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How To Be A Disaster On Twitter

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Twitter is a powerful medium that allows businesses to disappoint customers, alienate influencers and convince others to never become followers. It presents an ideal platform to create puzzling social media contests or #hashtagsthatbreakworldrecordsforlengthandconfusion. This presentation by Marketing Land founding editor Danny Sullivan covers ways that businesses can tap into Twitter and enjoy an excess of fail. #EndSarcasm. In seriousness, the presentation covers both failures and ways to avoid them and achieve success on Twitter.

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How To Be A Disaster On Twitter

  1. INBOUND15 HOW TO FAIL AT TWITTER Observations From A Twitter Enthusiast & Semi-“Twitter Famous” Person Danny Sullivan Founding Editor, Marketing Land
  2. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Twitter Famous?
  3. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/daily-news/2014/11/twitter-anil-dash
  4. https://medium.com/message/nobody-famous-37790cb4d014
  5. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Many followers without being an offline celebrity or…
  6. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Anyone someone might view as an “influencer”
  7.  TWITTER FAMOUS: People & brands reach out because my of followers  INFLUENCER: People & brands reach out because of my job My Many Lives On Twitter
  8.  REGULAR USER: People & brands reach out to me as regular Twitter user…  And I reach out because I just enjoy Twitter as a regular person My Many Lives On Twitter
  9. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #1] When a busy traveler complains….
  10. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Respond with an essay!
  11. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan OMG
  12. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Replying & listening aren’t the same thing
  13. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #1] Read, listen & respond appropriately
  14. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #2] Offer to help but then make it worse!
  15. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Promise vs reality
  16. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #2] Don’t break the customer service promises you make on Twitter
  17. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Credit was issued. Also, I don’t always complain….
  18. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan And more on customer service…
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  20. http://marketingland.com/twitter-customer-service-tips-137991
  21. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #3] Reach out!
  22. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #3] Reach out appropriately
  23. From “Customer Service On Twitter Playbook: 2015 Edition”
  24. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #4] Have a contest with complicated rules!
  25. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Win a t-shirt by…
  26. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Tweeting about us!
  27. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan With this specific hashtag….
  28. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Right now!
  29. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan And log-in to tweet on your iPad!
  30. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Uh, No
  31. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #4] Make it easy for people to share
  32. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #5] Ask questions just to get engagement
  33. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan I – we – are not your Google for things easily found
  34. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan “Real” accounts don’t constantly ask question
  35. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #5] Share things really likely of interest
  36. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #6] Ask to be followed!
  37. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Just don’t
  38. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #6] Be real, be interesting. If people like your tweets, they may follow you for more.
  39. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan Some responses on why people say they follow others…
  40. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [FAIL TIP #7] Jump on a bandwagon!
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  43. From “Customer Service On Twitter Playbook: 2015 Edition” AND see: http://marketingland.com/digiorno-99289
  44. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [WIN TIP #7] Jump on bandwagon with thought & relevancy
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  47. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan [BONUS FAIL TIPS] Crowdsourcing FTW
  48. https://medium.com/message/nobody-famous-37790cb4d014
  49. Celebrities are the same as other users of twitter. They don't like the 'teaspoon dipped into the Mississippi River' aspect of twitter: that they're always missing so much of their feed. And it's the same for them when it comes to retweeting: if you want something retweeted, than post something retweetable! And of course what they like is the reach, immediacy and brevity of the platform.” -- Rob Gregory, CRO of WhoSay
  50. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan  Listen to your followers, don’t blindly respond  Deliver on what you promise on Twitter  Appropriately reach-out & with value #140Takeaways
  51. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan #140Takeaways  Pick the right moments in the right way  Don’t lose sight of building your brand & follower among the “trees” of requirements
  52. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan #More  7 Ways To Fail At Twitter http://marketingland.com/7-ways-to-fail-at-twitter-141809  Marketing Land’s SocialPro Event Nov. 18-19, Las Vegas: use code “inbound” for 10% off  Marketing Land: Social Media Marketing Channel & Weekly Newsletter
  53. INBOUND15 @dannysullivan THANK YOU!