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Microsoft Audio Conferencing

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork, bringing everything together in a shared workspace where people can chat, call, share files, work with business apps, and yes, hold effective meetings. Teams delivers a unique end-to-end meeting experience that brings back the human element of face-to-face interaction while helping people stay focused before, during and after the meeting.

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Microsoft Audio Conferencing

  1. 1. Audio Conferencing 10/1/20 – 3/31/21
  2. 2. In a commissioned report, Microsoft learned more about the challenges employees face today STRESSES OF TODAY’S MEETINGS 60% 57% are unsatisfied with their current meetings find meetings unproductive Other 2% Collaboration 22% Status 27% Sharing 19% Formal 12% Customer 18% ~50% of meetings are status or collaborative • Longer than planned • Attendees multi-tasking • Attendees unprepared • Late attendees • Not on time • Hard to schedule everyone • Too many meetings ACROSS ALL MEETING TYPES: MULTIPLE TOOLS NEEDED MORE MODERN MEETINGS NEEDED
  3. 3. Microsoft Teams Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Customize& extend with 3rd party apps, processes, and devices Work with confidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  4. 4. Meetings for everyone Consistent experience while at home, on the go, at your desk and in-room Supports all types of spontaneous, scheduled and formal connections: 1:1, team to large groups. Choices for internal, external and broad communication Meetings just work - Great audio/video and sharing over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Worldwide infrastructure and global peering points for optimized traffic Built on the same security, compliance and manageability of Office 365 Meet anywhere Meet with confidence Ongoing, contextual collaboration keeps people connected and gets work done faster Bring your meeting to life with video. Easy sharing with content at your fingertips. Leverage AI for meeting assistance before, during, and after connections Meet with intelligence
  5. 5. Enable dial-in Audio Conferencing, available in 100+ countries Commercially available in 100+ countries Dial-in numbers for 110+ countries and 400+ cities Dial-out support to 190+ countries Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in 44 languages and dialects For current list of available dial-in and dial-out countries, please visit our countries list
  6. 6. Teams and SFB Services !In order to use Skype for Business Phone System, Audio Conferencing, and Calling Plans, a customer must have already purchased and deployed Skype for Business Plan 2. 2Audio Conferencing will be available for $0 from 10/1/20 – 3/31/21. Post promotion, Audio Conferencing has different price points in different channels. Please refer to specific channel pricing. 3Toll-free and International Dial-out conferencing capabilities may incur additional per minute Communications Credits charges. Customers can disable this feature to avoid additional billing. Phone System Audio Conferencing Calling Plan Availability Stand Alone Purchases1 $8 $02 $12 Domestic $24 International Included in Office 365 E5 ● ● Features End-user call handling: (answer, hold, transfer, sim ring) ● Setup and use call designation ● Team Calling ● Use IP Desk Phone ● Set and enforce calling policies ● Enable Emergency calling for users ● Skype for Business Plus CAL ● Dial-in for Skype Meetings ● Meeting Dial-out to phone numbers3 ● Toll Free Dial-in Conferencing3 ● Emergency Calling ● Phone number assignment ● Inbound calling ● Outbound calling (Domestic/int’l) ●
  7. 7. Teams Audio Conferencing Included Services vs. Services that Incur Communications Credits: Per User Location Audio Conferencing capabilities (e.g. domestic dial-out) are determined based on the location where the meeting organizer is assigned, regardless of the tenant enrollment location. If a US-based company assigns a user in France, the meeting organizer in France will be able to use Domestic Dial-Out capabilities to other users in France. Communications Credits rates that are charged per minute are based on the billing address of the contract enrollment and not the physical location of the meeting organizer. Audio Conferencing Billing and Provisioning Scenario Contoso Inc., a US-based company has users in both the US and France. The billing address for the enrollment is in the US. Audio Conferencing users are assigned in the US and France. They have a Communications Credits account in place. Enrollment: US Billing Address: US Users: US and France United States France User Location Audio Conf Capabilities Communications Credits Users assigned in the United States will be able to use Domestic Dial- out capabilities to US based numbers. International Dial-out rates would apply when calling users in France or any other location. Users assigned in the France will be able to use Domestic Dial-out capabilities to France based numbers. International Dial-out rates would apply when calling users in the United States or any other location. Since the billing address associated with the enrollment is based in the US, any per minute usage charges will be subject to US rates, regardless of whether the meeting organizer is assigned in the US, France, or any other location