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Service Brief
Nortel Enterprise Services

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
Effectively plan for and succ...
Assess and Strategize                            •	Mapping	of	critical	resources	to	
a critical network element, which may
            Keep in mind these key questions when considering
to securely access your network from             an annual basis in subsequent years —              Reduce risk
alternate ...
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Nortel Global Services Business Continuity Planning and ...

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Nortel Global Services Business Continuity Planning and ...

  1. 1. Service Brief Nortel Enterprise Services Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Effectively plan for and successfully face the complex operational challenges of business continuity after a major disruption. Challenges process availability, lower tolerance for IT continuity of business operation when a Organizations face a complex challenge system downtime, and more regulatory critical event occurs; and recovery from to ensure continuity in the event of a oversight further increase the pressure on a critical event. Our comprehensive major disruption. Natural disasters, governments, enterprises and carriers to portfolio of services addresses all aspects large-scale power outages and terrorist answer the question: “Are we prepared to of business continuity planning (BCP) attacks are three of the most dramatic meet our key operating objectives in the and disaster recovery (DR) from assess- types of events that have recently exposed event of a major disruption?” ment to verification. network and IT vulnerabilities and Nortel’s Business Consulting Practice highlighted the critical need to miti- Solution leads the Assess, Strategize, Plan, gate risk through proactive business Meet the challenge of readiness for Implement and Verify phases of the BC/ continuity planning. In the aftermath natural and man-made events with Nortel DR solution. This team spans business of a significant event, disaster recovery Enterprise Services end-to-end Business and technical expertise, including: becomes critical, in both the private and Continuity Planning and Disaster public sectors. Ever-increasing customer/ Recovery solution focusing on disaster • Consulting engineers with a deep constituent demands for system and avoidance and impact minimization; understanding of telecommunication and information technology, solutions and environment infrastructures, and their relevance to BC/DR • Broad industry experience: delivery of consulting and managed services to multi-national corporations, telecommunications companies, multi-service operators, government agencies and departments, healthcare, finance and utility industries, as well as small, medium and non-profit organizations
  2. 2. Assess and Strategize • Mapping of critical resources to processes Audit, Assessment and Strategy • Gap identification and Identification Assess recommendations, single points An Audit and Assessment assesses the of failure in existing solutions and Review Refine needs of a customer and identifies the Verify requirements for continuity Strategize risks that may impact a customer’s environment. The engagement includes • Strategy identification for gap Retest Adjust remediation Improve a quantitative analysis of the customer’s current and target preparedness levels. • Recommendation on what solutions Implement Plan The difference between the current and to retain in-house and what to target preparedness levels are inhibitors to outsource enterprise continuity. The gaps are used Sample deliverables include: as input to the strategy recommendations — whereby remediation strategies are • Risk Assessment Workbook recommended to address the continuity • Business Impact Analysis statement • Network and technology strategies inhibitors. and presentation — Exploration of migration to • Gap Analysis Workbook: Current technologies such as high availability Topics included are: preparedness evaluation rated LAN/ WAN/Server/Storage design, • Identification of organizational according to current and target personal mobility and continuity, processes and recovery time objectives preparedness level VPN connectivity, voice, multimedia • Risk analysis for up to 14 subject areas and call center applications • Strategy recommendations for gap which may include: remediation report and presentation • Personal continuity — Identifying – People risks (site access restrictions, technology enablers for workforce pandemic impact, etc.) The services offered include: continuity – Facilities risks (construction, • Strategy identification/risk assessment/ • Application requirements — mechanical, security, etc.) business impact analysis — Used to Devising strategies for application and – Resource risks (architecture identify possible strategies, determine technology survivability requirements, design, policies, availability, which tasks to outsource, what and availability planning interdependencies, etc.) to keep in-house and solutions to – Supplier risks (preparedness, mitigate risks and enable continuity recovery planning, etc.) Assess Strategize Plan Implement Verify Risk Technology BCP Framework BCP/DR Plan Communications BCP Simulation Assessment Strategy and Program Development Redundancy Plan Verification Business Network DR Framework Change Management Managed Off-site DR Plan Impact Analysis Planning and Program Plan Development Data Storage Verification Gap Technology Technology Virtual NOC Managed Managed Assessment Evolution Evolution Plan Implementation VPN Service Activation Test Technology Device/Application Back-up NOC Hosted Audit Consulting Solutions BCP/DR Project Management: Hosted Secure Strategy Facility Requirements Remote Access Consulting Services Network Personal Managed Continuity Technical Training Services Planning 2
  3. 3. a critical network element, which may Keep in mind these key questions when considering be required at short notice, but not at a a Continuity Audit and Assessment: location that can be predicted in advance. • What are my key operating objectives? • How can I ensure I meet customer expectations and Hosted Solution agreements during a major business disruption? The Nortel Hosted Solution Centers can • What components of my infrastructure are critical and be used in the event a customer’s core where are the single points of failure? systems become unavailable. Telephony • What are the gaps that can cause non-compliance to and other capabilities (e.g., call centers) regulatory or legislative concerns? can be redirected and delivered using • How can I ensure I meet customer expectations and the Nortel Hosted solution. agreements during a major business disruption? In addition, with the Nortel Unified Communications solution, the call routes Plan Network Management via a feature (find-me/follow-me) can be Nortel NOC Full or Partial Outsource, In this stage, the BC and/or DR