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                               	  February 25, 2013How Cupcake Digital Takes Social Responsibility Very SeriouslyFrom the ...
                              	  An online survey conducted by WeAreTeachers.com revealed that only one in fiveteachers sa...
                               	  A Core Value - Embracing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)The Childre...
                                  	  The Child Gate Helping Children Stay Safely Within Our AppsCupcake Digital is introdu...
                              	  Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! storylines, as presented in our apps, convey messages about self-awaren...
                              	  About Cupcake Digital Inc.Cupcake Digital, Inc. was established in June 2012 with the int...
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Cupcake digital inc position paper 3

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Cupcake digital inc position paper 3

  1. 1.    February 25, 2013How Cupcake Digital Takes Social Responsibility Very SeriouslyFrom the first day we opened our doors at Cupcake Digital, one of our guiding principleswas to create apps that balance entertainment and fun with parents’ priorities;education, safety, and privacy. We believe that Social Responsibility is good business,and we believe good business leads to success. In this paper, we discuss the differentways we show parents we are a trusted source of entertainment-based apps infused withlearning moments.Objective:To demonstrate how Cupcake Digital’s commitment to social responsibility is reflectedin the development and continuous improvement of our children’s application productsand in every business decision we make.Background:The emerging category of children’s mobile applications is growing and changingexponentially. As rapidly as new applications, devices and products go to market, newissues and concerns are brought to light by parents, caregivers and educators. AtCupcake Digital, we make every effort to be responsive as well as anticipatory – to lookboth around and ahead in the digital environment to make responsible decisions that willbenefit children.Expanding Awareness of the Common Core State StandardsIn previous position papers we discussed Cupcake Digital’s recognition of the CommonCore State Standards (“CCSS”) – a set of requirements for children K-12 to ensure thatthey are college and career-ready by the end of high school -- as an important advance ineducation. We took the decision to help prepare children to meet these standards byinfusing our apps with activities directly aligned with the CCSS.While 47 states have begun the process of adopting the CCSS, market data reveals acurrent lack of awareness of the standards among parents.   1   www.cupcakedigital.com
  2. 2.    An online survey conducted by WeAreTeachers.com revealed that only one in fiveteachers says his or her students’ parents are aware of CCSS.At Cupcake Digital we saw this as an opportunity not only to help prepare children tomeet the standards, but also to create increased awareness among parents of what will berequired when preschoolers start kindergarten, and kindergarteners advance to first grade.In response, we have infused our apps with educational activities that address specificCommon Core skills, and we include a Common Core Corner to help parents understandhow their children are learning through these activities and the reading of the story in theapp.The Common Core Corner provides tips on how to prepare a child for his or her firstschool year(s) and makes getting ready for the new kindergarten standards simple andFUN. Cupcake Digital is also offering downloadable activities, lesson plans and guidesfor parents and teachers online.   2   www.cupcakedigital.com
  3. 3.    A Core Value - Embracing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)The Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act applies to the online collection of personalinformation from children under 13. The rules spell out what website operators must do ifthey want to collect personally identifiable information from a child. Among otherthings, the law explains what to include in a privacy policy; when and how to seekverifiable consent from a parent; and what responsibilities an operator has to parents toensure they remain in control of their children’s personally identifiable data.Cupcake Digital takes these requirements seriously, and we review our practicesregularly to ensure that we remain compliant with the law as well as industry bestpractices.Our partnership with Playwell, LLC provides us expert guidance on effectivelynavigating regulatory, self-regulatory and general industry concerns related to onlineprivacy.“Keeping children safe in the digital market is part of my company’s mission,” saysLinnette J. Attai Founder of PlayWell,  LLC. “I’m delighted to be working with CupcakeDigital at every phase of production to help ensure a healthy and positive experience forchildren.”   3   www.cupcakedigital.com
