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Changemaker Campus Presentation for Students nov 2014

  1. “Being a Changemaker is simply being able to spot a social problem, and know what to do about it” Introducing the Changemaker Certificate
  2. • More than 300,000 students graduate each year in the UK • We want you to be more than just a ‘good’ graduate • We want you to stand out from the crowd! We stand out because we are CHANGEMAKERS!
  3. Maybe you don’t realise it, but….. You are already Changing the World1. I have a responsibility to make positive changes in society 2. I have the power and resources (tangible and intangible) to make a difference 3. I take initiative to bring about innovative change, local and systemic 4. I work with others to maximise impact, working in groups and networks 5. I know and live authentically according to my values 6. I practice empathy; by entering, by a willed use of the imagination, another person's world without judgment
  4. Have you spotted a social problem? What can I do about it?
  5. From poverty to pollution…. Some problems seem just too big to tackle What if it’s not just me? What if there is a group of us, making changes? What if there is a lot of us? What if the whole UNIVERSITY was making changes? Be a CHANGEMAKER
  6. You are not alone Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation gives job opportunities & training to young people, raising their confidence to become world class chefs
  7. One Water send 100% of their profit to Africa to fund water projects
  8. Closer to home Mike Britton started • Recycles household furniture which prevents it going to waste • Sells it cheaply to poor people in Northampton • Hires ex-offenders to give them a new start in a job
  9. Abigail Ehoff Business Student Created Homework Hub, to help her mum and brother work together on his homework
  10. Suzi Rees of iDid Adventure
  11. • Environmental Sustainability Changemakers • Student Switch Off + • Green House Award Scheme • Sustainable Business Ethics Social Enterprise Loan Fund • Student Sustainability Fund Grants
  12. What Changemakers have in common… • Communication • Problem solving • Team work • Planning • Organising • Integrity • Independence • Empathy • Leadership • Adaptability empathy + initiative + team work + innovation + transformation = positive social change ….is what employers look for
  13. Changemaker CertificateBronze, Silver, Gold 1. Understanding social change, innovation & entrepreneurship, 2. Understanding me- my, empathy, my personal assets, skills and resources and my innovation orientation 3. Understanding society, communities and social problems- through voluntary action, scientific research, employment or experience 4. Solving problems- through innovation, ideation and decision-making skills 5. Venture planning- either business, product planning, event creation, performance or media campaigning to achieve mainstreaming 6. Communicating the venture- marketing and media, personal and organisational branding Start anytime. Learn & act alongside your degree. Peer review. Increase employability
  14. Starting to be a Changemaker Sign up to the Changemaker Resource Centre Register for the Changemaker Certificate