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Developed Countries - GCM 2012 - Workshops

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Developed Countries - GCM 2012 - Workshops

  1. 1. Developed countries Topic Leaders : Benjamin CAVALLI /croix rouge malin & Jacques BERGER / AT Facilitator :Joël BRUGALIERES Scribes : Faisal WALI , Nozomi TAKAYANAGI Participants:What about developed countries? Alicia LISICKI /IMS entreprendre’ Anais ABOU-HASSIRA / mouvement des entrepreneurSocial business has a role Angela DE SANTIAGO /YOUPHILto play in developed Ann EVANS /Danone Baby UKcountries. Charlotte Appert / Toutpourle dire• What are the key learnings Chiara DELMIGLIO /NPHITALIAfrom pioneer social business Christelle MESLE-GENIN/ JOB IRLprojects in Europe ? Claudia MARTINS / AT Portugal• What are the specificities of Fabrizio GAVELLI / DANONE Italiesocial business in western François ROUVIER/ RENAULTcountries ? Guillaume BAPST/ANDES• What are the key Isabelle HENNEBELLE / Lexpansionchallenges ?•How can we promote and Laurent JUBERT / DANONEenhance social business in Maria CHIARA ROTI / NPHITALIAdeveloped countries? Marilu GERMSCHEID / self employed Melanie NOWIK Michel ALBRECHT / Danone Nathalie BALLAN / Sair Da Casca Olivia VERGER / IMS entreprendre Nicolas CORDIER / LEROY MERLIN Sandrine BERTRAND VIALA
  2. 2. Developed countries Executive summeryWhy should you invest in develop countries:• MNCs are here, they can share their experience with you• You can involve them• Exists know how• Money-Resources • Charity funds• NGOs• Entrepre3nuersrial knowledge• Democratic government• Trust fund• The problem is just next to them.
  3. 3. Developed countries DOsProject•Understand the need properly, Check whether it canimprove living standards•Create a vision = Think big•Test concepts with specialists, key actors•Take time to design you business model (LegalIssue, Finance Issue, Marketing, Distribution channel)Cocreation/collaboration•Collaborative approach: create network, involve manydiverse stakeholders, local and national alliances•Co-build with experts•Capitalize on positive facts•Select the right people / partners : very high moral andmotivation with adequate business skillExperimentation•go to the field / learn from the field•test and experiment as much as possible•start small•tolerance to failure/be patient in measuring results•Be patient to measure resultGovernance•Co create . co-pilot; co steer•Build a clear governance•Keep transparencySpirit/ attitude•Be positive, creative and reflexive, open tooptions, feedbacks and criticisms•Never give up, focus on the core business•Share knowledge
  4. 4. Developed countries DON’T’sProject•create and manage to much complexity•make specific product for small number of peopleFinance & legal•Underestimate the cash needed•Underestimate legal issue•Think money first idea second•Think loosing money is part of the SB definition•Spend too much money unless you are sure about themodelNetwork•Work alone•work with too many stakeholders go alone•let the competitors block your projectMarketing issues•Minimize commercial issues•forget commercialization of you projectAttitude:•Think with in the box•Be discouraged•Worry if people are not supporting you•Be impatient•Waste time
  5. 5. Developed countries ChallengesWork with Local structures : identify the ones in direct contact with the poorsFind NGOs to work with.Recruit more ladies in the project. Business cases shared•GM DANONE: worked for over 30 years, now workingOn Social initiative projects•Renault: launched social business launched 1n half year back•Make Sense project: growing in developed countries , contribution to danone.communities / socialbusiness promotion Next possible stepsPotential topics to dig in & possible dates / co-building formats CLOUDSharing NetworkSupporting CoffeeExperimentation convictionJoy positivityAwareness tapeLearning CareEnlighten uncovered needs TWITT•#GCMWS: Social business in developed countries: an opportunity to fulfill the uncovered needs in acrisis context: it is a perfect mix of sense, need and business. Every where you have poverty you needsocial business to mitigate it. Social Business is not utopia, is not philanthropy, is not a standardbusiness. Even social business is dedicated to poverty; it needs to be managed as a business to becomesustainable.