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Kinder: a communication plan

  1. M1 communication - June 2013 Communication Schedule
  2. Background Ferrero, a family history born in Alba (Italy). 1946 Ferrero’s fundation and invention of the Pasta Gianduja (future Nutella) by Pietro Ferrero 1964 Nutella is launched 1968 The kinder Division is formed 1974 Kinder Surprise is launched 1990 The Fresh Kinder line (Pingui, milk- slice, chocofresh…)
  3. The Products in France
  4. The Customers Kinder Chocolate, Krow Communications and O.Jeffers, 2012
  5. Products and Targets • Kids: Chocolate, Surprise, Joy, Country, Delice, Pingui, Tranche au lait, Choco-Fresh and Maxi King • Adults: Bueno and Maxi • Families: Schoko-Bons, chocolate advent calendars, Christmas eggs and other products for special events
  6. The Current Position Global presence of Ferrero on the French market: • Leadership in the chocolate treats and spread cream market • Weak presence on the biscuits and fresh products market
  7. The Image • Indulgence, a daily break • A popular treat • Fun, complicity with your kids or other people • An unique taste • Unhealthy • Bad for the environment • Secretive
  8. Business Strategy
  9. The Mission Ferrero’s key words: • High quality • Product freshness • Finest raw materials • Respect and consideration for the customers But also: • Caring about hygiene, environment and social issues • Caring about the communities and countries where the company is present (think global, act local)
  10. The Company’s Values • Loyalty and trust • Respect and responsibility • Integrity and sobriety • Passion for research and innovation • Work, create, donate
  11. The Mission Statement For the Kinder Kids range : « Make your kids happy by treating them with the trustworthy chocolate they love ! » For the other Kinders : « Eat a Kinder and share a moment of happiness. An indulgent taste for your daily pleasure. » Pleasure is essential for your fulfillment
  12. Our New Idea
  13. The Concept Kinder Moment, a low calorie and gluten-free chocolate bar. The Kinder quality and taste in a healthy snack
  14. Our Analysis • Moms need their Kinder too ! • Find the solution to sudden cravings, a quick boost or just a sweet break • A snack enjoyable without any diet damage, guilt-free • The kinder quality and a healthy snack
  15. Our Mission Statement Kinder Moment, the chocolate bar you can freely enjoy. Savour the lightness and the softness of a tasteful chocolate biscuit with a delicate and delicious layer of milk inside. Each bar is only 100 calories and gluten-free ! Indulge yourself !
  16. Marketing Analysis
  17. The Competition • Kellog’s (leader, 15% of the cereales market share, Special K) • Nestlé (the n°2, Fitness bars) • Specialized brands: Gerblé, Gerlinéa… • Retailers’brands
  18. SWOT Analysis Strength Historic brand, popular, trusted brand, good quality ingredients, never copied, good communication and affective link Weaknesses Unhealthy image, never been present on the low calorie market, already present competitors Opportunities Growing concern about eating habits and health, growing market, innovation, targ et mothers Threats Competition and well- known brands (Kellogg’s), new advertising campaigns (costs)
  19. Current Trends • Only 17% of French adults compose their own breakfast • At least + 2,5% of growth expected for the biscuits markets • Nutritional aspects (less sugar or gluten-free) and health • Natural products • Pleasure is a key element
  20. Marketing Diagnosis
  21. The Issue and The Solution The problem: Kinder is not a brand associated with healthy benefits in the consumer’s mind, quite the contrary, actually. The solution: The consumers already trust the quality and the unique taste of Kinder’s products but now, the brand must insist on the nutritional efforts they are doing with the new biscuit.
  22. Perceived Value and USP Only Kinder Moment can offer you the pleasure of a Kinder with no consequence.
  23. Communication Diagnostic
  24. Our Proposition Our single-minded proposition: • Kinder Moment, the pleasure of taking care of yourself! • It’s good inside and it shows outside
  25. The Obstacle to Communication • Consumers don’t associate Kinder with healthy products • Concern about the taste (gluten-free, low-calories and tasty?) • The healthy snacks market is already well occupied • Kinder will need purchasing advisors
  26. Communication
  27. Communication Objectives The communication is built around: Kinder innovates for the better The nutritionnal benefit For the active women A enjoyable snack Kinder, a responsible and attentive brand
  28. The Product Image Graphic Code: • Easily linkable to Kinder (same colors and typography) Sound code: • Calming (a relaxing moment, naturalness of the ingredients) Brand’s personality: • Individually wrapped product (easy to transport and eat) • Unique taste, pleasure • Nutritional benefit, innovation • A shared moment
  29. Communication: The Targets Women • Active and busy • Fond of Kinder or liking treats • But caring about their health
  30. Communication: The Targets The communication and ad campaign must be based on the target’s experience: • Actual, modern • Daily life and environment • Time of use (when does the need for a snack occur ?) • Characters to whom the consumers can relate to
  31. Communication: ATL Marketing Kinder France, known for spending a lot on advertising (+30% for Kinder Bueno to help the product arise).So around €500 000… Find the consumers where they are: • Social networks • Dedicated website • Classic ad channels (TV, posters, billboards, magazin es…)
  32. Communication: BTL Marketing Find the consumers out of the shelves: • Sampling in stores (visibility, speech about the recipe) • Actions in public places (subway, press booth…) • Sponsoring of sport events (around €200 000)