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Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 

  1. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone   Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Xin Development Co., Ltd.
  2. Location
  3. Accessibilities of Waigaoqiao FTZ Comprehensive Road Network Light Railway No.6
  4. Operation Center Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ Trading R&D Sales & Services Manufacturing Logistics R. Headquarter Functions
  5. Economic Figures Constitution of various industries
  6. Logistics 优势和目标市场分析 Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3 Advantage 4 Advantage 5 Logistic Industry Renowned 3rd Party Logistic Company Specialized 3rd Party Logistic Company Chinese public listed 3rd Party Logistic Company Logistic Company invested by MNE Bonded Warehousing Distribution Tax Refund in Logistic Park Simple Commercial Processing Import duty exemption for self-use equipment
  7. Famous Logistic Companies
  8. Achievements made by companies in our Park
  9. Achievements made by companies in our Park
  10. Our Customers

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. My presentation would be composed of 5 parts: 1 Firstly Part is about where and what is Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 2 Elaborate the reasons why so many Multinational companies made their investment in WGQ FTZ 3 the 3rd part is focusing on Logistic Industry 4 Brief introduction of our company and our park Lastly is about the amenities within waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
  2. This is the map of Shanghai. The yellow part is one of the 18 districts of Shanghai called pudong New area. Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone is located in the north east part of Pudong with the total spaces of 10 square meters.It is also locating in the joint of the Yangtze River golden waterway and the East Sea golden coast.
  3. Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone is the first Free trade zone established in China and it is also the biggest one in terms of size and economic contribution. International standard is also applied in the daily operation modes in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. And also Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone is fully equipped with various living facilities as well as industrial infrastructures.
  4. Waigaoqiao Port Phase I to Phase 5 have been in operation providing all together 20 container berths. Phase 6 has begun its construction this year. In 2008, the container handling capacity of the whole Waigaoqiao port has reached to approx. 15 million TEU, contributing 55% of the total TEU of Shanghai Port. Therefore Waigaoqiao Port plays a very important role in pushing Shanghai Port as the second largest port in the world. To the north of Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, there lies the International Logistic Park. Any cargoes flow in the area would be regarded as exported and get tax refund. Since the establishment of the International Logistic Park, cargoes are not necessarily to go through HK. This is Gaoqiao New City, a very mature residential area. This is the future international society called Sun Park which is composed of large amount of green area, commercial and high standard residential buildings.
  5. As an industrial park, WFTZ enjoys excellent geographical location: it is very close to Waigaoqiao port, only 5 km distance and it is not far away from the downtown 22 km, about 35 minutes drive. it is 34 km away from the Pudong International airport and the same distance from Hongqiao International airport. The out ring road is just pass to the east side of Waigaoqiao FTZ. The distance is only 2 km.
  6. Thanks to the comprehensive road networks, WGQ is well connected to Puxi downtown by 2 tunnels and 3 bridges; The out ring road can lead u to Pudong international airport as well as the surrounding provinces Now we got another newly developed road called Wuzhou Avenue. As a part of the middle ring road, Wuzhou Avenue to the west connected with xiangying road tunnel which brings to Yangpu district in Puxi and to the east it connect with 沪崇苏 tunnel leading u directly to chongming island and Jiangsu provinces. In addition to road transportation, we now got another option: we have light railway transportations. There is a stop just 500 meters away from our park. Although the light railway cross over the Pudong New Area, with the connect of Metro No. 2 and No. 4, it can easily bring passengers to every corner of downtown. In the near future, we will get another two metro lines to Hongqiao and Songjiang.
  7. Although Free Trade Zone lies geographically within China’s boundary, it is regarded outside of China from customs’ point of view. Therefore Free Trade Zone enjoys the privileges granted by the central government.
  8. Not only self-use production equipment but also office facilities, decoration material, testing machines or even second hand machine and R&D equipment are exempted from import duty, import VAT and import license. In principle any staff as long as it stays in the Free Trade Zone, it shall be regarded outside of China boundary and therefore duty free. For application, companies only need to make registration in local customs.