will be activated to allow calls to be directed to or Failover written to align with the customer’s risk any telephone such as home phone, cell tolerance levels for a variety of interrup- Nortel operates a global network of phone, cottage or alternate business line. tions. The DR plan will be a step-by- Network Operation Centers (NOCs) step guide owned by the customer and (including backup and failover support), Secure Data Storage written to allow for consistent execution which can be used to remotely monitor This service ensures that critical customer of the plan by multiple people within customer networks and, where problems data (e.g. switch configuration, network the customer’s organization. Recovery occur, attempt to fix faults remotely. configuration, billing information) is Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery These can be used to provide customer automatically backed up to a remote Point Objectives (RPOs) will be identi- NOC capability in support of Business secure facility. It is also available to fied to align with the customer’s busi- Continuity Plans. Nortel will work provide IT departments and mobile ness continuity requirements and will with the customer to define the actual workers with a powerful, automated integrate with existing program compo- requirements, which will vary from data protection suite. It can be used in nents such as the customer’s existing customer to customer. a standalone mode to protect data on BC framework. If no framework exists, PCs, servers or selected databases. There are three levels of NOC activity Nortel can work with the customer to typically considered by customers as part implement a BC or DR framework and Sourcing of Redundant Service of the Business Continuity Plan imple- program, including a comprehensive Provider Links mentation which Nortel can assist with: incident management program in order Nortel will work on behalf of the to ensure preparedness to continue Options: customer to source redundant network operations during a major incident. • Full outsource of the customer links. Once they are provisioned, our NOC to Nortel NOCs will monitor these links, ensuring This phase includes the training of the they are constantly available, and that customer’s staff resources on the BC/DR • Partial outsource of the customer any problems will be immediately plan. The plan may also include activa- NOC to Nortel to allow redundancy escalated to the appropriate provider tion information for engaging Nortel- • Failover NOC where some or all of and managed to resolution. delivered BC/DR Network Managed the customer NOC capabilities are Services, which become a part of the replicated at a geographically remote Remote Access/Secure VPN Implement stage. site which could be a customer location This hosted service allows customer staff or with one of the Nortel NOCs to continue working even if they are Implement not able to physically access the work- For some customers it may be appro- place. As part of Nortel’s NOC services Nortel provides a full suite of Network priate to have a fold-down capability portfolio, Nortel can provide, monitor Managed Services to ensure your BC/ ready to move and bring into operation and maintain a remote access or VPN DR solution is implemented to your within an agreed Service Level Agreement service for employees and support staff needs. Choose from: (SLA). This could be a mobile NOC or 3
  4. 4. to securely access your network from an annual basis in subsequent years — Reduce risk alternate locations. according to customer requirements. Nortel is a trusted partner that can Plan modification and exercise design draw from best practices worldwide and Additional Services will reflect changes within the business decades of experience in business-critical Nortel can provide project management and its supporting environment. network design and operation. and management of contractors for areas such as: Deliverables include: Meet regulatory requirements • Identifications of test drivers, Gain compliance with, as examples: ISO • Construction required to improve expectations and data to be collected Standards 18501 and 18509, HIPAA, physical security • Research to design exercise scenario SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, AIPA (Italy), • Electrical system failover required Financial Services Authority and Public • Identification of test participants, (with a diesel generator) Records Office (UK), BSI 25999 and resources and equipment required for • HVAC operation and capabilities French standard NF Z 42-013. successful exercising to avoid failure of communication • Required exercise set-ups, recovery End-to-end preparedness equipment due to overheating environments Nortel Business Continuity Planning • Continuity of supply chain including • Scenario and test design consulting and Disaster Recovery offer- IT and OSS suppliers (HP, SUN, • Conduct exercise ings are a complete strategy to address CSC, TTI, MicroMuse, TTI, etc.) any type of potential business disruption. • Training • Evaluate, debriefs, follow-ups • Workforce plans to ensure critical • Assessment of preparedness level, For more information about our Business staff are not all concurrently in the comparison with target preparedness Continuity Planning and Disaster same location level determined in Phase I Recovery services, please contact your Nortel account representative or visit Benefits www.nortel.com/prepare. Verify Nortel offers a BC/DR verification Ensure your overall business service which includes initial Test Plan objectives are achieved development, expectations and time- Obtain expert advice, implement and lines for a DR exercise, verification via verify a long-term BC/DR strategy execution and modification to the DR based on comprehensive process and Plan according to test outputs. The technology analysis; solve operational verification testing can be executed on challenges by leveraging industry-proven best practices. Visit Nortel on the Web at www.nortel.com. For the latest Nortel news, visit www.nortel.com/news. In the United States: Nortel 35 Davis Drive For more information, contact your Nortel representative, or call 1-800-4 NORTEL or Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA 1-800-466-7835 from anywhere in North America. In Canada: Nortel Nortel, the Nortel logo, Nortel Business Made Simple and the Globemark are trademarks of 195 The West Mall Toronto, Ontario M9C 5K1 Canada Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their owners. In Caribbean and Latin America: Copyright © 2009 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject Nortel 1500 Concorde Terrace to change without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this Sunrise, FL 33323 USA document. In Europe: Nortel Maidenhead Office Park, Westacott Way NN123550-100509 Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 3QH, UK Email: euroinfo@nortel.com In Asia: Nortel United Square 101 Thomson Road Singapore 307591 BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE Phone: (65) 6287 2877