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Customer Self Service - 4C Framework

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Learn how to develop a self service strategy using the 4C framework. Also this powerpoint provides templates to provide you a jump start. If you have any questions; send me an email at cvedulla@gmail.com

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Customer Self Service - 4C Framework

  1. 1. Customer Self-Service Summit Customer Self Service Summit Self Service Framework Chaitra Vedullapalli January 26, 2008
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. A Glimpse Ahead 3. Self Service Evolution 4. 4 C Framework DRIVING BUSINESS IMPACT THROUGH THE SELF-SERVICE FRAMEWORK 5. Case Study 1: Intuit 6. Case Study 2: Amazon.com 7. Working Session : Your business 8. Key Takeaways 9. Appendix 1
  3. 3. Introduction MYSELF MY COMPANY Chaitra Vedullapalli Microsoft  Sr. Director, Self Service Strategy Founded in 1975, Microsoft  10 Years of Experience (Nasdaq: “MSFT”) is the  Key Areas : worldwide leader in software, services and solutions • Scaling Business Through Self Service that help people and businesses • Content and Localization realize their full potential. • Enterprise Business Modeling (sales execution) • Customer and Partner Satisfaction • Pricing and Licensing Programs  My Purpose in Life • Bringing people closer to help realize their potential 2
  4. 4. What Is Online Self Service? DEFINITION Online self service is a new approach to relationship management (CRM, ERM, PRM, SRM), a version of electronic support (e-support) that allows people to access information and perform routine tasks According to Forrester Research: over the Internet, without requiring any interaction with a “The cost of the average Web self- representative of an enterprise. service session is $1, compared to $10 for an email response and $33 BENEFITS for a telephone call.” • Offers accessibility 24 hour-a-day • Lower cost as compared with telephone or email service by a company representative. • Understand and Collect personal information about the people who use it. • Scalable to drive global reach Examples of Self Service Giants Online Shopping Portal Online Management of small Online Customer Relationship Online Advertising & Search Online Social Networking businesses and personal Management Optimization finances 3
  5. 5. A Glimpse Ahead Some Things We Are Fundamental Shifts Thinking About 1. Social Networking 1. Social and Economic • Shifting Demographics 2. Collaboration • Information Economy 3. Mobility • Evolution of Industry Software 4. Communications + Globalization Services 5. Software 2. Technology • Interaction with Information 6. Home vs. Office • Sharing Information Customers • Understanding Information Value Consumerization Networks Technology Convergence 4
  6. 6. Self-Service Evolution 1980 1990 PRESENT Assisted Personal Online Interacting with Experience Experience Experience National information Local Reach Global Reach Reach Sharing Uni-Directional Bi Directional All Directional Information Scheduled OnDemand OnDemand Understanding and Limited and Limited and Unlimited Information Data Set Data Set Data 5
  7. 7. How To Get Started Make self service as a deliberate business strategy (new business 1 model) • Define Value Proposition (Customer, Employee, Supplier) Manage return on investment (ROI) through self service investment 2 framework Deliver solutions using Self Service Framework 3 Measure business impact through performance scorecard (cost vs. 4 impact) 6
  8. 8. 4 C’s Self Service Framework A customer cares about: • Quality of products CONTENT CHANNEL • Cares about my needs • Quality of resources • Innovative 4 C’s • Quality of my Account Team • Ease of doing business COMMUNITY COMMERCE Actively Listen Customer Support 7
  9. 9. How Do I Get Started CONTENT CHANNEL • Your Online Core Solution (Capabilities) • Understand your Audience (Registration & • Innovate on Experience (Creativity Framework) Segmentation Framework) • Drive Value through Segmentation (Sales and Marketing Content), Localization) • Drive Awareness through all digital vehicles (Digital Communication Framework) 4 C’s Framework COMMUNITY COMMERCE • Enable Social Network • Simplified registration, subscription, training and • Communicate consistently (word of mouth/integrated ordering • Integrated Business Intelligence/Reporting campaigns) Customer Support (Get Help) Actively Listen (Give feedback) 8
