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Thesis Development

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Thesis Development

  1. 1. Research Process An Introduction to Taking Notes & Creating a Thesis
  2. 2. Topic • Three economic systems – Command – Market – Traditional
  3. 3. Notes • Read 2-3 articles on topic • Using Cornell notes students extract the most important information
  4. 4. Paraphrasing & Summary • Put the information in your own words (go back and fix this if you didn’t do it) • Summarize the information with your partner
  5. 5. Thesis Statements • What is a thesis? • A general sentence with a subject and an opinion (commentary) • Example – Australia is the best country of all for a vacation. Thesis = Umbrella Supporting information has to fit under the umbrella
  6. 6. Develop Your Thesis • What is the subject? • Reviewing your notes with your partner • Develop a general opinion that provides an umbrella for your research. • Example: – A command economy creates a stable economic structure for a country to be competitive in the world market.
  7. 7. Turn in Your Thesis • Create a new box labeled Thesis. • Type your thesis sentence into the new box. • Resave your Google Doc, or resubmit your Word Doc to my Inbox: – Bolton, Inbox, Winslow + hour.