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CUBRID HA - Guaranteed Way to Never-Die Web Services - OSCON 2011

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CUBRID is an open source relational database management system optimized for Web services (http://www.cubrid.org). It comes with a full-fledged, native and highly reliable HA, CUBRID’s flagship feature. It is the most convenient and hardware independent way of automatically managing fail-over and sync/async/semisync replication. At OSCON we will explain how all these work in CUBRID in a very open way so that you can go and start building your system quickly and more effeciently.

At the presentation you will learn why availability is very important, and why you should stop spending your money for features which are already open source and available for free. We will explain why we, at CUBRID, pay a lot of attention to reliability, though we still guarantee you will get enough TPS.

But CUBRID is not just about HA. It is a full-featured RDBMS having over 90% syntax compatibility with MySQL which makes it really easy to develop upon. Besides, CUBRID comes with its native GUI and command line tools, data management utilities, and APIs. All of them are developed by us, while feature requests and bug reports are filed by our strong and active Korean community comprised of individual, small and large businesses references of Korea. At the OSCON session you will learn why CUBRID is so well suitable for Web services.

Aside from the general features, in order to leverage the enterprise level features in MySQL such as synchronous replication, or online/hot backup, you have to pay a big chunk of your budget to Oracle for commercial license or to third-party developers. Also you have to manually customize them in the way they fit your environment, which is also prone to human errors. With CUBRID, you get all these and even more in a single system at no cost, and the job is automated. We will never ask fees for using CUBRID, as it will always be an open source product. We are already backed by Korea’s #1 IT industry leader – NHN, which is the top 13th Internet Company in the world. At OSCON session we want to meet businesses and leading service providers and share with them how Korean companies could dramatically decrease their TCO by deplying CUBRID.

So stop spending your money. Come and learn about the CUBRID HA.

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