  9. FTZ companies are not limited to conduct one business. Various business functions are able to be integrated under one company.
  10. Any overseas goods no matter it is raw material or components for production or spare parts for maintenance, all these staff could be stored in the bonded warehouse without any time limitation. The duty will be only levied when those staff are sold domestic market. Since the duty payment is delayed, a lot of financial costs could be saved. Take the advantage of the bonded status, a lot of show rooms exhibiting the imported products have also been set up in the Free Trade Zone.
  11. In some cases the domestic customers would have high requirement on the lead time, after approved by Waigaoqiao customs, spare parts or components could be shipped outside of the FTZ and send to customers first and duty could be collected on weekly or monthly base. This policy become especially attractive for maintenance center.
  12. FTZ companies are able to outsourcing certain part of production to non-FTZ companies and there is no limitation on the total volume of the processing contract and the company does not need to pay any guarantee deposit to the customs.
  13. Based on these above special incentives, various types of companies are set up in Waigaoqiao FTZ such as trading companies, Manufacturing companies, Logistic companies, R&D and services companies. A company consolidating all these business functions are identified as Operation center.
  14. In terms of the company numbers of different type, we get the figures as trading company accounts for almost 3 fourth of the total number of companies and logistic company stands as the second with the total number of 1528. Manufacturing companies due to its large investment stands as the third.
  15. We know that Waigaoqiao FTZ is close to the port and not far away from the international airports, however, there are other 5 major reasons driven logistic companies set up their presence there. Bonded warehousing. Any good stored in FTZ are of bonded status. Duty will not levied on the cargoes until the cargpes sold to domestic market. Therefore some logistic companies would prepare sufficient storage within FTZ in case there are some urgent order placed by domestic customers for maintenances purpose for example. Distribution. MNC would either set up their own distribution center in WGQFTZ or entrust 3rd party logistic company to distribute the goods for them. The goods could be distributed to both overseas market or domestic market. As supplementary to the FTZ, Waigaoqiao International Logistic Park helps the company get the tax refund immediately when cargoes flows in this place. Simple Commercial processing Big packages of goods are able to separated into small packages where commodities labels in Chinese would be put based on the requirement of local customers. All the procedure are of bonded status. Import Duty exemption for self-use equipment such as folk lift, cold rooms, large scale of refrigerates and cargo shelf. Currently the existing logistic companies fall into 4 categories Renowned 3rd Party Logistic company such as DHL Specialized 3rd Party Logistic company such as logistic company specialized on luxury goods or pharmaceutical products. Chinese Public listed 3rd Party Logistic company such as Sinotrans Logistic company invested by MNE such as Sharp, Sony.
  16. Just name a few famous logistic companies in Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone
  17. Now we go back to the map of Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. The blue area is the whole FTZ with the total area of 10 sqkm. From 1993, our company Xin Development has been responsible to develop and manage the most southern part of the FTZ with the total area of 3 KM2. This is what we called Phase I. 3 years ago, our company has acquired another piece of land from the government as what we called Phase II with the total area of 1.67 sqkm. In phase 2 we have both bonded and non-bonded land. Xin Development now is the only developer owning both bonded and non-bonded land in China so as to accommodate various requirement from the customers.
  18. Just name a few like HP, IBM, Flextronics, Agilent, Philips, Richon, Zeiss, DHL, KWE, TNT, Yusen ,Nittsu, including Flextronics As suppliers of these multinationals, a lot of suppliers of these big multinational companies have also made their investment in this park. A complete supply chain has been formed. Since a lot of companies in our park are involving micro-electronics industry, therefore our park got another name of micro-electronic industry park.
  19. Although in terms of the land area, Xin’s park only accounts for one third of the whole FTZ, according to statistics last year, The total industrial output made by companies in Xin’s Park has contributed 59% of the total industrial output made by the wholeWGQ FTZ.
  20. The total export made by companies in Xin’s Park has contributed 60% of the total export volume made by the whole FTZ.