Human and ai powered creativity in storytelling

Senior Firestarter à BBC
17 Jul 2017

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Human and ai powered creativity in storytelling

  1. Human and AI Powered Creativity in Storytelling Ian Forrester Senior Firestarter, BBC R&D @cubicgarden
  2. The future of storytelling
  3. Storytelling timeline
  4. Oral storytelling
  5. Immersive, engaging, participatory & adaptive
  6. Object based media
  7. Media + Metadata = Objects The idea behind ‘object-based’ media is that you take all the assets for a given TV or radio show – the video clips, the accompanying audio, any music soundtrack, and extras like subtitles and sign language translations wrap it up in useful metadata and then use software to ‘remix’ it as needed
  8. The objects make the story
  9. Storytelling has variables
  10. Context, location, environment...
  11. Narrative on Rails
  12. Media with more potential Wired magazine Top trends for 2013
  13. Perceptive Media “Breaking Out”
  14. Responsive Radio
  15. Forecaster
  16. Perceptive drama
  17. How does it work?
  18. Scalable experiences (50000+)
  19. Variations not versions Interstellar – © 2014 – Paramount Pictures
  20. Variations not versions Interstellar – © 2014 – Paramount Pictures
  21. 8 Variations VideoContext timeline -
  22. It’s the small things
  23. Variations matter in storytelling
  24. Hollywood has been doing this for decades Inside Out – © 2015 - Disney
  25. Memorable narratives experiences Vanilla Sky – © 2001 – Paramount Pictures
  26. Highly relevant Se7en – © 1995 - New Line Cinema
  27. Relevance It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them - Eric Schmidt, Google
  28. Masterful storytelling
  29. Machine intelligence?
  30. Garbage in : Garbage out
  31. Algorithms free of bias? |
  32. Data ethics research Privacy Security Ownership Identity Data management Accountability
  33. Data ethics research Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest
  34. Transparency in algorithms?
  35. X-Ray mode?
  36. Machine learning, trust and public service
  37. Creativity and art? - Scott Adams quote “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”
  38. Generative adversarial network |
  39. Deep blue vs Kasparov - 1997!
  40. Don’t fear intelligent machines
  41. Transcendent moments
  42. AlphaGo & Lee Sedol Redefined the Future “...although machines are now capable of moments of genius, humans have hardly lost the ability to generate their own transcendent moments. And it seems that in the years to come, as we humans work with these machines, our genius will only grow in tandem with our creations.”
  43. Synergy of storytelling
  44. Some media reaction
  45. No more shared experiences?
  46. This shared experience?
  47. A different shared experience
  48. The Internet of things
  49. Perceptive Radio
  50. Hyper reality experiences - The Game (1997)
  51. Devices working together with media
  52. Even better storytelling for all
  53. Media which bends to your context
  54. New types of learning experiences
  55. Build experiences like these
  56. Making storytelling human again with Ai
  57. Thank you for listening… questions? Ian Forrester Senior Firestarter, BBC R&D FXT @cubicgarden -