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Grocery Delivery App

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Build your own on demand grocery delivery app. check how the grocery delivery app works and know the features. For more information, Visit this page: https://www.cubetaxi.com/on-demand-delivery-solution

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Grocery Delivery App

  1. 1. Grocery Delivery App cubetaxi.com
  2. 2. What is grocery delivery app? Grocery delivery app allows the users to get all their grocery needs fulfilled with the few simple clicks on their phone. The working of grocery delivery app is very simple.
  3. 3. Top grocery delivery apps  Instacart  Shipt  Walmart  Bigbasket  Publix  Beelivery  Honestbee etc.
  4. 4. Features of grocery delivery  Shopping list.  Ability to track spending  Grocery shopping list reminders  Coupons and loyalty programs  Barcode scanning and aisle locations  Prompt and easy sharing  Gamification
  5. 5. Functioning of grocery delivery app  Register yourself on the app or login into the app  The nearby grocery stores will appear on the screen  Choose your products  Add to cart  Provide your location  Make online payments  Track your order  Receive your order  Give feedbacks and reviews
  6. 6. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at sales@cubetaxi.com +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide) https://www.cubetaxi .com/on-demand- delivery-solution