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Gardening sheet asclepias subulata

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Plant & garden information sheet.

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Gardening sheet asclepias subulata

  1. 1. *Rush (Desert) milkweed – Asclepias subulata (ass-CLE-pee-us sub-u-LA-tuh) Family: Asclepiaceae (Milkweed Family) Native to: Desert Mountains, Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert of CA, NV, AZ northwester Mexico; Dry slopes, mesas, plains & desert washes to 3000 ft. in Desert Scrub plant communities. Growth characteristics: perennial/sub-shrub mature height: 2-4 ft. mature width: 2-4 ft. Evergreen perennial or sub-shrub. Leaves small, drought deciduous, often lacking. Many erect stems from a single root crown (looks somewhat like Equisetum). Stems evergreen. Striking accent plant! Blooms/fruits: Blooms off-and-on, year-round with the rains. Flowers yellow, with typical form for milkweeds. Flowers in rather open clusters (umbels) atop flowering stems. Good pollinator habitat. Uses in the garden: Often used as accent plant in desert or Mediterranean-themes gardens. Upright form provides useful contrast to other plants. Can be grown in large containers. Tough plant that can be grown on parking strips, along hot walls, other hot, dry spots. Monarch/Queen Butterfly habitat plant. Note: all plant parts mildly toxic if eaten. Sensible substitute for: Non-native milkweeds. Attracts: Excellent Monarch/Queen larval habitat; also provides nectar for range of pollinators and seeds for food. Requirements: Element Requirement Sun Full sun (best) to light shade. Soil Well-drained (sandy or rocky best); local pH fine. Water Best with occasional summer water once established (Water Zone 1-2). Fertilizer None need in ground; container plants need dose of ½ strength in spring. Other Inorganic or no mulch. Management: Little yearly maintenance once established. But back to 3-4 inches ever 5 years. Propagation: from seed: fresh seed; fairly easy by cuttings: ?? Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 8, 24, 47, 68 12/31/18 * California native, but not native to Western Los Angeles County © Project SOUND