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Daktari Newsletter Sept-Oct 2012

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Daktari Newsletter Sept-Oct 2012

  1. 1. By Katrien Vermeulen
  2. 2. Hello, I’m Nesha and Indian elephant who travelled all the way fromIndia to South- Africa to help the animals scare away the poachers.And since I’m telling you all the news at Daktari I might as wellintroduce myself. One of the volunteers (Agnes Deblangy) donatedthe story about me coming to South-Africa to help unite the animalsagainst the poachers. This way the volunteers can teach the childrenabout the effects of poaching. Daktari is very thankful for thiswonderful idea and it works like a charm! The children are veryinterested and even sing along with the songs I sing with my friends.Visit their website.
  3. 3. There is a lot of new animal news from the past 2months! First of all I would like to tell you aboutthe ostrich eggs. Our ostriches Mr. & Mrs. Strausshave been 2 very lucky birds, we found 3 eggs intheir enclosures! Unfortunately Mrs. Strauss kicksthe eggs around and doesn’t take care of them. Sowe decided to take them away from her and putthem in the incubator. Let’s hope they hatch so wecan add new baby Strausses to the family. 
  4. 4. Hello dearest readers, I am one of the pretty tortoises at Daktari.Some of us have been very busy lately and gave the nice peopletaking care of us 3 eggs!! In the wild we bury our eggs but here inHoedspruit the soil is extremely hard so we can’t dig into theground. Luckily, Daktari has a lot of motivated volunteers whohave dug us a small hole and put the eggs in there. It takes 12 to18 months for our eggs to hatch so let’s hope we have some newadditions next year.
  5. 5. Hi fellow primates, I’m Princess Maya and I recently made a newfriend named King Kong. As you can see he follows me aroundeverywhere, I know he looks up to me because I’m awesome! Inthe end I’m very happy to have his company, but don’t tellanyone I said so . Hello, I’m Willington aka Willy (scrub hare) and I was born in the village where my mother died recently  One of Daktari’s former students found me and made sure that Daktari was going to help me! I’m so happy here at Daktari, all the volunteers want to feed and pet me, I have found paradise!!!
  6. 6. Hello, you probably remember me from the last newsletter, I’m Easy the duiker and since my time at Daktari, I’ve been doing very well. In fact, I have so many friends here, all the dogs and squirrels love me, the volunteers can’t get enough of me, always trying to take pictures, because I’m awesome! I know I’m cute, so if you would like to see more updates of me, please check my Facebook Roarrrr, good to see you again, I’m Zulu as youprobably know. 3 months ago Daktari sent meto a reserve to prepare me to go back to thewild! My dream finally came true when they letme go back to my homeland. I’m now setting upmy territory, finding some cute ladies andhunting everyday. Absolutely love it!!!Sometimes I do miss my brother Shangan, but Iknow he loves it at Daktari.
  7. 7. Hi there DaktariI-supporters, my name is Scotty. I am an African HawkEagle. In September I was found on a game reserve in Phalaborwawith a broken wing. Luckily the people who found me calledDaktari, my saviours!! Two extremely handsome guys came to get meand are now taking very good care of me. I’ve gone through quite arough period lately… I even had to have surgery  Luckily all wentwell and I am now recovering from this harsh blow. There is even asmall chance I might fly again!!  Everybody has their fingers crossedsince I still have such a long life ahead of me. As you can see myfeathers are all brown, this means I am still very young because adultowls are black and white.Hello everyone, Youprobably don’t knowwhat I am. But I’mactually a bushbaby thatis just a couple of days inthis world. My mom(Poncho) couldn’t pick aname for me, so sheasked the help of ourreaders and they decidedthat my name from nowon wil be Diego 
  8. 8. Hi everybody, we are some of theDaktari eco-club students. We had theopportunity to come and visit theSustainable Living Festival inHoedspruit, where Andreas andRisette represented Daktari. This gaveus a great chance to speak to differentorganisations involved in sustainableliving and nature conservation. Wesaw a great video from theendangered species centre, wedisplayed our hand paintings to‘pledge for recycling’ and we learnedmore about glass recycling from Karla(our ex-volunteer coordinator)! It wasan amazing day.We also had the honour to hear(rhino) Chris Daniel, who wroteBongi’s Quest, read his book. He evenmade the time to speak to us andtake a picture with us!
  9. 9. Hi, my name is Maite and I’m a member of Ramatau eco-club, I’m alsoa part of the ABSA sponsored students.We did a very interesting exercise with the club the other day; Risettedivided us in smaller groups and asked us to discuss the problems wesee in our community, all in our own language and after 45 minutes wewrote them on little cards (in English) and we put them on a big flipchart. We then discussed the issues and identified the two biggestchallenges in our community. Afterwards, we tried to think of goodsolutions. It was really interesting. Now, you all want to know what wecame up with right?The biggest problem according to us is unemployment and lack ofeducation. All the club members decided that we are the ones who aregoing to help change this!
