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App promotion trend in Japan


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App promotion trend in Japan

  1. 1. Business Development Group Mobile Division Daisuke Maeda copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 2 Profile プロフィール Daisuke Maeda General Manager/ Mobile Division Adways Inc. Japan July 2011: Joined Adways and contributed to sales of smartphone ad business. April 2013: Promoted to sales manager and also deputy director of new business development. April 2014: Became a general manager of mobile division where does game app ad business. 2
  3. 3. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 3 Agenda Introduction of App Promotion Trend in Japan ADWAYS App Promotion Strategy Trend in Japan For Japan Expansion
  4. 4. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 4 1,494,393,000 Yen Overall Employee 970 Adways Company Profile [As of Dec 2014] [As of Dec 2014] Company Name Adways Inc. Foundation Date 2001/2/28 38F Sumitomo Fudousan Shinjuku Grand Tower, 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 1606138, Japan Haruhisa Okamura Headquarters CEO Capital Fund Employees Domestic Subsidiary Overseas Subsidiary Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Fukuoka China/Hongkong/South Korea/Taiwan/Philipines/ Indonesia/Singapore/Vietnum/Thailand/USA Company Profile
  5. 5. Tokyo, Japan Shanghai, China Beijing, China Seoul, Korea Taipei, Taiwan Hong Kong San Francisco, USA Jakarta, Indonesia Hanoi, Vietnam Bangkok, Thailand Philippines Singapore India Adways Inc. has overseas subsidiaries in over 11 countries and support marketing in each country. Why Adways? ~Strong Global Network~ 5copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Traffic 700,000 Installs! Monthly # of Installs 100,000 Installs! # of Registrations 50,000 Registrations! Why Adways? ~Strong Our Own Ad Networks in Japan~ 6copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Promotion Strategy 7
  8. 8. Utilize Case Studies/Branding/Acquire More New Users Bussiness Goal Setting for Campaign 「Target Online RPG Users as much as possible!」 Leading the potential users to app market and maximize app revenue by using the accumulated Cookie data and IDFA on pre-registration website is our business goal. We operate campaign based on ROAS/LTV data on 3rd party tracking tool.  Look-a-Like Targeting  Utilize core-user’s data Business Goal Secure Target Users Secure the contact point with dropout users Maximized User Acquisition  Retargeting campaign with accumulated data  Advertize periodical in-game event Approach to respective User Categories(Adtech・Creative) Analyze competitive app and identify who to approach. 【Goal】 【Merit】 Acquire New Users Recall Drop-out Users Goal Setting 8copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Schedule Fueling user’s fascination before app launch is the most important point for maximizing the target user acquisition. Pre-launch Post-launch Operation Phase StrategyKPI Acquisition of High Potential Users Rank UP on App Store Campaign Campaign Planning Target Active Users # of pre- registrations PDCA Operation based on ROAS/CVs/ CPI ROAS based campaign optimization Analyze Payment Rate and ROAS by Respective Traffic Promotion Strategy 9copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. High Conversion Volume Rate Zone copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 10 How We Select Promotion Traffic SEM (App Title) ※Famous App Titles The latest Action/High (High retention/High payment etc…) Affiliate Ad The latest Action/Low (Low Retention etc..) Conversion Rate/High Conversion Rate/Low 【Correlation Chart by publishers & Conversion Volume】 Select the Best Traffic from High Conversion Volume Rate Zone Analyze Both Volume & Quality and Construct Campaigns Based on KPI NonIncentive-CPI “Smart-C” (Naver) Facebook “MobileAppInstall” (payment user targeting) CPC Ad network (web publisher/Banner) CPC Ad network (web publisher/Rectangle) CPC Ad network (App publisher/Banner) CPC Ad network (App publisher/Rectangle) Promotion Method
  11. 11. ①Pre-Launch (Pre-registration service・Teaser Website), ②Post-Launch(Optimize the distribution based on the data acquired in pre-launch phase) 11copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. Advertial Fami-tsu App etc.. SNS Ad (Twitter/FaceBook) Search Ad SEM(Google/Y!) ▼Awareness Improvement ▼Action/Conversion AppStore/GooglePlay AppUsers Blank Blowser Pop-up/Initial App Launch Ad Networks SNS ▼Data Integration ClearEvents ・ In-apppurchase Official Website Campaign Strategic Planning(Data Utilization)Post-LaunchPre-Launch CPC Ad Network (ex. i-mobile/nend) Our own Traffic Smart-C(Naver) Pre-registration Service Lobi/Hayatoku/Flying Gacha etc. YOYAKU TOP10 RegistrationForm Finish Registration Promotion Strategy
  12. 12. 12 Campaign Operation
