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Css pre-processors myths

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This talk will break some of the myths regarding pre-processors, and explain how they have help us to be more efficient when coding CSS. There are very influential people in the industry that have put down Sass, Less and Stylus after admitting publicly that they have not used them at all. These influencers have led certain developers to believe that “sass adds an abstraction layer to CSS”, “Output is messier than it should be” and that “developers don’t have control of the output”. The reality is that pre-processors are not any more complex than plain CSS and they output what you tell them to. In this talk I will argue that pre-processors are the way to go to boost front-end workflows and productivity. During the lecture, I will teach designers and developers how to get into CSS pre-processors with practical examples.

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Css pre-processors myths

  1. 1. CSS pre-processor myths Proposal for SXSW 2014 talk by Ramon Lapenta, Front-end developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd Friday, 26 July 13
  2. 2. About me Friday, 26 July 13
  3. 3. Standard CSS vs Pre-processors Friday, 26 July 13
  4. 4. My SXSW 2014 presentation will explore: •Why do some developers use CSS preprocessors? •What do preprocessors do and will they save me time? • Is it suitable for everyone, what if I am a CSS beginner? • Do I need the command line with CSS preprocessors? •Which preprocessor should I use (Sass, Less or Stylus)? • How do I get started with preprocessing CSS? I will answer these questions in my full presentation and will also show both designers and developers how to get started with preprocessing. Friday, 26 July 13