  4. 4.    The Child Gate Helping Children Stay Safely Within Our AppsCupcake Digital is introducing a new feature in all its apps that is intended to buildfurther trust among parents, while preventing accidental or unintentional interactions bychildren with parent-centric features within our apps: the “child gate.”The child gate appears in the form of a question pop-up on the screen asking: “To enterthis area, you must provide your date of birth.” This was specifically designed based onthe premise that a preschooler, Cupcake’s primary audience, would either be unable toread the question or articulate and input an answer.The “child gate” serves several purposes. Unless the question is answered in a way thatindicates that the user is 13 or older, it: a) Blocks the ability for a child to be taken outside the app and acts as a safeguard to only allow parents to purchase additional Cupcake apps, if they choose to; and b) Allows only parents, caregivers and educators to access the help section to interact with Cupcake Digital should they have a question, suggestion or desire to get in contact with us; while also restricting a child’s access to social media links from within our app.Cupcake Digital is committed to listening to parents’ needs and suggestions andresponding with continuous improvements to our apps and games. We encourage anopen dialogue if you are a parent, caregiver or educator who would like to learn more orhave a suggestion on how we can better meet your needs. Please contact us by visiting:http://www.cupcakedigital.com/contact/.Selecting media properties that deliver positive messages and promote good valuesCupcake Digital’s apps are based on well-known and loved children’s entertainmentmedia properties. Our selection of properties is driven by both entertainment value andsocial value.We insist that our apps and games not only entertain and educate, but also help childrenbuild good social skills and recognize the importance of positive behaviors.For example:   4   www.cupcakedigital.com
  5. 5.    Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! storylines, as presented in our apps, convey messages about self-awareness, sharing and responsibility, listening, helping others, and the value offriendship and community.In every episode of Tickety Toc, one of Cupcake Digital’s newest properties, childrenlearn teamwork, problem solving and social responsibility as they follow the adventuresof Tommy and Tallulah.Making activity-based learning an integral part of our product offeringExperts are taking a new look at how games —especially when combined with the latesttechnology—can motivate students and teach them the skills they really need for the21st-century workplace, according to WeAreTeachers.com.Their recent survey noted: • 67 percent of teachers now use games traditional and digital games in the classroom; • 81 percent feel that students are more engaged when playing games; • 65 percent say games help children develop problem-solving skills; • 68 percent say games help children develop social skills like sharing.“From the beginning, we recognized the power of play as an important learning tool anddeveloped games that are both stand alones and an integral part of our storybook apps,”says Susan Miller, President of Cupcake Digital.Cupcake Digital’s in-app activities and games help children advance their fine motorskills; learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors; and practice kindergarten- and firstgrade-level math and reading – all the while having fun!“Social responsibility in dealing with children is a common sense investment in ourfuture. Cupcake Digital, a company of parents and professionals with years of experienceworking in children’s media, takes doing the right thing personally,” says Paul Levitz, amember of Cupcake Digital’s Board of Directors and former President and Publisher ofthe DC Comics division of Time Warner.   5   www.cupcakedigital.com
  6. 6.    About Cupcake Digital Inc.Cupcake Digital, Inc. was established in June 2012 with the intent of transformingchildren’s entertainment properties into deluxe story experiences infused witheducational moments. Its first venture into digital applications was based on the EmmyAward-winning television series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” The app immediately rose to #1 and # 3 among childrens book apps on Amazon and iTunes respectively. Since then,every subsequent children’s story app created by Cupcake Digital has achieved a top 10rating on Amazon. Headquartered in NYC, Cupcake Digital was founded by provenprofessionals in the fields of technology, family entertainment, publishing and brandmarketing. In October of 2012, Cupcake Digital received its first round of privatefunding and has since gone on to partner with additional major childrens entertainmentproperties.For more information about Cupcake Digital Inc., please contact Carmen Hernandez atpr@cupcakedigital.com or visit www.cupcakedigital.com.     6   www.cupcakedigital.com