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Digital Consumer Sentiment Analysis

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"I've enclosed a slide showcasing a potential process for quickly identifying consumer perceptions of a brand online. The crude output is a graded score that may be positive or negative, which directly correlates with the actual perception, to easily demonstrate results to those not involved in the process. A selection of keywords can also be noted to create a weighted keyword cloud. Most of the process could likely be automated with keyword tracking and basic scraping tools."

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Create a single PowerPoint or Keynote slide telling us your concept for a yet to be invented tool that might help strategists and planners in their daily work lives. This tool might be a template that can help you to make a decision, structure a conversation or complete a task. Or it could be your first thoughts on how better to use technology to uncover brand, consumer or market understanding and insight. We don’t expect perfection, but we are looking for an original answer

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Digital Consumer Sentiment Analysis

  1. 1. Digital Consumer Sentiment AnalysisAnalyse Sentiment of Results Analyse Sentiment Of 25 Analyse Sentiment Of 25 From Page One Of Most Recent Third Party Most Recent Third Party Top 3 Search Engines Website Comments Social Media Comments Generate Quick Website Analyse Opening/Closing Perception Feedback With Email Or Phone Last Five Sentiment of 25 Most Recent Five Second Flash Tests Customers For Feedback Support Requests (fivesecondtest.com) Grade Each Box +/- Five Points Based Upon Sentiment & Note Recurring Keywords DANIELMCCLURE.COM/DCSA