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The Skills & Mindset of a Successful Community Weaver

  1. The Skills and Mindset of a Successful Community Weaver Lisa Colton Darim Online November, 2011
  2. Traditional Mindset: Hub & Spokes
  3. Network Mindset “ connect and collaborate” rather than “command and control”
  4. How is your synagogue like a network? How is it NOT like a network?
  5. Communities evolve in predictable ways Fragments Single-Hub Multi-Hub Core/Periphery Communities often evolve along predictable pathways from fragmented clusters of people interested in a concept, to a single hub-and-spoke when a leader pulls the clusters together, to multiple hubs where a variety of people take responsibility, and finally to a core/periphery with a tight ball of members surrounded by interested hangers on. What do these remind you of in your community?
  6. Think Small. And Big.
  7. Don’t Have All The Answers: Over-functioning leadership disempowers networks
  8. Ask Questions, Tag People
  9. Thrive By Working Together
  10. Listen and Empower What have you learned by listening? Where have you empowered?
  13. Na’aseh v’nishmah
  14. Job Descriptions Program Directors Social Media Managers Community Managers Network Weavers