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Our 1Q newsletter - and, a free lunch

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See what we've done in the last few weeks, and take ten seconds to qualify to win a free lunch.

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Our 1Q newsletter - and, a free lunch

  1. 1. Welcome to our FREE LUNCH newsletter. Curtis Funding Group will fund the equipment you need - then you pay for it with the revenue ​it generates... ​And, today, you can... We are ready to help you and/or your customers, the way we’ve helped others for years... w / NO SURPRISES Here is a list of some of our recent transactions... ...our CRAZY EIGHT plus one for fun On this list of transactions, we made one up, hence the “plus one…” Send us your guess, by March 8, on which one we made up, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free lunch on us (even if you guess wrong). ___________________________________________________________ Here, is the gift card you can win -- a $50 VISA card --------->>> And, you have a chance to win the card, simply for making a guess from this list of our not-so-Crazy-8 Deals.... CFG Provided $300K for ten, new dry-van truck trailers to be used by a large Chicago-area trucking company. We w orked w ith a 20+ year vendor relationship to place three can/bottle recycling machines ($57,000) into a large-scale convenience store in northern Michigan. A Maine-based construction & landscaping company, referred by an existing client, asked CFG to fund $80K for tw o used trucks and a large canvas building, on a 60 month term; w e w ere happy to help. An exclusive Florida resort needed new security systems to handle heightened risk assessment and protection for their clientele, and CFG complied w ith $210K for state- of-the-art systems. CFG processed a second transaction for a Coney Island restaurant location, in Michigan, to get new furniture for the dining area, and a couple of appliances, for a total of $69K. CFG leased tw o police cars ($70K+, including all the lighting and signage requirements) to a municipality, for the fourth transaction completed w ith that City over the past 3-4 years.
  2. 2. A California agricultural producer came back to CFG for their second project; needing $138,000 for a large-animal band-saw and some associated processing equipment. A Michigan machining organization came back for their second CFG effort (after five years) to obtain a new $187K machining center for their operation. Thank you to all clients w ho allow us to earn their second, third or thirtieth piece of business. We appreciate you all. A 20-years-loyal food-processing client in Michigan, had CFG finance $192K of food- processing equipment, along w ith production softw are (no hardw are), and a new phone system, all on a single agreement. This client has already started plans for the next project and CFG has them approved and ready to go. Just CLICK the "Free Lunch, Anyone?" Icon here, or the gift card above, and you can send an email with your guess.. ​or call us at 888.510.1355 Click the drone, below, to see our 15-second marketing video and, we would be honored, if you would follow our company on LinkedIn... (click the LinkedIn icon) CLICK for website: ________________________________________________ 61 Oakwood Dr., Coldwater, MI 49036 888.510.1355