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Dystopia Student artifact_Bates_2011

Student collaborative work

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Dystopia Student artifact_Bates_2011

  1. 1. 2016 is coming up soon and we think Tokyo is the best place to have it! Tokyo is a city of dreams, a city of the past and the future and it is a perfect place to have the Olympics. BECAUSE Tokyo is a developed country, accessible to everyone, very city and attractive as you can see the background! AND like the Olympics, Tokyo brings a positive image!
  2. 2. ART EXPERTISE  the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form  art is important because it is a way to express emotions and messages through a visual presentation  visual forms of presentation are generally most easy to understand because it involves the sense of ‘sight’
  3. 3.  modern version of a famous Japanese painting  a huge tsunami wave which is about to destroy the surrounding environments
  4. 4.  bright shades of pink colors that the cherry blossoms emit  cherry blossoms are present in many ‘utopian’ paintings in Japan
  5. 5. CULTURAL EXPERTISE  the qualities of a country, person or society regarding arts, manners, rules or way of thinking  important as tradition falls into culture and they are influenced by the history of the country making a culture and tradition special  represents one selves, others or country - makes one self unique and different
  6. 6.  many people don’t think about others and is selfish  rush hour in Tokyo, Japan  people shove and push each other without any kindness
  7. 7.  cultural thing people do called ‘hanami’  the time of the year when people enjoy cherry blossoms, the beauty of nature  peaceful
  8. 8. EDUCATION  to analyze and observe the post-modern characteristics of education in our school K. International school Tokyo
  9. 9.  looks ugly and old when after looking at the west building when coming into the school from the main gate  the trees in front makes the building look old  the shadow of makes the building look more dystopia too
  10. 10.  Our new building west building  gives strong impression to visitors because of the neatness compared with the main building which makes the west building look better, and also  they are safe. For example, Touhoku earthquake in 2011, students were only allowed to go into that building which was safest place in the school
  11. 11. FREE MARKET ECONOMY “A free market economy is an economic system where the government does not interfere in business activity in any way”. The price of goods and services are determined by the system of supply and demand. (Business Dictionary, 2011)
  12. 12.  with a growing economy, there may be a gap within the society of the poor and the wealthy  small businesses or houses will not be able to keep up in the economic growth
  13. 13.  shows that the Tokyo shows economic growth in the society and is financially stable
  14. 14. GEOGRAPHY  the ideas and actions of people that result in changes to the environment and physical characteristics  humans change the environment and the mother nature changes it  area that displays a reasonable unity of the government, language, the landform, and situation
  15. 15.  Tohoku Earthquake on March 11th, 2011 bent the tip of Tokyo Tower  Mother Nature  damage of the symbol of Tokyo - a negative aspect  created another observation tower called “Sky Tree”, a lot taller than the Tokyo tower  started to be built before the earthquake but did not get any damage  as new buildings develop, the old building is replaced and left alone without being fixed
  16. 16.  human modified the environment by creating a building that reflects the aspect of the sky  environment is not just greenery (trees, rain forests) and nature but rather more a feeling  can easily identify that the photograph is some what happy than sad  the reflection of the sky of Japan, Asia is beautiful
  17. 17. SOCIAL WORK  polite greetings  never bother others  help others-volunteer  well organized transportation system  nice manner  follow order
  18. 18.  Earthquake in Tokyo  people are helping to clean up the damaged place  shows Japanese people helping each other
  19. 19.  look polite  they would bow to all people who are visiting their shop  well trained
  20. 20. Tokyo is a city of dreams. Japan is a developed country, still on the way to become a better country. Although developed, Tokyo still values the culture, education, and traditional art from the past. It is the perfect place to have the 2012 Olympics with the balance of city and nature making one wonderful city. It is a city of the future.
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