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Glimpses of Keynote Speeches and Workshops by Motivational Speaker in India Simerjeet Singh

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The micros of any business are its people – their feelings, their sense of belonging to the organisation and their commitment to and happiness in working with their organisation. If a company gets the micros wrong, there is no foundation to it.

That is why Indian corporations are investing in motivational speakers like Simerjeet Singh to conduct interactive sessions and leadership workshops on their campuses, offsites, sales meetings and conferences to inspire, engage and empower their employees to take more from the company in terms of intangibles.

Simerjeet has had a decade’s experience in conducting keynote speeches and motivational talks in India. He brings people together with his interactive sessions.

In India, he is invited by clients across all sectors and industries to motivate their employees and build strong teams. Clients usually name the theme of their event, be it a sales annual meet, an employee motivation program, or a client town hall. Simerjeet customises his motivational keynotes to meet the theme, and usually weaves in a lot of positive attitude, spirit-lifting, encouragement and leadership talks.

Please visit http://www.simerjeetsingh.com for more details.

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Glimpses of Keynote Speeches and Workshops by Motivational Speaker in India Simerjeet Singh

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  18. 18. need more Info?
  19. 19. http://www.simerjeetsingh.com
  20. 20. info@simerjeetsingh.com events@simerjeetsingh.com
  21. 21. www.youtube.com/CuttingEdgeINDIA
  22. 22. www.simerjeet.wordpress.com twitter.com/SimerjeetSingh http://in.linkedin.com/in/cuttingedgeindia facebook.com/cuttingedgeINDIA