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Question four - Evaluation

  2. Target Audience Initially I classed my target audience as both male and female aged between 16 and 25. This was the only description I gave of my target audience. I mentioned nothing to do with spending power, ethnicity, religion or ability and disability. This I because to start with I gave no thought to other particular social groups. However during my audience research and production I realised that other social groups did matter.
  3. Age The age of my target audience remained the same after my audience research. I chose 16-25 so that I myself fit among this category. Which helped me in the production of my media product to make it appealing to that target audience. Gender The gender audience for my magazine includes both male and female within the age boundaries.
  4. Spending power I only realised that spending power would influence my target audience after I had conducted my audience research. From the results I collected I noticed that the majority of people would only spend between £2 and £3 on this magazine. This known spending power or my target audience then highly influenced me in the production of my magazine, in what to price the product at. Who my product isn't aimed at My media product is not particularly aimed at certain religions, ethnicities or disability lifestyles.
  5. Who my product is aimed at Overall my product is aimed at both male and female audiences aged between 16 and 25. It is not specifically for any particular religion or ethnicity however it is also aimed at a group with a certain spending power. This spending power does not have to be great as the media product is only charging £2.99, therefore this fits with the late teens and early twenties target audience.