"What is left to do?", Dublin Core 2012 Keynote

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Data Viz Barcamp, Amsterdam

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APIs and URLs for Social TV

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Intertwingularity, Semantic Web and linked Geo data

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Harmony project - JISC Synthesis meeting 2001

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AR Dev Amsterdam

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SemWeb Fundamentals - Info Linking & Layering in Practice

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Acronym Soup

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XMPP, TV and the Semantic Web

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NoTube User Model slides

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Dagstuhl FOAF history talk

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NoTube: Investigating Lonclass

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Understanding the Standards Gap

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Introducing Joost Widgets (2007 talk)

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BBC foaf talk

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BBC SemWeb panel: Where does OpenID fit in?

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How To Make Friends And Inference People

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One Big Happy Family

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