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Your lIfeline to Learning PLN



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Your lIfeline to Learning PLN

  1. 1. Your Lifeline to Learning Building a great Personal (Professional) Learning Network
  2. 2. Your Lifeline to Learning - Building a great Personal (Professional) Learning Network In this fast-paced society it is necessary to build a caring, sharing, network of passionate global educators to keep you up to date and motivated to be a constant learner. We will explore how to build PLNs with tips and tools. • Jerry Blumengarten • @cybraryman1 http://cybraryman.com/.html
  3. 3. PLN PLN PLN 1969-2010
  4. 4. Learning Network 1960’s-1970’s
  5. 5. Your mission find commonalities com·mon·al·i·ty the state of sharing features or attributes. "a commonality of interest ensures cooperation"
  6. 6. PLN Personal Learning Network Passionate Learning Network Professional Learning Network A PLN is a collection of interconnected minds that share ideas and information.
  7. 7. PLC Professional Learning Community
  8. 8. Why have a PLN
  9. 9. Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for For good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for Dionne Warwick - That's What Friends Are For
  10. 10. PLN = Personal Learning Network The people with whom you engage and exchange information 1969 My original PLN consisted of three of my colleagues 1970-1980’s – Colleagues in my school district and ones that I met at conferences. 1990’s –Through emails I was able to extend my contacts NOW I have an amazing global PLN that is there 24/7
  11. 11. Tweet Up
  12. 12. Ultimate Tweet Up
  13. 13. Level Playing Field Dr. Michele Borba @micheleborba Great List of Links on Random Acts of Kindness, Character & Ethics via @cybraryman1cybraryman.com/ characterethic… …#YouMatter (TY!) Angela Maiers @AngelaMaiers Excited 2C @cybraryman1@gwynethjones @Ron_Peck@MrSch uReads talking about #digliteracysas.elluminate.com/ site/external/… #SSCHAT #tlchat Gov. Jack Markell @GovernorMarkell Governor of #Delaware and #NGA Chair who signs his tweets -JM. Delaware · http:// www.facebook.com/GovernorMarkell
  14. 14. Your PLN is...
  15. 15. @tomwhitby
  16. 16. Build a great PLN # Follow the hashtag (#) of your subject area, grade level, state or interest ***************************************************************************************** #engchat #kinderchat #gaed #edchat #sschat #1stchat #ARKedchat #edtechchat #mathchat #2ndchat #iaedchat #finnedchat #sschat #3rdchat #wvedchat #tlap #tlchat #4thchat #miched #satchat #gtchat #5thchat #txed #ntchat #STEMchat #mschat #njed #ptchat
  17. 17. The Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule bit.ly/officialchatlist
  18. 18. THURSDAYS #edtechex Educational Technology Examples #gifteded Gifted Education Chat 1-2pm EST #edchatme Maine Educators Sharing and Collaborating 4-5pm EST #mnedchat Minnesota Ed Chat 6-7pm CST Genius Hour Chat (1st Thursday of the Month) 6-7pm PST Character Ed Chat 7-8pm EST #mathchat Math Teachers Chat 7-8pm EST #wvedchat West Virginia Ed Chat (1st Thursday of the Month) 7-8pm EST #geniushour #characteredchat #artsed #edrounds Arts in Education Chat 12-12:30 pm EST 7:30-8:30 EST Instructional Rounds in Ed (1st Thursday of the Month) 7-8pm EST #ecosys Group committed to helping support education in the US 8-9pm EST #udlchat Universal Design for Learning Chat 8-9pm EST #langchat Foreign Language Chats 8-9pm EST #6thchat 6th grade teachers Chat 8-9pm EST #psychat Psychology in Schools Chat 8-9pm EST #tichat Technology Integrators 8-9pm EST #INelearn Indiana eLearning Chat 8-9pm EST Georgia Ed Chat 8-9pm EST Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Chat 8-9pm EST Middle School Chat 8-9pm EST #gaed #DENchat #mschat The Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule bit.ly/officialchatlist
  19. 19. http://cybraryman.com/plnstars.html
  20. 20. @suewaters Have your students build Personal Learning Networks too.
  21. 21. Your Lifeline to Learning - Building a Great PLN