  13. 13. Combine official teaser website campaign and paid promotion through YOYAKU TOP and others ⇒ Higher ROI/More users/More qualified users Pre-registration PhaseAcquisition of Pre-registration Users The Best Quality Traffic Get Registrations Viral Effect [Official Teaser Website] YOYAKU TOP10‘s Gacha Function Activate Users copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 13
  14. 14. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 14 Burst Campaigns ~App Store Algorithm~ 2014/1 US Free AppsRanking 68,0001-5位 51,0006-10位 36,00011-25位 27,00026-50位 The most important elements of App Store Algorithm is the number of installs. When aiming for higher ranking on App Store, days, campaign period, and time are crucial to successful burst campaigns. App Store Algorithm Top Free Based on # of installs in the last 48 hrs. Ranking is updated approx. every 3 hrs. Top Paid Top Grossing The total amount of IAP in the last 48 hours. Paid Apps 4,900 4,000 1,800 1,100 JAPAN 37,000 31,000 16,000 12,000 1,000 620 320 200 16,00051-100位 570 5,600 90 Will get you to the top in Japan Acquisition on AppDriver + Organics through ranking *The number is the daily average *All number is from the average data Burst Campaigns Free Apps Paid Apps Based on # of installs in the last 48 hrs. Ranking is updated approx. every 3 hrs.
  15. 15. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 15 Burst Campaigns ~Google play Algorithm~ Below are 4 key elements to break into top new free ranking. (According to research by Adways’ analytic team) Google Play Key Metrics for Top New Free Ranking. In addition to installs, G+1, reviews, and DAU play a huge role in Google Play algorithm. Based on the recent data, the number of downloads in the last 10 days have the most effect on ranking. The more uninstalls you have, the worse it performs but if the ranking is oddly high, your app can be deleted from the AppStore. For above reasons, Adways suggests running burst campaign for several days. Further, we recommend using networks that allow users to launch the app once a day. This will drive approximately 2,000 DAU. # of Installs in 1 week Users with high retention % DAU & MAU Reviews Burst Campaigns
  16. 16. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 16 Smart-C Smart-C is able to drive users that are truly interested in the app and generate high retention rate and IAP %. Smart-C, the #1 mobile affiliate ad network in Japan, enables you to acquire highly motivated users from high-quality publishers. With Smart-C, it is possible to publish ads on Japan’s largest review media on a CPI basis. ▼Keyword examples: Free App, Android App, iPhone App, Camera App, Movie, App’s name, Company name etc… Setting keywords related to your apps Listings/SEO Media Smart-C has operating team that could improve ads effects by adjusting keywords and SEO Publishing ads on app review media Review Media On Smart-C, advertisers are able to place ads on large app review media The largest blogger network in Japan Bloggers Smart-C owns over 4,000 bloggers from artists to normal bloggers. Being able to target female users is a huge advantage. Smart-C ~Non-Incentivized CPI~
  17. 17. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 17 Utilizing Ad Networks ~Basic Operation~ Ad Network Adways creates banners with various themes so that we are able to identify what kind of users were interested in which banners, and which characters are most popular among specific users. We create next banners based on these results. By not narrowing your target audience in the earlier stage of the campaign, an advertiser is able to successfully acquire a large number of users. Able to acquire a large volume Main Small volume but with unique targeting and ad units. Sub
  18. 18. Creative Composition We will analyze creative performance based on CTR/CVR and constantly create new banners. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. Game’s atmosphere and stories Creatives that show game settings and stories Characters Using popular and unique characters Game systems Telling users about the game features and graphics Campaigns and news Informing in-game events and collaboration info ※Commute time and midnight works the best. Sleep users Creatives used for users that used to play the game before copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 18 Creatives
  19. 19. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 19 Ad Networks ~Optimization~ Optimize publishers Creative Optimization ○Characters ○Structure(texts/free buttons) ○Creative sizes PAUSE poor- performing pubs Delivery Time Optimization ○Commute time ○Daytime ○Late night PAUSE poor- performing creatives Campaign Structure Optimization ○CPC ○Targeting PAUSE poor- performing campaigns Good Bad Ad Network