  10. 10. Case Study - Intuit Address Customer Needs • Personal Finance Solution - Vision Company History: Founded: balancing the family revolutionize the way 1983, went Public: 1993, 8K checkbook employees • Small Business Solution - people manage their Solution - Online management manage their businesses small businesses and • Banking Solution – manage of small businesses and online banking personal finances. personal finances • Healthcare Solution - manage More info Health and medical expenses CHANNEL CONTENT CHANNEL CONTENT CONTENT CHANNEL CHANNEL CONTENT 4 C’s 4 C’s 4 C’s 4 C’s Framew Framew Framew Framew ork ork ork ork COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE 1. Online Signup 1. Personal 2. Training and 1. Library 1. Quicken Online Marketing Household 2. Marketplace 2. Turbo Tax Online 3. Ordering and 2. Small Business 3. Q&A, Help 3. Quick Books Fulfillment 3. Banks and credit 4. Wikis 4. Digital Insight 4. Online Support & Unions 5. More 5. Quicken Health Feedback 4. Healthcare 5. More- Slide#16 9
  11. 11. Case Study – Amazon.com Address Customer Needs • Buyers – e commerce platform Vision - low prices, vast selection, Company History: Founded: and convenience find and discover 1995, • Sellers- enable third parties to virtually anything they Solution - world-class e- sell products on our websites • Developers – In cloud commerce platform want to buy online. infrastructure services More info • Partners – end to end solutions CHANNEL CONTENT CHANNEL CONTENT CONTENT CHANNEL CHANNEL CONTENT 4 C’s Framew 4 C’s 4 C’s 4 C’s ork Framew Framew Framew ork ork ork COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE 1. Single Profiling 1. Buyers 1. Retail Websites 2. e-commerce 2. Sellers 2. Developers - Web platform 1. Associates 3. Retailers Services 3. Advertising 2. Advantage 4. Developers 3. Business Programs Platform 3. Honor System 5. Partners - Sell, Build, Self 4. Online Support & 6. Advertisers Publish, Advertise Feedback 10
  12. 12. Case Study – Working Example Company Profile Business Needs Customer Needs CHANNEL CONTENT CHANNEL CONTENT CHANNEL CONTENT CHANNEL CONTENT 4 C’s 4 C’s 4 C’s 4 C’s Framew Framew Framew Framew ork ork ork ork COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY COMMERCE COMMUNITY 1. Add Text 1. Add Text 1. Add Text 1. Add Text 11
  13. 13. Key Takeaways Make self service as a deliberate business strategy 1 Manage Return on Investment through self service 2 investment framework Deliver solutions using Self Service Framework 3 Measure business impact through performance 4 scorecard (cost v/s impact) 12
  14. 14. 10th Business Process Management Summit Self Service Framework Appendix 13
  15. 15. Key Takeaways 2 Fundamental Shifts Competition Is Tough and Getting Better 3 Customer Expectations Have Gone Up 1 High Software + Globalization Services Effectiveness of Self Service Customers Value Consumerization Low Networks Low High Importance of helping Technology customers Convergence Impacts The Self Service Ecosystem • How customers buy and connect • The Self Service Ecosystem has • What customers buy and use become a Competitive Battleground Make Self Service Your Business’ Key Strategy 4 5 Key Highlights To Remember 1 Make self service as a deliberate CONTENT CHANNEL business strategy 2 Manage Return on Investment through 4 C’s self service investment framework 3 Deliver solutions using Self Service COMMUNITY COMMERCE Framework 4 Measure business impact through Actively Listen performance scorecard (cost v/s impact) Customer Support
  16. 16. 3Year Roadmap - Example Deploy Delivered online/offline Customer Converge Stabilize Expand experience Consolidate Innovate Standardize Enhance Build platform Employee Expand Launch Integrate Improve Supplier Accelerate Measure Build Stabilize 15
  17. 17. Innovation Map Why? HMW accelerate Growth HMW increase customer satisfaction? HMW increase HMW make it HMW increase HMW stay HMW deliver supplier HMW inject easier for our passion for ahead of our profitability Opportunities more work into partner to work partners in MS competitors promise to our to expand their our work with us partners business (employee productivity) Innovation Framework Suggestion • Simplex • Strategyn What’s stopping? HMW better validate our capabilities 16 with Partner &