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Start up your idea, make it real

My recent presentation to a group of pre-entrepreneur group of people.

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Start up your idea, make it real

  1. 1. Start up your idea,make it real! it’s time. it’s you. Danny Lin danny@dannyimages.com Photo by Ojie Paloma
  2. 2. a little about me2004-2007. Head of Communication Products @ Yahoo!2008. Lead PM, Taiwan & Hong Kong @ Google2009. COO @ Online Game Company2010. Managing Director, APAC @ Plurk
  3. 3. startup startup is a company with a limited operating history. These companies, generally newly created, are in a phase of development and research for markets.
  4. 4. the world is a lab.Photo by Peter Čuhalev
  5. 5. iterate, iterate, iterate.Photo by oskay
  6. 6. be focus.Photo by ~dgies
  7. 7. it’s about user, not business model.Photo by Joe Shlabotnik
  8. 8. do it now, better than just do it right.Photo by ali edwards
  9. 9. everyone is anatural born backpacker.