  10. 10. The ABSA students want to thank the Bushwise students for taking the time to come over to Daktari for extra nature lessons. This time the Bushwise students (who are in training to become field guides) made a lesson about identifying birds and tracks. They took the ABSA students around camp and they explained all the different tracks and how to identify which animal left that track. This lesson inspired one of the students to change his goal in life, he now really wants to become a tracker!Hi we are Kabelo and Kutullo, we are two of the selected ABSA students. Inrecent months we have been very busy with the second half of our training,proudly sponsored by ABSA. This includes getting to know yourself, yourdreams, your goals and making a plan on achieving them. We also learnhow to write a CV and a cover letter and what to do and what not to doduring a job interview. It didn’t seem too difficult, but pffffft, we are tiredby the end of the week, our brain’s are fried. It is very interesting to thinkabout yourself, it is something new and we learn a lot. It is also the firsttime for most of us to use a computer to type our CV!
  11. 11. HI EVERYBODY!I’m Grace and I’m also a member of the eco-club andABSA. I would just like to say THANK YOU to everybodywho is sponsoring and supporting us, like Gemma, Tessaand her family Roel & Caroline, Marise and many others.We also love it when volunteers come to the schools tomeet us!
  12. 12. As you probably know, we have a lot of animals atDaktari, including 6 dogs who eat a lot of dog food. LuckilyHILL’S donated a huge supply of dog food last month, sowe would like to thank them! (especially:Bullet, Candy, Bouba, Mr. Gucci Bijoux, Mirabelle andLoki, Spikey the porcupine, Easy the duiker and manymore)Visit their website. Every Thursday a guide takes the children out on a bushwalk to teach the children about animals, trees and tracks. If we are very lucky we may spot animals such as girrafe, wilde beest, zebra. Everytime this happens you can see how excited the children are to see such a large animal so close to our camp. Unfortunetly, we are not always so lucky. FORMALITO were kind enoguh to donate a new cameratrap to us so every group will get a chance to see how close the animals get to our camp everynight. We have our fingers crossed that a rare animal such as a serval or pangolin crosses our path. Visit their website.
  13. 13. STIHL has been a very generous over the years donating severalpower tools to us. We are very happy to anounce that they havemade another donation to us of a heavy duty brush cutter. Ourmaintenance staff are very happy with this becasue so much timewill be saved, which they can spend doing other things aroundcamp. Visit their website. As you know our children love to learn about different animals, but unfortunetly we didnt have many up to date magazines for them to read. This is where Africa Geographic have helped Daktari and all the children who want to learn. They donated 300 back copies of their magazine and 227 birding books to us and all the children will be able to read them whenever they have free time. Visit their website.
  14. 14. We would also like to thank: Donation of R20000 from an anonymous donor! Gotthif Riexinger organised a party for his birthday and gave all its benefit to Daktari Germany. Thank you Gotthif for such a great idea and support  Mad Mimi, providing us with online marketing. Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email marketing online. View their website. Arja and Wilco, children of previous volunteers Anga and Gerrit Dijkhout from the Netherlands organised a birthday party in benefit of Daktari. They raised 820 Euros. Fantastic fundraising and such a good idea. We recently built a new boma where the children have their leaving party and bon fire, this was kindly sponsored by one of previous volunteers, Kayley Flukes who raised $1550 AUD. One of our current volunteers Lizzy Garland organised a mini-golf tournament before arriving at Daktari and raised $688 AUD.Lizzy Kayley
  15. 15. Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, SouthAfrica Teach over 200 EcoSwift number: FIRN ZA JJ Club kids in ruralBranch Number: 270652 villagesAccount Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) UK US (Tax (Tax62044965129 Deductible DeductibleName: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa in UK) in US) Click on required Global Giving icon to donateStichting Daktari Bush School NederlandKvK 53826736ANBI Stichting EnvironmentalING 5254438 te Rosmalen Education for over 300 underprivileged childrenBank: Sparkasse Münsterland-OstBankleitzahl: 40050150Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888.Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V. Text GIVE 2376 to 80088 to give $10!!Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule & $10.00 donation to GlobalGiving. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. AllWildwaisen - Station purchases must be authorized by account holder. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 80088 to STOP. Text HELP to 80088 for HELP. Full Terms: mGive.org/T. Privacy policy: goto.gg/privacy Donate by Pay Pal
  16. 16. Shiloweni still needsmore sponsors of R200 Alex & Sam ourper month, Spotted Eagle Owlsto fill his big appetite! need someone to sponsor them for R200 each a month. Tugela & Molopo need someone to sponsor them for just R200 each per month. Our Leguaan Lazarus needs a new sponsor for R200 per month.Eeyore our blinddonkey, Caline andher baby Elfie, need asponsors R300 each amonth. Elvis the Pied Crow needs a sponsor. Just R200 per month. Please check our website for all the animals. Thank YOU!