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Do you find it hard to talk to someone for a prolonged period because you tend to be conscious

Bad Breath Can be Very Embarassing,,,especially if you are trying to impress your date

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Do you find it hard to talk to someone for a prolonged period because you tend to be conscious

  1. 1. ==== ====Bad Breath Curehttp://bb50ciynemiu4z32mj2wlr6v6g.hop.clickbank.net/==== ====Do you find it hard to talk to someone for a prolonged period because you tend to be consciouswith what your breath might smell like?At some point in our lives, weve all had our share of smelly breath experiences. And if you thinkabout it, smelly breath can pretty much change our lives. It can kill our confidence and it candestroy a lot of relationships.And its all because of that certain terrible taste in our mouths. Like many other conditions, thereare ways to cure this. But before anything else, try identifying the cause of your condition. Thenand only then, will you be able to identify the bad breath cure that can suit you the most.For those who still have no idea what smelly breath or halitosis is, its that putrid smell that can bepresent in your mouth due to certain causes.The most basic of which can be traced through the food that you eat, or certain vices likecigarettes and alcohol that you consume from time to time. In some cases, it can be attributed tomedical conditions such as bronchitis, respiratory tract infection and many more.Another cause can be the medication that you intake. Certain treatments like diuretic and anti-depressants causes lowered levels of saliva production. And for the benefit of those who dontknow, less saliva means more smelly breath.When it comes to bad breath cure, a lot of people tend to be misled into which ones that reallywork. Take breath mints for example.It may alleviate the bad stench in your mouth but thats only for a certain period of time. Thesugars contained in these candies can promote halitosis since such can cause tooth decay,another possible source of smelly breath.Another false bad breath cure is going for mentholated cigarettes rather than the usual ones. Thetruth is that no matter what flavor you use, as long as it has nicotine, you wont be in any waycleared of your smelly breath.There are a lot of smelly breath cure methods that have false claims. But in order to understandmore about these, lets look at each of the known bad breath cure remedies that actually works.Basic Oral HygieneBrushing your teeth is not only a bad breath cure, its also a necessity. It is only proper that you
  2. 2. brush your teeth after every meal. Keep in mind that when youre brushing, you also have to giveample attention to your tongue, cheeks and the rest of your mouth.Every nook and cranny has to be within reach with your toothbrush, so buy one that has softbristles. Aside from that, dont buy a toothpaste that may contain sodium lauryl sulphate and donot rinse with mouthwash that has alcohol in it.These substances have been proven to promote smelly breath rather than alleviate it. And also,you have to keep in mind that flossing is not obligatory. It should only be done in cases wherethere are thick chunks of debris that cant be eliminated with the brush.Watch What You Put In Your Mouth!Taking note of what you eat and drink can also be a good source of knowing which bad breathcure can work best for you. In some cases, you might find out that your diet might be the source ofyour smelly breath in the first place!The usual intakes that do cause smelly breath are garlic and onion, as well as coffee, milk andalcohol. And speaking of alcohol, avoid all vices if you want to cure your smelly breath! Cigarettescan also cause a lot of gum-related diseases that promote accumulation of foul smells in themouth.Meat can also be a source of smelly breath. So with that in mind, a good bad breath cure remedyis done by eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can.Aside from the usual benefits that your body will get, these can also keep any foul smell fromgenerating in your mouth. Another source of bad breath cure is through consuming yogurt. It canfend off any bacteria in the body, and this includes smelly breath-causing ones.Other Possible CuresBe wary of the medicine that you use. Anti-depressants and diuretics tend to lower the productionof saliva. This can be bad since lower levels of saliva means higher possibility of halitosis.So if you take these medications, drink lots and lots of water in order to compensate for the loss ofsaliva. Avoiding stressful situations is bad breath cure practice that you can do. It might seemindirect but stress can affect the possibility of having halitosis.Listen to soothing music and exercise regularly. And of course, stay positive!There are medications that can serve as bad breath cure. But in order to save up a little more, trygoing with the more conventional methods.Obviously you want to learn more about curing your bad breath and you can find out more about iton the internet.
  3. 3. For the absolute best information on bad breath cure and how to cure it, tips tricks and besttechniques for having the sweetest smelling breath around visit Marc The Smelly Breath CureGuys website at http://www.smellybreathcure.com. Here you will discover the finest facts onhaving the best breath around!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marc_Savage==== ====Bad Breath Curehttp://bb50ciynemiu4z32mj2wlr6v6g.hop.clickbank.net/==== ====