora.com
  20. 20. Blogging Platforms • Wordpress – blogging • Typepad – blogging • Tumblr – blogging & pictures
  21. 21. Tools of the Trade
  22. 22. Curate Content • If you don’t have content or don’t want to create it, curate it • Curation is referring to other people’s content on your own social media properties • E.g. linking to an interesting article, sharing another person’s photo, commenting on someone else’s work
  23. 23. Keyword Optimization • Google Suggest • Tells you what search terms people use to find you, competitors, etc. • Words with high search volume = good • Tip  use them in your blog content, Google+ posts, Facebook posts, Twitter
  24. 24. Content Ideas • “Behind the scenes” videos • “Staff” profiles • What people don’t know about what you do • How to deal with weather changes • Taking care of their purchase • Related items of interest – landscaping, being “ecofriendly” • Contests • Evocative imagery
  25. 25. Performance by Content Type
  26. 26. Utilize Imagery Polygraph’s study of 120,000+ Facebook pages reveals that 98%+ underutilize posting pictures to encourage social chatter
  27. 27. Evocative Imagery Sells
  28. 28. Create an Editorial Calendar • Set the rules/policy • Mix up topics and outlets • Discipline • Take the thought out of the problem – “autopilot”
  29. 29. Listen & Identify Influences • People are saying things about what they want, like, dislike all the time in social media • Monitor to listen, understand what customers are saying • Certain people are driving conversations online, in peer groups • Win them and you win groups of people!
  30. 30. Thank you! Chris Treadaway chris@polygraphmedia.com @ctreada on Twitter

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