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Health promotion

Any combination of health education & related organizational, economic & political interventions designed to facilitate behavioral & environmental changes conducive to health.

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Health promotion

  1. 1. HEALTH PROMOTION Dr. Dalia El-Shafei Assist.Prof., Community Medicine Department, Zagazig University http://www.slideshare.net/daliaelshafei
  2. 2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1) Define health promotion. 2) Identify different types of health promotion programs. 3) Demonstrate how to develop and assess health promotion program. 4) Identify problems facing health promotion in developing countries.
  3. 3. Any combination of health education & related organizational, economic & political interventions designed to facilitate behavioral & environmental changes conducive to health. Process of enabling people to increase control over the determinants of health to improve their health. Positive concept to health, strengthening the reserves for, and reducing the risks to health. HEALTH PROMOTION
  4. 4. CRITERIA FOR DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMS Address one or more risk factors which is carefully defined, measurable, modifiable & prevalent among the members of chosen groups, factors that constitute a threat to the health status & quality of life of target group members. Reflect a consideration of the special characteristics, needs, and preferences of its target group. Include interventions which will clearly and effectively reduce a targeted risk factors and are appropriate for a particular setting. Identify & implement interventions which makes optimum use of available resources. Should be organized, planned, and implemented in such way that its operation and effects can be evaluated.
  5. 5. TYPES OF HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMES Community- based health promotion. Work site- based health promotion. School- based health promotion. Health promotion in health care setting
  6. 6. HEALTH PROMOTION ELEMENTS OR APPROACHES Healthy population Healthy lifestyle Healthy surroundings (setting) All three approach are part of package
  7. 7. HEALTHY POPULATION All efforts are done to increase health for all life stages and group. Since needs of people vary according to their stage in life cycle or their gender, the population approach encourages initiatives that focus on health needs and contributions of people at every life stage.
  8. 8. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Focuses more on behavior of individuals and how their decisions and actions can lead to healthier outcomes Physical Activity +ve mental health Avoid chronic stress Healthy diet Avoid smoking Sleeping well
  9. 9. HEALTHY SURROUNDINGS (SETTING) Environmental conditions Economic conditions Social conditions
  10. 10. HOW TO ASSESS HEALTH PROMOTION ACTIVITIES Health KAP Social action & influence Legislation & regulation Resource allocation for health Improved health indicators ↑ Productivity & ↓ absenteeism ↓ Medical care utilization ↓ Health care cost
  11. 11. Role of individual in health promotion • Health awareness. • Early seeking medical advice. • Compliance to treatment. • Healthy habits &lifestyle • Good nutrition. • Genetic counseling. • Change bad health traditions Role of government in health promotion • Health services. • Health policy. • Laws & legislation. • Environmental health. • Sufficient budget for health. • Co-operation of all ministries
  12. 12. The 1st international conference on health promotion was in Ottawa in 1986.
  14. 14. Central to the global development agenda Core responsibility for all of governments Key focus of communities & civil society Requirement for good private practice HP THE 4 KEY COMMITMENTS NEEDED TO MAKE GLOBAL PROMOTION OF HEALTH
  15. 15. • To close the health gap between rich and poor and to address all the harmful effects of trade products, services and marketing strategies. HP should be central to the global development agenda: • Because health is a major determinant of socioeconomic & political development, governments must give priority to investments in health, within and outside the health sector and provide sustainable financing for health promotion. HP should be a core responsibility for all of governments: • As they often lead in initiating, shaping and undertaking health promotion, they need to have the rights, resources and opportunities of sustainable contribution. They support for capacity building. HP should be a key focus of communities and civil society: • Private sector has a responsibility to ensure health and safety in the workplace, their employees, their families and communities. Protect from global environmental change by complying with international regulations. HP should be a requirement for good private practice:
  16. 16. PROBLEMS FACING HEALTH PROMOTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Poverty Economic priority Education deficiency Political instability Intersectoral in cooperation Commercial interests Double burden of diseases Speed of change