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13 tips to get girlfriend in tracy

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  5. 1. Walk a Dog – Tracy parks Having a dog forces you to get out of the house at least once a day and gives you the opportunity to meet other animal lovers in your neighborhood or in park. It’s a great ice-breaker and gives you something to talk about. If you don’t have a dog, I’m sure you have friends who’d love to let you walk theirs! Conversation: “This was fun. If you ever want to do this again or even go for a cup of coffee, here’s my number. Text me and I’ll call you. It would be great to see you again.” ManInLove88 5 Useful post:
  6. 2. Tracy - Cafes and pubs Cafes and pubs have been the traditional hanging out places for most single of a town. If you have already done the routine without success, don't lose heart. Perhaps you need to tweak the timing of your regular latte - like make it early evenings when the young college crowd frequents the cafes instead of late evening when they are more likely to head home to study. Also explore other cafes in your city instead of the ones nearest to your office or apartment. Who knows you might get lucky elsewhere! ManInLove88 6
  7. 3. Join social networking sites Yet another aspect of the internet which can help you to find a partner is the world of the social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... are all vast online communities of friends and contacts where you can hope to come across a person who will not only like both your profile but also your areas of interests and pursuits. But be careful since this may act as a double-edged weapon too and a potential girlfriend may well be put off by your photos at a drinking binge or at a strip-club. I love facebook group very much, just search keywords: love, dating, friends or your city. Then join groups and post your questions or answer. You will find many friends these. 7ManInLove88
  8. 4. Tracy - Online dating sites: Online really is where people who want to date are these days – especially busy people who don’t have time (or don’t enjoy) the bar/club scene. And, it’s only getting more popular every day. The downside of online dating is that you will be judged in less than ten seconds on your profile photo. If you are not photogenic or your photo isn’t good, you won’t get good results. On the other hand, I know so many people who’ve met their significant others online! ManInLove88 Useful post: 8
  9. 5. Tracy – Volunteer jobs It’s hard to think of a place where you’d meet a better type of person than at a volunteer event. There are tons of great young single people who sacrifice their nights and even weekends to volunteer. Of course there are many, many more volunteer organizations, ranging from political, environmental, animal rescue and so forth. Just Google what you’re interested in and you’re bound to find a cause that interests you in L.A. I’ve been impressed at how many young single women are at these volunteer events. At many volunteer events I’ve been to, it’s been mostly single women there. Guys, time to step it up! Not only will you be doing something good for the world, but you could meet someone special.9ManInLove88
  10. 6. Tracy - Library or bookstore. She can be caught up inside the worlds contained in her books, but if you allow her, she’ll gladly introduce them to you. She’ll tell you all about the wonderful places she’s read about, as well as all the interesting characters. You can talk to her about anything and everything. It can be about local politics, a hunger strike in some far off country, the recent advances in space travel, or even the funniest exploits of some of the royal mistresses throughout history. 10ManInLove88
  11. 7. Tracy - Grocery Store Here's the secret most men don't know: you don’t actually have to know anything about cooking to pick up a girl in a grocery store. Hang around the produce section and when you see a girl you like say something like, “Hey, I see your getting eggplant (or whatever). I promised my mom/sister/aunt I’d make her dinner tonight and I know she’s trying to eat healthy. I’m hopeless with this stuff. Can I ask you what you're planning for that eggplant? Like how to cook it?” 11ManInLove88
  12. 7. Tracy - Grocery Store (con…) Now you’ve opened her up. You’re like a lost puppy and her guard is totally down. She can give you advice on the eggplant and even some advice on the whole meal. Healthy cooking is very trendy right now (as it should be!) and she is probably into it too. In addition, how cute are you for making your mom dinner? Once you’ve got her talking, you can introduce yourself. Follow through: “Wow. Thank you so much. This was a lot of help. I’m going to take your advice and try my best. Hey, what’s your number? I want to update you on how it goes. If all goes well, my mom will probably want to thank you too.” 12ManInLove88
  13. 8. Your Network of Friends This might seem like somewhat of a non- suggestion compared to the other items on this list, but really one of the best ways to meet people is through your existing friends. You know that birthday party that someone invited you to, but you don’t know anyone else there? Well, go to that party. Same with that wedding, where you only know the bride or groom and no one else. Go to that wedding. You know those annoying Facebook events that people keep inviting you to and that you keep deleting? Go to those Facebook events. Utilize your network of friends to meet new ones. 13ManInLove88
  14. 9. Tracy - Education classes If you want to meet people interested in the same hobbies or topics as you are, try taking a class. Community colleges have really inexpensive classes. Just be sure to take a class that is truly useful or interesting to you though, as there may or may not be single people there, depending on what topic you choose. 14ManInLove88 Useful post:
  15. 10. Tracy - Athletic Teams or Clubs Want to meet single people who are in good shape? Join a sports team or club! No, I’m not talking about joining a gym, but more an actual team. Here are some ideas: Volleyball: I joined a volleyball class at Santa Monica College, and it was filled with young single people. Even better would be to join a beach volleyball team. 15ManInLove88 Useful post:
  16. 10. Tracy - Athletic Teams or Clubs (con…) Kickball: I didn’t even know they had kickball for adults, but a friend of mine is on a team and she loves it. Yoga: Tons more women than men. Hiking: Somehow there are always significantly more women than men on group hikes that I go on. Check out the Tracy Hiking Group Meetup. Running: Check out the LA Running Club or many clubs like this. Biking: Bike shops usually run beginner- intermediate bike rides for free. Check one near you. 16ManInLove88
  17. 11. Tracy - Partner dancing Partner dancing is one of the best ways I’ve found to meet single people. If you are willing to devote the time required (which is considerable, I admit) to learn the dance, you’ll meet a ton of people, I guarantee it. Salsa and Swing dance events have tons of single people of all ages! 17ManInLove88
  18. 11. Tracy - Partner dancing (con…) For older singles, there are also ballroom and Tango dance events. This might sound crazy, but don’t rule out country line dancing. There are single people of all ages there and free lessons before the band goes on. It’s pretty fun if you don’t take yourself too seriously. 18ManInLove88 Useful post:
  19. 12. Tracy - Churches / Religious Services If you think that only your grandma and old people go to church in Tracy, think again. Many of today’s churches cater to young people and feel more like rock concerts than church. 19ManInLove88 Useful post: manager.html
  20. 12. Tracy - Churches / Religious Services (con…) Please note that is hard to meet people by simply going to church on Sundays and leaving afterward. There are just too many people and Sunday service is not conducive to meeting them. Your best bet for meeting people is to join a smaller church group that meets outside of church. I’m sure there are also wonderful people at synagogues, mosques, and places where people of other religious beliefs meet. 20ManInLove88
  21. 13. Tracy - Singles Events Networking is a good thing. You might find a new friend, business contact, or someone special. Go with an open mind and try to meet people of all types. Check online for networking events in your profession, alumni events, or singles events. 21ManInLove88