  20. 20. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 20 Ad Networks ~Characteristics of Publishers~ In the earlier stage, Adways builds campaigns with white- listed pubslishers based on case studies Anime Pubs(Web&App) nend/i-mobile niconico You Tube Manga/Anime Image Forums Shosetsuka ni Naro Anime Watch Anisoku Seiyu☆Sokuho Anizo About the Pubs Banners with voice actresses and characters tend to perform well. Works best for finding out the best performing characters. Game Pubs(Web) nend/i-mobile GameWith Game Koryaku Kanzen Zukan Ore Teki Game Sokuho Game Reviews GAYM Hachima Kiko About the Pubs Users on above media include hardcore gamers; therefore, banners of game scenes and characters tend to perform well. Casual Pubs(APP) nend/i-mobile Nezumi Daku Daku Kure Shin Run Chariso Manbo About the Pubs Publishers with game user audience, thus the low CPI. However, acquired users tend to leave the app early. Large Media(Web) nend/i-mobile livedoor blog Bokete Uranai Tsuku-ru 2ch related pubs About the Pubs Above media own massive traffic; therefore, this category of publishers work the best for finding out which creatives perform well among the general audience. ※直近の傾向に基づき提示しておりますので、配信のタイミングで変更する可能性が御座います。 Ad Network
  21. 21. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 21 Targeting Summary of Each Network By utilizing characteristics of each network, Adways will build the most effective campaigns and optimize accordingly. App Targeting Device ID Targeting CV Expansion De-targeting Key words IAPUser Targeting nend ○ ○ i-mobile ○ ○ BLADE ○ ○ Facebook ○ ○ ○ Twitter ○ ○ ○ ○ GDN ○ ○ ○ ○ YDN ○ Ad Network
  22. 22. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 22 Promotion Trend
  23. 23. ①Pre-registration(Official/teaser websites)②Post-launch –detarget based on ① results 23copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. Reviews e.g. Famitsu Adnetworks witter/FB Search Ads SEM(Google/Y!) ▼Enhancing Recognition ▼行動転換手法 AppStore/GooglePlay AppUsers First Launch Browser (White page) ADNW SNS ▼接触手法( Data Integration) CompletingEvents ・ IAP Official website Campaign Structures(Utilizing Data)AfterAppLaunchPre-Registration Adnetworks i-mobile/nend 自社媒体 Smart-C(Naver Matome) Pre-Reg Platforms Lobi/Hayatoku/Flying Gacha Website Yoyaku Top 10 RegistrationEntry Complete Pre-Registration Promo Strategies
  24. 24. Yoyaku Top 10 is able to collect data of users who have visited the platform. Having the data allows you to expand your target audience and reach the similar hardcore users. 事前フェーズCollecting Data of Hardcore Gamers STEP1 copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 24 Collect pre-registration users’ data Target similar users STEP2
  25. 25. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 25
  26. 26. For Japan Expansion copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 26
  27. 27. Japanese users tend to look at App Stores very carefully. Icons and screenshots make a huge difference in CVR as well as store description of the app. ▼What users focus on when downloading apps (in order) 1) Icons 2) Screenshots 3) Reviews★★★ 4) Store description 5) Videos 6) App name To increase the CVR, icons and screenshots are extremely important. App Store Optimization (Icons & Screenshots) 27copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  28. 28. It is important to create screenshots that are able to tell the story to potential users. Below are some of the elements that should be included in the screenshots. 1st Game logo + Title opening 2nd Game Concepts 3rd Differentiation point ① 4th Differentiation Point ② 5th Game atmosphere Creatives Examples of Screenshots App Store Optimization (Icons & Screenshots) 28copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  29. 29. The Japanese users tend to stay app store to get app information as much as possible. Having video on app store is very important point because the video will appeal game visual & contents image and improve install rate. Most of the Japanese app developers have their game video on their app store. The Importance of Video on App Store App Name Video Monster Strike No Puzzle & Dragons Yes LINE:Disney Tsumtsum Yes Shironeko Project Yes Ken to Mahou no Roguresu Yes Final Fantasy Record Keeeper Yes ▼TOP Grossing App on GooglePlay App Store Optimization(Video) 29copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  30. 30. The most important point for Japanese market deployment would be Culturalization. The Japanese game users are really sensitive about App Quality & Reliability of the app developer, which means the quality of Culturalization has to be the top- priority for overseas app developer. There are lots of unsuccessful case studies that overseas app developers who made less of culturalization and ended up with paying wasteful advertizing fee for low- retention & low-payment users. Most of the successful developers built a partnership with local publisher or get enough expertise for Japanese market and built a partner ship with strong advertising agency. Translation Debug Narration Font type Culturalization 30copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  31. 31. 1. App Promotion 2. ASO (App Store Optimization) 3. Culturalization Key Points for Japanese Market Deployment 31copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved.
  32. 32. copyright(c)Adways Inc.Rights Reserved. 32 감사합니다! Contact: maeda.daisuke@adways.net